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November 2002 - February 2003

February 28, 2003

Franklin Covery Tablet Planer 2.0 Now Available

Feb. 26, 2003

Motion Computing M1200 Tablet PC Wins Planet PDA 2002 Product of the Year Award Business Editors/High-Tech Writers AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)-

Tablet PCs: An Overnight Sensation
After just three months, it's quickly becoming clear that the new technology
is gaining wider acceptance than even Microsoft expected.....
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**NEW** Panasonic Ruggedized Tablet PC

"The Toughbook 18 is quite simply in a class by itself," said Rance Poehler, president of Panasonic Computer Solutions Company. "It will redefine the tablet PC category while setting new standards for versatility in notebook computing. Panasonic has leveraged its years of experience and engineering to design a tablet PC which provides the durability demands for both white and blue collar applications. The 'convertible' nature of the Toughbook 18 makes it ideal for use from claims adjusters to hospital nurses while also being able to withstand the pounding from Panasonic's Military and Public Safety customers. The Toughbook 18 can be carried up a latter, hung on a wall as a tablet, or mounted in a vehicle like a standard notebook," notes Poehler.

Demo a Tablet PC During Your Travels

Make use of your airport downtime. As part of a four-month program, you can attend Tablet PC demonstrations and test-drive the new mobile PCs yourself at select airports around the United States

NEC Introduces the World's Thinnest and Lightest Tablet PC

NEW YORK, Jan. 23 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- NEC Corporation announced today the sale of the world's thinnest and lightest Tablet PC in Japan. NEC's Tablet PC will also be available in North America and Europe during the first quarter of 2003. NEC is considering releasing the product in Asia-Pacific countries.

New tablet PCs sold in Japan come with two models, the VersaPro Series for business users and the LaVie Series for home users.

January 26. 2003

Raiders, Buccaneers, Hot Dogs, Martinis And Tablet PC's………….

What do you do after the excitement of attending the Super Bowl? If you were fortunate enough to have an invitation, you headed to San Diego's Gas Lamp Quarter for "John Salley's Best Damn Super Bowl After Party" (Presented by Microsoft) Outside E Street Alley you are greeted by red ropes and large bouncers in dark suits. Inside E Street Alley's newly renovated Blue Room guests had the opportunity to play Xbox games on a big screen and get information on the new Tablet PC's.

When we walked in we found Microsoft's Chris Barry and Kelly Berschauer surrounded by people with looks of amazement on their faces as they crowded around a table covered with a variety of Tablet PC's from Toshiba, Viewsonic, Motion Computing, Fujitsu, and more. It was fun seeing people sitting comfortably on the velvet furniture surfing the Super Bowl website and sending email from the Compaq Tablet PC's.

What do you do when you're a Microsoft MVP for Windows Tablet PC and there are people who want information? You jump in and help generate action and excitement by describing features and uses for the Tablet PC to those waiting to get close enough to the table to see what's going on with their own eyes.

Needless to say it was an amazing way to end an already amazing Super Bowl Sunday. It's just an educated guess, but I think the chances of our seeing Tablet PC's used on the sidelines of the NFL during the 2003 season are very good, very good indeed….

January 23, 2003

NEC Introduces the World's Thinnest and Lightest Tablet PC

January 20, 2003

Alias SketchBook Pro released

January 16, 2003

Acer to launch world’s first 14.1-inch Tablet PC in 2Q

January 15, 2003

Available Now!

Download the Free Windows Journal Viewer 1.5

Windows Journal Viewer 1.5 allows those who do not have a tablet Tablet PC to view files that were created in Microsoft Windows Journal on a Tablet PC.

November 7, 2003

Tablet PC notebooks combining Handwriting Recognition, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition with Windows Journal for a new era of mobile computing.

November 1, 2002 : Gates: "This Is Big. Don't Doubt Me"

With Moses-like faith, he's bringing Tablet PCs to the people, and he's sure
they'll extend "the magic of software"