May 2003

May 30, 2003

Software suite enables speech-assisted mobile apps

ScanSoft Inc. announced a suite of software support for developing and deploying "multimodal" applications on smart handsets, tablet PCs, and other wireless devices. Multimodal applications make use of speech recognition and synthesis to overcome the user interface limitations imposed by the small screens and keypads of mobile devices, thereby providing mobile users with a more efficient way to interact with remote applications and services, the company said. 5:26 p.m.

Does Size Matter In Your Organization?

Last week, Gartner released a report which stated that more than one-third of consumer mobile PC buyers chose heavy models. By heavy models, Gartner means laptops that are purchased as desktop replacements and weigh more than 7.5 pounds.

The demand for these models, Gartner said, proves consumers will sacrifice mobility for more performance or a lower price. But will they make those same sacrifices within the enterprise?

This week, I've been toting around Acer's new TravelMate C110. Acer's second-generation Tablet PC is the first to take advantage of Intel's Centrino technology. Weighing in at 3.2 pounds without external drives, the C110 certainly is portable. In tests, its battery life has been adequate so far, and while we're still benchmarking the unit, the decision by Acer to go with the 900MHz ultra-low-voltage version of the Pentium M should make this particular model perform better than the TravelMate C100 we tested a few months ago.

What does this all mean? When testing notebooks at eWeek Labs, we tend to value size and battery life over power because we're not looking for a desktop replacement: We're looking for a portable computer. We're lucky, though—we also have desktops in the office. 2:51 p.m.

MapInfo Unveils Wi-Fi Partnerships at SUPERCOMM 2003

MapInfo Working with Ekahau and Bridgewater Systems to Deliver End-to-End Wi-Fi Solution for Hot Spots and the Managed Enterprise

MapInfo Corporation (Nasdaq: MAPS) has announced joint marketing and development agreements with Wi-Fi leaders Ekahau and Bridgewater Systems(TM), to deliver a complete, end-to-end Wi-Fi location management solution. MapInfo offers the ability to accurately map and visualize Wireless LAN (WLAN) networks that are near a given customer, near existing serving facilities or for planned build-out of WLANs tied to existing enterprise networks. Through a combination of accurate street level data, wireless infrastructure data and spatial architecture, MapInfo provides the foundation in which WLAN network providers can understand "where" their networks are, "what" is tied to their networks, and provides them the "how" to better plan and manage their networks.

Tracked devices can be PDAs, tablet PC's, laptops, Wi-Fi phones and other 802.11 enabled wireless devices. Visit for more information. 11:04 a.m

NEC Solutions America Reaffirms Its Position as Industry's Innovation Leader At InfoComm 2003

NEC Solutions (America), Inc. will reaffirm its position as the industry's innovation leader and offer a first glimpse of several new large-screen display solutions at InfoComm 2003, the AV/Communications industry's largest tradeshow, June 3-5 in Orlando, FL.

NEC's booth will focus on the unique solutions the company, along with its technology partners, can offer to meet end user needs in a variety of markets. The corporate suite will show NEC's wireless presentation solution featuring the LT260 wireless projector along with NEC's Tablet PC for the ultimate in lightweight wireless presentations. 5:29 a.m

Intel to boost Pentium M to 1.7GHz next week

At the launch of Centrino, Intel admitted its 1.6GHz Pentium M was faster than the then top-of-the-range 2.4GHz P4-M. Intel shipped a Centrino-beating 2.5GHz P4-M in April, but the arrival of the 1.7GHz Pentium M may well put Centrino back in the lead. Not for long, though - next month, Intel is also expected to ship a 2.6GHz Pentium 4-M, which should nose into the lead. 4:48 a.m

Videocon to acquire PC Slate tech

The Rs 5,000 crore Videocon Group is set to acquire the technology for Asia`s first tablet PC kind of device – PC Slate

Internationally, experts predict tablet PC as the next wave of computing. IT giants like Microsoft, Acer and HP have earmarked millions of dollars for the development and marketing of tablet PCs. 4:45 a.m

Major Tablet PC vendors experience declining sales

Global sales of Tablet PCs have not been as strong as expected, and major Tablet PC vendors like Acer and Hewlett-Packard (HP) have even experienced declining sales of the products, sources said.

Acer, which sold about 35,000 Tablet PCs worldwide in the fourth quarter of 2002, saw sales of the product plunge by over 50% in the first quarter of this year. The sales recovered recently after Acer launched its first Centrino-based Tablet PC, the TravelMate C110, in April. Monthly sales of Acer’s Tablet PCs have grown by 20-30% from early this year, sources said.

The global Tablet PC market should take off starting at year-end, as Microsoft expects to introduce Office 2003, which has better Tablet PC-use software applications, in the second half of this year, Microsoft said.

Currently, over 50 hardware and software companies worldwide have entered the Tablet PC business with Microsoft, with about 20 of those companies based in Taiwan. 4:19 a.m

Microsoft Cuts Office XP Price

The reduction comes as Microsoft prepares to release the newest version of its business software suite later this year

REDMOND, Wash. (AP) -- Microsoft Corp. plans to drop the prices for its Office XP suite of business software and its individual programs by about 15 percent, starting Wednesday.

The company also said it will provide free technical support to businesses that receive software upgrades under the company's controversial Software Assurance licensing program.

The drop in Office XP pricing comes as Microsoft is readying its newest version, Microsoft Office System 2003, for release later this year. 3:01 a.m

May 29, 2003

ActiveDocs for Tablet PC

Free 21 day Trial

ActiveDocs for Tablet PC allows you to hand write information or annotate graphics on the screen of your Tablet PC to insert into an automated document. For example, a doctor visiting a patient takes notes on his Tablet PC by using the digital pen and “ink” capabilities. ActiveDocs for the Tablet PC then takes this handwritten information and with the assistance of the ActiveDocs Document Wizard, adds it directly into a Clinician’s Report – a Microsoft Word document, perfectly formatted, ready for printing... 11:32 a.m

Intel tweaks roadmap to boost Pentium M

As Centrino begins to gain ground, Intel is changing the mission of its mobile Pentium 4 and introducing faster Pentium M processors

Intel will, over the next few weeks, release several faster Pentium M and mobile Pentium 4 processors for notebook PCs. The new mobile chips will mark a shift in strategy for Intel.

With the Pentium M -- the processor that forms the core of its Centrino chip family for wireless notebooks -- taking hold in the market, the company will change the mission of its mobile Pentium 4, also known as the Pentium 4-M, by boosting its clock speed to appeal more to consumers.

ntel will also deliver new low voltage and ultra-low voltage Pentium M chips running at 1.2GHz and 1GHz, respectively. These chips are designed to consume less power than a standard Pentium M, making them ideal for helping to preserve battery life in smaller notebooks, which typically weigh four pounds or less. Currently, the low voltage and ultra-low voltage Pentium M chips run at 1GHz and 900MHz, respectively.

Manufacturers are likely to widely adopt the 1.7GHz Pentium M, adding it to existing notebook lines. Meanwhile, the new low voltage and ultra-low voltage Pentium M chips should give a boost to smaller notebooks and tablet PCs. The upcoming 1GHz ultra-low voltage Pentium M, in particular, should prove enticing for tablet PC makers, who just recently began switching from the Pentium III-M to the Pentium M. 8:56 a.m

May 28, 2003

MyScript Notes 1.01 new release is now available

MyScript Notes transforms your handwritten notes into computer readable files, including text, tables, drawing, recognizes natural handwriting, numerous geometrical forms, arrows and tables.

MyScript Notes respects the layout of your original document. You can modify, complete and correct the resulting file with word processing and other software (presentation graphics program, communication/email program, etc.).Download your trial version! 10:45 a.m

ScanSoft Introduces X|mode Multimodal System for Interactive Wireless Applications

X|mode Simplifies the Development and Delivery of Interactive Services and Applications for Mobile Phones, Microsoft Tablet PCs and Other Wireless Devices

ScanSoft, Inc. (NASDAQ: SSFT), a leading provider of imaging, speech and language solutions, today introduced the X|mode(TM) Multimodal System, an innovative telephony platform that simplifies the development and delivery of interactive services and applications for mobile phones, Microsoft Tablet PCs and other wireless devices...10:20 a.m

SA first to bring wireless technology into the conference room to boost interaction

[Johannesburg, 28 May 2003] - Solutions development house, nVisionIT has developed what is thought to be a world first in wireless technology with the launch of a solution designed to improve communication between conference delegates and presenters.

The Microsoft Tablet PC-based wireless application, which also streamlines conference session management and programming, was showcased at Microsoft Strategic Architects Forum in Johannesburg earlier this year.

"It proved a great success and we have already had our first order," says Graham van Zijl, managing director of nVisionIT.

"Each of the 229 software architects and Microsoft partners at the forum were equipped with an Acer Tablet PC and were able to submit questions by handwriting their questions on the Tablet's Digital Ink handwriting recognition pad and submitting them to the presenter's console."As the Tablet PCs are typically not the delegates' property, notes, follow-ups and comments are stored on a central server and can subsequently be retrieved by a delegate using their event logon and password via a Web portal...10:16 a.m

HP celebrates its number one position in the Personal Systems

In the Middle East, HP maintains its premier position in the technology arena. Earlier this year, HP demonstrated its commitment to the region by announcing its local assembly plant in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the opening of three services centers dedicated to handling the needs of end-users.

“We continue to bring innovative products across all sectors throughout the Arab World. Recent offerings include the novel HP iPAQ H5400 series, stylish Tablet PC, wireless notebooks and other mobile solutions,” Christoph added.

The Personal Systems Group of HP is enjoying a year of novel mobile solutions and avant-garde technological developments. Unique product introductions this year include HP’s unique Compaq Tablet PC TC 1000, which was awarded the ‘Design Oscar’ by the iF Design Award 2003. Pioneering in the biometric arena, the newly launched HP iPAQ Pocket PC h5400 series, with integrated wireless LAN and Bluetooth technology brought to professionals unparalleled mobility and freedom...10:12 a.m

Arima Computer wins new order from NEC

Arima Computer Corp., a Taiwan-based OEM company, recently won an order from NEC Corporation to offer motherboards for its Tablet PCs, according to local media reports.

The order will make Arima the first local producer to win an order to make Tablet PC motherboards for a Japanese PC producer. Arima began to produce motherboards in April and is expected to start shipping the entire machine by the end of this year, which will help increase the profit margins of Arima's products.... 10:09 a.m

Interview with Raymond Vardanega, Marketing Director, Acer

Most consider the current downturn a structural problem rather than economic or cyclical, as technology for infrastructure becomes comoditised. In this environment, Acer's business model is capitalising on the requirements for efficiency and effectiveness, combined with technology for competitive advantage - such as the Centrino Tablet PC. Acer has invested significantly in IT infrastructure to delivery products and services with speed, flexibility, and accuracy.... 10:06 a.m

May 27, 2003

Businesses adopt wireless technology

Business travelers, local companies, students and household Web surfers in Alaska are moving slowly but surely into a world without wires.

Once the realm of computer specialists, high-speed wireless Internet access is becoming more popular in Anchorage and in scores of rural communities throughout the state.

Executives with the largest hotel in Alaska recently announced the completion of a new system that allows guests to get online wirelessly.

Karen Boshell, Director of Sales for the Anchorage Hilton Hotel, said the service is available in the Hilton's lobby, restaurants and conference rooms.

"We wanted to be first in Alaska" to offer the technology, she said.

The service is fully compatible with what are known as 802.11 a/b mobile devices. In plain English that means wireless capable laptops, tablet PCs, and other personal digital devices that operate on Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, Unix and Linux systems.1:13 p.m

Videocon buys tablet PC tech

The Videocon Group has acquired the tablet personal computer technology developed by an Indian entrepreneur, Sakhar Yadav, for $2 million.

“It is a beneficial technology because convergence is coming into play.”

Videocon will undertake the manufacture of PC Slates from August and the product will be available in the market at Rs 20,000 onwards.11:52 a.m

Microsoft makes Longhorn in modules

Microsoft is designing its ever-present Windows operating system to streamline and lower the cost of building and distributing the software.

The next major client version of Windows, code-named Longhorn, will be designed as a series of components that Microsoft can easily combine and tailor for different markets and computing hardware, according to company executives.

In a way, Longhorn, due in 2005, can be thought of as the Mr. Potato Head of operating systems: About 95 percent of the key functions of the operating system will exist in a basic software core. To make a Longhorn PC for export to France, for instance, PC makers will bolt the French language module onto the basic Longhorn core through the Multi-Lingual User Interface (MUI), a new subsystem within the operating system.

The age of specialization
Part of the reason for the move to a modular Windows is the growing number of Windows versions. Microsoft sells four different versions of Windows XP for PCs--Windows XP Home, Windows XP Professional, Tablet PC and Windows XP Media Center--with additional versions for embedded devices and 64-bit workstations. In turn, each of these is localized into several European and Asian languages. 11:45 a.m

Review: Acer TMC110CTi-P-M Tablet PC

Dr. Christopher M Wilkerson, a Chiropractic Physician in California in depth review of the the new Acer Centrino Tablet PC.

Final Word: So far I couldn't be happier. For me, this unit is, structure/form/mobility and view-ability, at its best.This is a great Tabletpc and the best way to go for robust mobile computing! (Reposted for those who missed it on May 26 6:22 a.m)

Toshiba Surges Ahead in Tablet PC Sales

Only months after launching its first Tablet PC model, figures for the first quarter of 2003, from independent IT market researcher Dataquest, show that Toshiba has captured a 33.5 percent share of the Tablet PC market for the Middle East and Africa.

Strong initial demand for Toshiba’s tablet offering — the Portege 3500 - grew exponentially since launching late last year, according to Ahmed Khalil, Middle East regional manager, Toshiba Computer Systems Division.

The Portege 3500 is marketed as combining the power and functionality of a notebook computer with the simplicity and convenience of pen and paper. Toshiba and Microsoft technologies have been married to enhance the capabilities of mobile computing and allow users to communicate with their notebooks in a more naturalway.10:56: a.m

Transaction Security, Inc. Unveils Crypto-Sign(TM) Biometric Software for The Mobile Work Force

Transaction Security, Inc., a leading developer of productivity software solutions, today announced the official release of its PDA-Protect(TM) biometric software. The first product based on the company's patent-pending Crypto-Sign technology, PDA-Protect provides biometric access control to Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) --including Windows Powered Pocket PC devices with phone and wireless
capabilities -- without additional hardware requirements.

Unlike other methods, Crypto-Sign is based on the submission of a secret sign -- rather than a human signature -- on a PDA, Tablet PC or digitizer. The position of the user's stylus is sampled many times a second as it moves over the surface to generate data which are analyzed and compared with a previously established template. For device access control, Crypto-Sign can be used to release electronic signatures to documents for proof of authorship and to
generate encryption keys.10:54: a.m

High prices make tablets hard to swallow

"Specific vertical markets are demonstrating a healthy desire for tablet PC products," he said.

"As product prices reduce, new designs appear, the number of apps with handwriting support increase and the platform becomes more stable, we expect tablet PC products to increase in popularity."

Despite the slow start, Tablet PC manufacturer Motion Computing has identified the UK as an opportunity and is making its first steps outside North America with the intention of building its global reseller channel.

The company, which only makes Tablet PCs and uses Centrino chips from Intel, has already signed Ergo as its first UK reseller, which has taken on a master reseller role and will supply other resellers.10:53: a.m

GADGET CHECK: Poolside Tablet PC

Product: Poolside Tablet PC

• Uses: It's time to dispel those images of pasty-faced nerds locked away from the sun.

If you've ever tried to use a laptop computer outside on a sunny day, you know the problem caused by glare: a washed-out screen you can barely see. Fujitsu PC Corp. has started selling a Tablet PC designed to be used in direct sunlight.

The Stylistic ST Series uses "reflective front light" display technology that the company says gets brighter -- rather than washing out -- in direct sunlight.10:49: a.m

Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Product Line Now Shipping; Beta Customers Applaud Easy and Reliable Adobe PDF Creation, Collaboration and Output

Acrobat 6.0 Professional and Acrobat 6.0 Standard for Windows(R) 98 Second Edition (Acrobat 6.0 Standard only), Windows NT(R) Workstation 4.0 (with service pack 6), Windows 2000 Professional (with service pack 2), Windows XP Home, Professional and Tablet PC Editions, and Mac OS X v10.2.2, are immediately available in English. French and German language versions are expected to ship the first week of June and Japanese language versions are expected to ship in early

Acrobat Elements is immediately available for Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows NT Workstation 4.0 (with service pack 6), Windows 2000 Professional (with service pack 2), and Windows XP Home, Professional and Tablet PC Editions. The product, available exclusively through Adobe's licensing programs, begins at US$28 per seat for a 1,000 seat license. 10:46: a.m

May 26, 2003


Tablet PC 2, Wishes You All a Safe and Happy Memorial Day Weekend

For the record 26 May

Analyst firm IDC has warned that the take-up of Tablet PCs in the EMEA region is being held back in the horizontal sector due to high prices and a lack of mainstream applications, reports For the first quarter of 2003, IDC estimates that Tablet PC sales grew 33 percent compared with the previous quarter, but less than 30,000 units were shipped. IDC analyst Andy Brown said that vertical markets are showing the strongest demand, with the broad market reluctant to meet the high prices of an immature platform. However, Brown said IDC expects the product to gain popularity as "product prices reduce, new designs appear, the number of apps with handwriting support increase and the platform becomes more stable." 3:15 p.m.

Review: Acer TMC110CTi-P-M Tablet PC

Dr. Christopher M Wilkerson, a Chiropractic Physician in California in depth review of the the new Acer Centrino Tablet PC. 6:22 a.m.

Price & Purchase The Acer C110 or the Motion M11300 Centrino Tablet PC's

TravelMate C110 Tablet PC Rebate
$100 Mail-In Rebate with purchase of a TMC110*
Valid from May 8, 2003 - June 30, 2003

Linksys Router Builds in Flexibility

Released last month, the $299 WRT55AG is a four-port 802.11a and 802.11g Ethernet switch that also supports the 802.11b wireless protocol. Enterprises that want to gradually upgrade to 802.11g but keep using their 802.11b hardware or want to take advantage of 802.11a speeds in the meantime, will be hard pressed to find a more flexible solution.

The WRT55AG also had no problems connecting with newer hardware, including an Acer Inc. TravelMate 800 Tablet PC, which is based on Intel Corp.'s Centrino mobile technology and includes built-in 802.11b support. 6:22 a.m.

New display system shows images, can also capture them

In the world of electronic hardware, there is a strict division of labor among components. A CD drive, for example, is no more likely to spit out a printout than music is likely to spout from a keyboard.

Now a prototype liquid crystal display may challenge those expectations. The display, being developed by Toshiba, can show images and capture them, as well. "The idea kind of jumped out at us," said Steve Vrablik, the business development director for liquid crystal displays at Toshiba America Electronic Components.

The screen that scans is a recent development of a new display technology being used in some cameras, laptops, cell phones and hand-held organizers. The displays, called lowtemperature polysilicon thin film transistor liquid crystal displays, may ultimately be able to do much more than copy pictures.

A laptop or tablet PC with an imaging-capturing display, Vrablik speculated, could allow students to grab images of pages in library books. In hand-held organizers, he said, such screens could serve as bar-code readers for industrial uses or inventory management in stores. "With this technology, a world of possibilities open up," ....6:20 a.m

Handwriting and lighting on Tablet PC are annoying

Microsoft is touting the Tablet PC as a must-have item.

A Tablet PC is a portable computer about the size of a clipboard. Most Tablets run about $2,200. That price usually does not include essentials such as a mouse, keyboard or CD drive. A docking station also is extra.

The Fujitsu Stylistic ST4110 ( was tested for this review. The comments in this review refer to Tablets in general and their operating system, not the Fujitsu in particular.

The Tablet's big selling point, besides its portability, is its supposed ability to recognize handwriting. You use a stylus to write directly on the screen. And the special edition of Windows XP translates handwriting to text. 4:54 a.m

May 24, 2003

Tablet PC Buzz Review: LaptopDesk Version 2.0 from LapWorks

Article by Spencer Goad of - MS MVP- Tablet PC

Now before you change channels on this review because of the product title, I want you to know that this does have something to do with Tablet PCs. While the LaptopDesk from LapWorks was originally designed for laptops, I was told it would work quite well for Tablet PCs as well. Did this mobile accessory live up to that expectation? Read on to find out. 7:32 a.m

May 23, 2003

When Size Matters - NEC's Versa LitePad

Recently we have had the chance to use the NEC Versa LitePad with Windows XP, Tablet PC Edition. we was really impressed with the combination of size, weight and features that NEC put into it. 1:24 p.m.

Submit a Code Sample in one of the three categories to enter to win a free Tablet PC!

Tablet PC Developers, Submit a Code Sample in one of the three categories to enter to win one of 12 Tablet PC'S All entrants will be awarded a Microsoft Cap, (1 hat per person regardless of the number of entries)12:30 p.m.

Microsoft Has Over 5,000 Tablet PCs

Yesterday, many journalists summarized Bill Gates' remarks from the CEO summit. The official transcript has been posted and you might enjoy reading through it.

"Remarks by Bill Gates, Chairman and Chief Software Architect, Microsoft Corporation," CEO Summit 2003, Redmond, Washington, May 21, 2003.

We found the number of Tablet PCs in use by Microsoft interesting. Friends who work with Microsoft have mentioned that the number of units visible on campus increases each day. Gates supports this by commenting that Microsoft has more Tablet PCs than any other corporation.

"We mentioned that the Tablet is something that we've embraced pretty extensively...."

"We've got over 5,000 now, and if you go to a meeting, it's typical now, people are taking their notes, sharing their notes, we don't even bring Power Point print outs to a lot of meetings, because it's a lot better if you have the PowerPoint where you can take sales figures, and dive in and say, what was that by country, or time period, or product..."

"It's a lot better simply navigable in a live presentation that's connected up to that data. So there's no doubt we are being a pioneer on the Tablet. There is no other corporation that has 5,000 Tablets in use today. " 12:11 p.m.

May 22, 2003

Fujitsu Launches New Laptops, Makes Tablet PC Easier To Read

On the Tablet PC front, Fujitsu announced an option to its Stylistic ST Series that puts a new screen on the slate. According to the company, the Reflective front light display gets brighter in direct sunlight, eliminating the "wash out" that makes it difficult or impossible to view an LCD in broad daylight. Models of the Stylistic ST with the new indoor/outdoor display start at $2,199. 1:11 p.m.

Kansas board of ed meets

Computer technology, possible virtual high school classes, gifted programs and family input requests were on the Kansas school board agenda Wednesday evening.

As part of the curriculum report, business/technology instructor Lisa Huddlestun demonstrated the new computer tablet PC with voice control. Board members were told about some high schools already using virtual high school programs through the Internet. 1:05 p.m.

TabletSaver - Ink-Enabled Screen Saver For Tablet PCs

TabletSaver is a simple, ink-enabled screen saver application for Tablet PCs. Draw a little doodle or phrase and turn it into a screen saver. Then, when the screen saver is needed your doodle will appear in random positions, rotate, or be a marquee across the display.

TabletSaver is a free download. There isn't a setup program, some of the controls don't work, and it needs more features, but it's a good start. 12:55 p.m.

Fellowes Introduces New Accessories for the Tablet PC; Maintaining an Ongoing Commitment to Offer Smart Solutions for Mobile Technology Users

Fellowes, Inc., a worldwide leader in mobile, computer and consumer electronics accessories, announced today their new line of portable technology accessories for the Tablet PC market.

With the recent convergence of laptops and PDAs, The Tablet PC is taking the technology market by storm, expecting to consume 25-30% of the ultra-portable market by 2004. As consistent innovators in the mobile technology category, Fellowes enters with an early commitment as the first to fully accessorize the Tablet PC.

"Based on our research, Tablet PC shipments are increasing tremendously since their initial launch in mid-November 2002. And, although the bulk of demand came initially from vertical market usage such as health care and law enforcement, experts predict the new mobile technology will saturate the corporate market quickly," said Mike Paull, product manager. "And, as always, Fellowes will hold true to its reputation, as we roll out all necessary equipment to accessorize this new technology - as it is our continuous goal to offer smart solutions for technology users on the go." Paull said.
The complete line of Tablet accessories ranges from Sleeves to Adaptors to Keyboards and more, and is available in major office supply stores this June. 7:15 a.m

Why Voice Over Wi-Fi Has Telcos Dialing 911

When patients at Anne Arundel Medical Center need a dose of morphine or an extra helping of Jell-O, they don't just buzz a nurse - they call one directly over the hospital's Wi-Fi network. Old-style page buttons have been retooled to ring the wireless handsets of staff anywhere in the building. "You can do patient assessment on the run, right over the phone," says Amy Chi, a registered nurse at the Annapolis, Maryland, hospital. "You don't have to waste time going to the room first." Hospital personnel are also better equipped to multitask, using their phones to dial conventional calls, whether they're trying to reach an off-site doctor or the nanny at home.

The setup is powered by technology that could rattle the windows of the mobile phone business - voice over Wi-Fi. Think of it as the love child of the two hottest developments in telecom: voice over IP and wireless broadband. There are more than 3.5 million VoIP phones in the US - mostly at work - up from practically none five years ago. Meanwhile, the number of commercial Wi-Fi hot spots in the US exploded from 2,000 to 12,000 last year. Combine the two and any gadget - laptop, PDA, tablet PC, whatever - can become a voice communication device. 7:12 a.m

Gates touts high-tech advances at CEO summit

The agenda this week in Redmond and Medina includes discussions about new technology, a panel on corporate governance -- and, of course, bridge with Warren Buffett.

The occasion is Microsoft Corp.'s seventh annual CEO Summit, a two-day event that began yesterday on the company's Redmond campus.

More than 100 top executives from a variety of companies around the world are attending.

Executives attending the summit come from a range of industries. They include Michael Dell of Dell Computer Corp., Joe Forehand of Accenture, Pedro Moreira Salles of Brazilian bank Unibanco, Theresa Gattung of Telecom New Zealand and Carly Fiorina of Hewlett-Packard. Local executives in attendance include Mike McGavick of Safeco Corp., cell-phone magnate Craig McCaw, Orin Smith of Starbucks Corp. and Jim Sinegal of Costco Wholesale Corp.

All the CEOs were given a new NEC Versa LitePad Tablet PC, which retails for about $2,400, to use during the summit and take with them when they go. As in years past, the CEOs were also invited to dinner last night at Gates' Medina mansion.

During his presentation, Gates showed the CEOs a bit of his daily routine, explaining, for example, how he prefers flagging e-mails for follow-up rather than putting them into folders, where they can get lost. He also addressed the problem of unsolicited commercial e-mail, or spam, describing how it counteracts some of the benefits of e-mail.

He predicted that a combination of technical breakthroughs, legislation and court action will "turn the tide on spam" in the next year. Ballmer added that Microsoft is engaging in a better dialogue with counterparts AOL and Yahoo! about combating spam.12:01 a.m

May 21, 2003

eBooks to Take Center Stage in Los Angeles

"Lights, Camera, eBooks" will be the cue as the publishing and bookselling worlds converge in Los Angeles from May 28th through June 1st for BookExpo America, the industry's largest North American event. But this year when the 30,000 attendees flock to see the exhibits they will first be presented with a unique interactive center entitled "The eBook Experience".

BookExpo America in partnership with the Open eBook Forum ( will premier The eBook Experience, a unique learning environment featuring hands-on displays of the latest digital reading devices, software, services and eBook titles in a coordinated series of exhibits. The special interactive center will be located prominently in the Concourse Foyer and is free to all registered attendees.

Everyone is invited to test drive eBooks on Tablet PCs, Gemstar eBook Readers, and popular Palm and Pocket PC PDA devices using the latest software technology from Microsoft, Adobe, and Palm," .8:59 a.m

Xplore Announces $1.3 Million in Further Orders from an OEM Customer for Its Rugged iX104(TM) Tablet PC

Xplore Technologies(R) Corp., a leading developer of rugged pen-based mobile wireless tablet computers, announced today that it has received further orders from an OEM customer for its iX104 tablet computer systems and accessories with a value of approximately US$1.3 million. Xplore's innovative iX104 family of rugged mobile computing systems was recently released for commercial sales.

Xplore's iX104 provides a heightened level of durability and reliability to customers based on Xplore's proven ruggedization technologies. As a result, the iX104 is ideal for computing applications that are highly mobile and/or have environmental challenges. Xplore's rugged systems have been shipped to a variety of customers within industries such as the Military/Homeland Security, Warehousing, Retail, Transportation, Logistics, Manufacturing, Public Safety (Law Enforcement, Fire Safety and EMS), Field Service, Utilities, Field Sales, Petrochemical, Construction, Marine, Agriculture and Forestry industries. For more information on the Xplore ix104 Tablet PC, please visit a.m

HP Q2 revenues leap like a dachshund

A year has passed since Hewlett-Packard bought Compaq, and the end results are still hard to measure.

The company hopes to make gains in the mobile computing, tablet PC and printing and imaging markets. Fiorina is convinced that HP can add more technology expertise than Dell in these areas where users are willing to pay a little more for the latest and greatest technology.

"I think we can absolutely out innovate (Dell) and that is why we are out growing them in notebooks," Fiorina said. "We are lengthening our lead there, and that is a more profitable segment."8:50 a.m

High-tech briefcase helps roadwarrior

The computer I was using, a Toshiba Portege 3500 Tablet PC, was looking a little bit hungry — its battery was running low. So, I plugged it in for a recharge, and took a nap. By the time I awoke, the Toshiba's lithium-ion battery had been charged fully.

On Finnair, as on most carriers, the power outlets are in business class, not economy. An upgrade could give the determined road warrior enough "juice" to hit the ground running at his next stop.

Having the power available would be meaningless if I didn't have a new briefcase, the "TravelPower Case" from American Power Company, or APC, of Rhode Island, and the firm's built-in adapter and connectors.

The adapter transforms any sort of power: AC, DC, and any voltage, into the stuff your computer, cell phone and PDA can use.
While the computer charges, I've got a Sony Ericsson T68i cell phone — a backup — plugged in for a recharge. 8:47 a.m

May 20, 2003

Tablet Accessory of the Month

Review: Zip Linq Retractable Cables

Accessories abound in the technology industry but every once in a while you run across something special. Something, different, something truly useful. The ZIP LINQ USB Cell Phone Charger is one of those accessories.

Designed to expand from 4 inches to over two feet these cables can be used anywhere with ease. Pull on both ends and the cable expands. Pull again and the cables quickly retracts back into its housing. Following the Grab-and-Go principle ZIP LINQ's retractable cables easily fit in a computer case, pocket or purse. Also worth noting, all of the ZIP-LINQ cables are both PC and Mac compatible.

Nominated Best Accessory for 2003, ZIP LINQ cables are available for USB Connectivity, Firewire Connectivity, PDA Sync-N-Charge, DATA-RJ12 & DATA- Rj12, and Power adapters.

Fujitsu Delivers 'Vision' of Anytime, Anywhere Computing; Leader in Tablet Computing Opens Door to New Market, Steps Outside With Indoor/Outdoor Tablet PC

Fujitsu PC Corporation today gave mobile computer users the power to work and play virtually anywhere with the first indoor/outdoor Tablet PC to feature a Reflective front light display. An option for the latest Fujitsu Stylistic(R) ST Series Tablet PC, this unique technology offers extraordinarily clear text and graphics under practically any light condition -- even outside under direct sunlight.

Available only on the Fujitsu Stylistic ST Series Tablet PC, the Reflective front light display enhances the 10.4-inch screen so applications can be clearly seen in a wide variety of light environments. Under direct sunlight, the display gets even brighter rather than becoming washed out. In low light conditions, the display's front light can be adjusted to cut through the darkness and enhance viewability. This adaptive feature gives users the freedom to carry their Fujitsu Tablet PC wherever work or play takes them. Together with a high capacity battery and Wi-Fi(R) capabilities, users can be more productive throughout their day, whether they are on campus or in the field. The optional nine-cell high capacity battery provides up to an impressive seven hours(1) of battery life

Weighing a mere 3.2 pounds and measuring an ultra-slim 0.88 inches thin, the Stylistic ST Series Tablet PC is small enough to be comfortably carried, yet powerful enough to be used as one's primary PC. The latest generation features an Ultra Low Voltage Intel(R) Pentium(R) III Processor 933MHz - M and can be equipped with up to 768MB of system memory and a massive 60GB hard drive. Users can complement their Tablet PC with a keyboard in the Fujitsu attache case or place it on their desk in the optional tablet dock.

Models with the indoor/outdoor display start at $2,199(3). Users can choose from several recommended configurations or they can customize the Tablet PC using the Fujitsu Configure To Order (CTO) program.10:13 a.m

CP Technology to kick off fund-raising, partners still undecided

CP Technology on May 19 obtained approval for a private fund raising proposal presented at its annual shareholders’ meeting. The approval enables the company to push forward its plan to expand its business by establishing alliances with upstream manufacturing partners.

Besides cooperating with new partners this year, CP Technology has diversified its business further by introducing Tablet PCs and motherboards under its own brand, and acting as an agent for some PC-related semi-finished goods

For its “Nvision” branded Tablet PC line, CP Technology said that it will start small-scale volume production in June on a product using Transmeta’s 1GHz processor. The company is targeting both ODM and own-brand sales with this new product. 10:13 a.m

Remote Control for Windows 2003

Danware, a provider of remote PC control software, has announced version 7.6 of NetOp Remote Control, featuring support for Windows 2003 Server and Mac OS X, as well as security enhancements.

With 7.6, customers can use a personal digital assistant (PDA), notebook, tablet or desktop PC, to remote control Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac workstations. The software is seen to be the professional alternative to pcAnywhere. 10:07 a.m

TMC Labs Review: Motion M1300

Motion Computing claims that the M1300 operates up to 30 percent faster and extends typical battery life up to 15 percent when compared with the company's former top-line product, the M1200.

Another key differentiator over the M1200 is that the M1300 supports USB 2.0 (versus 1.1). The M1300 is also backwards compatible with the M1200 peripheral products such as the Motion FlexDock, mobile keyboard, batteries, battery charger, etc

There are three really cool features worthy of note. First, Motion Computing included a secondary stylus embedded into the monitor, in case the original gets lost as well as for safekeeping when transporting the unit. The second cool feature is that the M1300 has a built-in backup battery that gives you up to 30 seconds of juice to swap the battery while the Tablet PC is in Standby mode. Thirdly, if you turn the Tablet PC over, there is a button on the underside of the battery that you can press and a series of five green LED lights will show the charge level.

There is virtually nothing not to like about Motion Computing's M1300. My only suggestion might be to somehow have a way of attaching the USB keyboard to the underside or the front of the FlexDock for easier carrying/transporting.

I have become quite enamored with the functionality and flexibility of Motion Computing's M1300. In fact, Motion Computing can have their M1300 back when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers! 10:03 a.m

Amtek has confirmed that their new Tablet PC will be running the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition Operating System.

As the information posted on the Amtek web site contains conflicting information I have contacted then and receive conformation from Amtek that they will be using the Microsoft Windows XP tablet PC edition Operating System on their new ID Tablet PC.1:03 a.m

May 19, 2003

Planet PDA Spring and Tablet PC Summit 2003 Exhibitor Profiles

Product description: The Motion M1300 leverages each component of the Intel Centrino mobile technology: an ultra-low-voltage Pentium M processor running at 900MHz, the Intel 855 chipset and the Intel PRO/Wireless 2100 Network Connection for Wi-Fi connectivity in thousands of wireless "hot spots."

The M1300 Tablet PC weighs three pounds with a full-size page view and an industry-leading 12.1-inch display. Motion's lightweight, ultramobile and durable slate design is similar in size to a spiral-bound notebook, making it ideal for pen-enabled computing in
new ways and places. The design also avoids hinges and internal fans,
two of the most fragile components of conventional notebooks and
"convertible" Tablet PCs. 4:03 p.m

Gates to lead executive summit

Attendees will get a pretty generous goodie bag, including NEC Tablet PC computers that retail for about $2,400. Last year's guests were able to use Acer Tablet PCs, but they were prototypes and could not be taken home. 10:03 a.m.

Book Review: "How To Do Everything With Your Tablet PC"

Covering everything from setup to how to use individual software applications, nothing has been left out of this publication. And unlike other books of this type the author does an excellent job providing information without being condescending to his readers, which is commendable. 12:01 a.m.

New Amtek Tablet PC options include 12.1 Screen and Docking Station with 5.1 Surround Sound!

The new ID Tablet PC from AMTEK System Co., Ltd. offers a number of versatile and attractive features. Available in both 10.4- and 12.1-inch TFT XGA screen sizes, the unit is specially configured for use with a dedicated docking station that gives it all the power, performance and features of a high-end desktop PC. When the two units are combined, the resulting system can also double as a home multimedia center for enjoyment of DVD entertainment with 5.1 surround sound.

As an amateur audiophile the idea of having 5.2 surround combined with a Tablet PC is more than a little exciting..... 12:02 a.m.

You can key in your data in longhand

Who wouldn't want a PC that recognizes your handwriting - rather than one that forces you to enter data its way? After all, most of us grew up learning to communicate our thoughts in writing by using a good, old-fashioned pencil and paper.

That's exactly the type of data entry that Microsoft plans to get us back to. On the horizon in the operating system arena is Microsoft's Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. This next-generation operating system is designed specifically for the much ballyhooed Tablet PCs, which should be with us soon.

One of the main attractions of this new PC will be handwriting recognition. But you don't have to wait. If you have Windows XP and the latest version of Microsoft's popular Office productivity suite, Office XP, handwriting recognition is already available to you. 12:00 a.m.

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition Chat Today at 4 P.M. Pacific time

Microsoft Product Manager Chris Barry will discuss how Tablet PC provides the reliability and power of Windows XP Professional with a natural interface and mobility. Sponsored by the Microsoft User Group Support Program. add a calendar reminder Click Here.

May 18, 2003

Coming Next Week's Accessory of the Month

Book Review: "How To Do Everything With Your Tablet PC"

May 17, 2003

Tablet computer sales prove a tonic for Toshiba

Toshiba, the world-leader in mobile computing, has captured a 36.2 per cent share of the Middle East and African market for tablet PCs – only months after launching its first model.

Although a newcomer to the tablet PC sector, Toshiba has established a reputation as a real innovator.

Strong initial demand for its tablet offering – the Portege 3500 – grew exponentially since launching late last year, according to Ahmed Khalil, Middle East regional manager of the company’s computer systems division.

Soaring sales since then are reflected in the Dataquest figures for the first quarter of 2003, he says. The Portege 3500 is marketed as combining the power and functionality of a notebook computer with the simplicity and convenience of pen and paper, marrying Toshiba and Microsoft technologies to enhance the capabilities of mobile computing and allowing users to communicate with their notebook in a more natural way.

In tablet mode, the Portege 3500 works just like a regular writing pad, giving users the same experience as if holding a traditional 295 x 234 mm notepad.

They can write directly on the screen with the tablet pen to create drawings, write notes, annotate documents or send e-mail – all in their own handwriting. Handwritten messages can be saved as they are, or converted to digital text.

“The product is a direct result of listening to our customers and delivering a product that will add functionality to their traditional notebook while adding productivity to their business,” says Khalil. Because Toshiba has focused on mobile computing and solutions for more than fifteen years, we have a unique understanding of what our customers need and want for a new era of mobile working, Toshiba is known for its expertise in delivering inventive computing platforms, and by adding the pen-based simplicity of the Tablet PC, has taken mobile computing to a whole new level and this is reflected in the enthusiastic market response to the new product.” 8:35 a.m

May 16, 2003

Reporter's Notebook -- WinHEC 2003

There are always bits and pieces which slip through the cracks at a trade show – tidbits that are more than gossip, less than a story, but are worth reporting. Here are two.

Personally, I'm always impressed when a PC company tries something new. As one participant pointed out, there's really one major innovator form a hardware perspective these days: Hewlett-Packard. Dell's purely interested in volume sales, which ties them hand and foot to Intel. IBM, meanwhile, seems focused on services.

One of the most talked-about aspects of Athens is the small row of indicator lights on top of the widescreen, high-DPI LCD panel, which can be used to indicate when the user has email or other messages waiting. Keep in mind that Athens is designed to have a unified "message center" tying together email, faxes, voice mail, and other messages. Upon receiving a call, the interface is designed to summarize all of the recent interaction with the contact. (An ACT sales-software killer?) If the user is away, one of the lights on top of the LCD lights up, like a voice mail indicator on some cell phones.

Other little bits and pieces seem to offer hope that our PC experience will continue to evolve. Athens is designed to work with a personalized Bluetooth headset, which can double as headphones for playing music. Upon receiving a call, the software interface (which is assumed to be Longhorn, or some derivative of it) switches the audio over to the call while looking up the contacts That same headset can be used to "write" audio notes. It doesn't seem likely that the software will be able to interpret that note "Remember to call David about the expense report" and actually coordinate with Outlook and Excel, but it's a start.

Finally, the Athens PC contains a dock for a tablet PC or a notebook to synchronize with the host PC. The dock requires the laptop to be closed in order to insert it. "Using the ability to actually close out their day, that to finish it, to dock it makes you feel like you actually closed the day…at the end of the day there's some closure instead of making you take your work home," Kaneko said.

Closure? From a PC? Do we really need this hand-holding? Maybe not, but life is made up of little pleasures. It's nice to see Microsoft give back those pleasures after generations of BSODs, DLL hell, and memory leaks. 4:22 p..m

Here's what a Tablet PC does

lf you have not seen or used a Tablet PC, here is primer on the basic features and details of a few models available in the market.

Tablet PC comes in different form factors (shapes and sizes) but the one that is widely available in the market looks like a smaller laptop or a notebook computer. In fact, most of the Tablet PCs offered by the vendors are extended versions of notebook computer with added features of a Tablet PC.

However, an exclusive operating system (OS) developed by Microsoft also makes it different from other fellow notebooks.

Tablet PC gives an option to use a pen on screen instead of using a keyboard.

The screen of a Tablet PC can be twisted back and the notebook PC becomes a sleek box with a screen on the top.

The Tablet PC captures digital ink as it flows from an electronic pen onto the PC’s screen.

Features like ‘Symbol Commander’ allows handwriting a command symbol like ’e-mail’ and the PC actions the same while Electronic Reader enables one to read magazines. 6:15 a.m.

May 15, 2003

Price & Purchase The Acer C110 or the Motion M11300 Centrino Tablet PC's

TravelMate C110 Tablet PC Rebate
$100 Mail-In Rebate with purchase of a TMC110*
Valid from May 8, 2003 - June 30, 2003

Citrix spells future out to faithful

THE MESSAGE from Citrix to its growing band of faithful followers gathered at its iForum UK event held in Edinburgh was twin-pronged. One prong is to maintain its image as the provider of the 'on-demand enterprise', painting itself as the single point of access for an enterprise solution regardless of the number of users, the type of device or the type of connection. The second prong was to promote the idea of universal wireless access to enterprise data - be it via Wi-Fi, GPRS, or satellite (courtesy of Inmarsat).
Citrix is doing better with its supported devices as well, with the imminent inclusion of the Tablet PC and Mac OS X under Feature Release 3, but we are still waiting for an ICA client for smartphones other than the Nokia Communicator. A client for the Sony Ericsson P800 is particularly eagerly anticipated. Citrix has even agreed to release a version of its Secure Access Manager that will run under Linux and sit in the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between the company firewall and the Internet itself. 3:55 p..m

Transit Agency Uses GPS and Wireless Communications System From Radio Satellite Integrators to Streamline Fleet Operations

Radio Satellite Integrators, Inc. (RSI), a global provider of customized GPS-based vehicle tracking and mobile data solutions, today announced the completion of an Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) system for the Isabella County Transportation Commission

Utilizing the wireless communications gateway provided by the RSI in-vehicle equipment, each vehicle is outfitted with a 12 inch touch screen tablet PC allowing the driver to send and receive messages from the dispatch headquarters. The tablet PC also provides a fully navigable digital map showing the vehicle's current GPS
position as calculated by the RSI in-vehicle device. 6:47 a.m

GiveMePower and Tripod Data Systems Team Up to Deliver Bundled CAD and GPS Solutions for Surveying, GIS, Construction, Military and Public Safety Applications

GiveMePower Corporation (OTCBB:GMPW), a leading provider of desktop, mobile and wireless software solutions for the design/build industry, and Tripod Data Systems (TDS), a Trimble Company (NASDAQ:TRMB) and leading provider of field-based computing solutions for surveying, construction, GIS/GPS, utilities, military and public safety applications, today announced an agreement to offer specially bundled mobile CAD and GPS solutions for a wide range of customers who require the ability to remotely manage AutoCAD(R) compatible designs and digital blueprints in harsh outdoor and industrial environments.

GiveMePower develops, markets and supports affordable, high-performance desktop and mobile/wireless software solutions for the multi-billion dollar design/build market. A Microsoft Mobile Solutions Partner, GiveMePower is the first company to offer full 2 and 3-dimensional AutoCAD(R) compatible computer-aided design (CAD) processing for Pocket PC's, Tablet PC's, Handheld PC's and Pocket PC cell phones running Microsoft's Windows CE(R) 3.0 or Windows CE.NET(R) mobile operating systems. More than 200,000 users and business partners in 40 countries around the world power their designs and collaborate on their projects using GiveMePower technologies. For more information, call 1-888-97-POWER or visit the company's website at 5:56 a.m

Acer leads the Tablet PC market in Middle East

Acer's TravelMate C100 took the lead in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), and tied first place with HP in the worldwide market, during Q4, 2002, according to new figures from IDC.

“When Acer launched the Tablet PC at the end of 2002 we had high hopes for its success in the Middle East market because it brought unprecedented ease-of-use, functionality and versatility to the business users of the Middle East. At Acer we are committed to making computing more practical and easier to use and we expect sales of our tablet PC to continue rising.”

The ultra-portable laptop, that converts from the traditional laptop 'clamshell mode' for keyboard input to 'tablet mode' for use with a pen, is also very popular in the healthcare, government and education sectors,”

The TravelMate C100 has received numerous media awards, including Editor’s Choice from Windows Magazine Middle East, Editor’s Recommended Choice PC Magazine Middle East, and Intel’s Innovative Awards.

The Tablet PC is a broad-based industry initiative that builds on the capabilities of Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, as well as digital pen and speech technologies. This new technology extends the functionality of PCs for key computing jobs such as taking notes, marking up documents and attending meetings, all of which expand PC capabilities for business productivity. 4:41 a.m

Companies quit spending on latest nifty gadgets

The sluggish economy is keeping companies from investing as much on new technologies that could eventually save them millions.

Tablet PCs. These laptops, which have a fold-down screen that users can write on, are expected to make up 1% to 2% of PC sales in 2003 and 2004, says tech research firm In-Stat/MDR. Tight corporate tech budgets are to blame, says IDC analyst Roger Kay.12:04 a.m

A Remote Surfs the Web, Dims Lights and Even Changes Channels

In the iPronto TSi6400, a slender, book-size device that resembles a Tablet PC, Philips Electronics has crossed the remote control with the Internet. The iPronto gives you control over almost any device in your home that has a remote control of its own, including the TV, VCR, DVD player, stereo and indoor lighting - essentially anything that can be turned on and off or up and down with infrared or radio signals.

Less than an inch thick, the iPronto has a 6.4-inch screen that can be used with a stylus. It can run sequences of commands at the touch of a button (turning off the music playing on the stereo and dimming the lights, for example, before starting a movie on the DVD player)

It can connect to the Internet through a wireless 802.11b, or Wi-Fi, home network using a built-in Web browser and an on-screen keyboard. That means you can send e-mail and check sports scores (or turn up the air-conditioning) while walking around the house.12:02 a.m

A New Tool for Translating Ancient, Flowing Script

ANSKRIT, in which classical Indian literature was composed, is among the world's oldest recorded languages. But putting works created over the last 3,000 years onto the Web has not been easy.

Those earlier tools allowed Cedar to develop the first successful Roman alphabet handwriting recognition system capable of operating on a mass scale. Dr. Govindaraju said the tools became the standard for comparing results among all handwriting recognition groups. Work by those groups also gave rise to handwriting recognition programs like Graffiti 2, for users of some newer hand-held computers, and Microsoft Windows Journal, for users of the Windows XP tablet PC's. 12:00 a.m

May 14, 2003

Rosetta Tablet PC Indroductory Special 1499.95!
To place your order directly with Rosetta Tablet PC, click on the link above.

Microsoft and Ganassi Team Up at Indianapolis 500

What does a world-class car racing team do to gain a competitive edge at the biggest race of the year? It turns to the latest technology advances from Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT). During this year's Indianapolis 500 qualifying trials and on race day, Target
Chip Ganassi Racing (TCGR) will streamline communications between its two pit crews using Microsoft(R) Windows(R) Messenger running on Tablet PCs powered by Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, and a custom-built application using the new Microsoft Real-Time Communications Server 2003 (RTC Server 2003).

Real-Time Communication: Key to a Winning Strategy In the past, sharing data between two pits was a slow, manual process where messages were either verbally relayed -- which creates challenges when dealing with the noise at a racetrack -- or written on paper and physically carried to the other pit. The premium put on speed in the racing world applies to not only the cars on the track, but also the pit operations. Clearly, something had to change. This year, TCGR pit crews are able to quickly write instant messages by hand on a wireless Tablet PC, using Microsoft RTC Server 2003 on the back end to more securely send the messages to the other pit, and automatically store the data for future analysis. The technologies that make this possible are the Windows XP Tablet PC Edition operating system running on
Fujitsu Stylistic ST4000 Tablet PCs; Microsoft RTC Server 2003; and Windows Messenger 4.7, which includes electronic ink messaging capabilities when running on a Tablet PC.

Where the Tablet PC really shines is in its overall versatility. The race engineer can easily carry it in the pit and instantly communicate with other team members. It has the full computing power of a traditional notebook PC, so it enables the race engineer to quickly pull up a rich set of information and make intelligent adjustments on the fly. The engineer can manipulate the application very naturally using an electronic pen and can quickly send handwritten notes to the other pit crew members about driver feedback and car-tuning information in Windows Messenger over the wireless network. 9:45 a.m

PC Industry to See Single-Digit Q2 Growth, Gartner Says

Gartner targets the mobile segment as one of the areas for vendor growth opportunities. Intel and its $300 million marketing campaign snatched up attention with the launch of its Centrino program, and Gartner said Intel's new mobile processor platform will become the mainstream choice of large enterprises.

However, we do not expect Centrino to boost notebook sales significantly in the short term because its main target, large scale enterprises, usually take at least three to six months to evaluate new technologies," Shiffler said. "At the same time, the tablet PC, which launched in November of 2002 has not made significant inroads into the market yet. Our preliminary estimates show that tablet PCs only garnered about 1 percent of the total mobile PC shipments in the first quarter of 2003." 9:42 a.m

May 13, 2003

Intel Previews Its Notebook of the Future

Prototype 'Florence' offers convertible, connected portability.

Intel is working on a reference design for mobile products that expands on a convertible Tablet PC blueprint to incorporate a double-hinged design.

Several Tablet PC makers, notably Toshiba and Acer, have released models that can be used as either Tablet PCs or conventional notebooks. These convertible devices come with a display that swivels to cover the keyboard when used in Tablet PC mode. The Intel device has both a base that rotates to enter Tablet PC mode and a keyboard with its own, separate hinge

The main idea is to combine the portability of the Tablet PC with the ease of data entry provided by a laptop's keyboard

Florence is just a prototype, and its main goal is to get people both inside and outside of Intel thinking about future notebook designs. "By creating concepts, you ask questions of users that feed back into how Intel goes about developing technology road maps," he said. 7:25 p.m

A Light, Potent Tablet PC
Pleasing features distinguish NEC's Versa LitePad

NEC's $2399 Versa LitePad has a slim design and extremely low weight, but what gives this Tablet PC real punch is its pleasing package of features.

Barely more than 0.5 inches thick, the slate-style LitePad tips the scales at a feathery 2.2 pounds, making it by far the lightest device to date running Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 10:25 a.m.

TouchWorks Receives '5-Star' EMR Rating for Second Straight Year

Allscripts Healthcare Solutions is the leading provider of clinical software and information solutions for physicians. The Company's TouchWorks software is a modular electronic medical record that enhances physician productivity using a wireless handheld device, Tablet PC, or desktop workstation to automate the most common physician activities including prescribing, dictating, capturing charges, ordering labs and viewing results, providing patient education, and documenting clinical encounters.10:22 a.m.

Alias/Wavefront and Acer Join Together to Drive Tablet PC Sales with New Alias SketchBook Pro Software Bundle that Empowers Pen Driven Collaboration Anywhere, at Anytime

Global Agreement Delivers Alias SketchBook Pro "Try & Buy" on Acer TravelMate Convertible Tablet PC Lineup

Alias/Wavefront(TM), an SGI (NYSE:SGI) company, and Acer(R) America Corporation, the leading worldwide supplier of Tablet PCs, today announced an agreement to bundle Alias SketchBook Pro(TM) on all Acer Tablet PCs sold worldwide. This powerful combination pairs Acer's industry leading Tablet PC technology with Alias SketchBook Pro's best-in-class digital pen-based sketching and annotation software, offering users a unique, out-of-the-box visual collaboration package that extends the true functionality of the Tablet PC experience.10:19 a.m.

News In Your Email

The announcement of Intel Centrino operation platform has opened the trend of mobile information products that combines operation and transmission function. For meeting the development of this market trend, TwinMOS Technologies has taken the lead in launching the new-generation Wafer Level Chip Scale Packaging (WLCSP) memory module DDR 512MB SO-DIMM. Its characteristics such as small mass, short transmission path, high stability and good heat diffusion etc. not only are more suitable for portable products, after matching with Intel Centrino, can also elaborate its greatly strengthened super-strong efficiency.

When IT development has gradually proceeded in the trend of light, thin, short and small styles, especially when the Notebook PC, Tablet PC and PDA etc. have gradually become the mobile devices inevitable to modern people, in fulfilling the characteristics applicable to mobile device set of high space density, the demand of memory module not only has to maintain high efficiency but also stable quality; how to shrink module space but still comprises of the characteristics of high quality, even upgrading to better data transmission efficiency have become essential tasks to be dealt with for various firms. In order to meet the development of the new generation technology and future market demand, TwinMOS has invested exorbitant R&D (Research & Development) resources to WLCSP technology application development, and has taken the lead in launching DDR 512MB SO-DIMM for exclusive use of this module of Notebook PC. 12:01 a.m.

May 12, 2003

Price & Purchase The Motion M1300 Centrino Today!

Effective immediately, like all of Motion’s Tablet PC models, the M1300 will be built to customer specifications, fully tested and ready for delivery within seven to 10 days of an order.

MPC Adds Offerings Beyond the Desktop

In the second half of the year, MPC will launch a Tablet PC 5:52 p.m.

Intel designs the notebook's future

The company will unveil later this year a new double-jointed prototype portable computer, designed to get people thinking about what's next for notebook PCs.

The new notebook PC prototype, which has yet to be revealed to the public, shows how a notebook can metamorphose from a tablet for capturing handwritten text to a mobile entertainment or messaging console, all while retaining a built-in keyboard.

Designers in Intel's research labs created the prototype, dubbed Florence, to illustrate the potential for designing notebook PCs using existing components. The prototype takes cues from previous Intel designs and some of today's so-called convertible tablet PCs, which run Microsoft's Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. Convertibles allow a person to rotate the screen 180 degrees and fold it back down to create a writing tablet. 5:50 p.m.

Motion Ships Centrino Tablet PC
M1300 will also be resold through Gateway, Dell.

As expected, the M1300 comes with the ultra-low-voltage 900-MHz Pentium M processor, Intel's 855 chip set, and the Intel Pro/Wireless 2100 chip that connects to 802.11b wireless networks.

A base configuration of the M1300 costs $2099 and comes with Intel's Centrino package, 256MB of memory, a 20GB hard drive, two USB 2.0 ports, a USB keyboard, and a six-cell lithium ion battery. It is available through Motion's Web site and resellers in North America and the United Kingdom. 12:50 p.m.

Wireless LAN Mysteries Revealed

Companies will continue to consider 802.11b equipment despite the hefty investment vendors have made in single-mode 802.11a products

The good news is that, for the most part, client and access point products soon will support all three standards. Right now, however, IT managers still need to understand the implications of choosing one standard over another to avoid getting boxed in. 11:25 a.m.

Learn how to build Tablet PC solutions that collect and distribute
ANY data, ANY place, ANY time
9:17 a.m.

Motion Computing First To Market With Slate Tablet PC Designed Around Intel Centrino Mobile Technology

New M1300 From Top-Tier Tablet PC Maker Runs Faster, Longer

AUSTIN, Texas, May 12, 2003 – Demonstrating market leadership and a nimble build-to-order business model, Motion Computing today introduced an innovative slate Tablet PC with the breakthrough mobile performance of Intel® Centrino™ technology.

The first “pure slate” on the market to feature Intel’s most advanced mobile architecture, the Wi-Fi-enabled Motion M1300 Tablet PC delivers more processing power and longer battery life.

Compared with the company’s former top-line product, the award-winning M1200, the M1300 operates up to 30 percent faster and extends typical battery life by 10 to 15 percent.

The new model also retains the popular three-pound design and industry-leading 12.1-inch display, which allows a full-size page view, and is fully compatible with all Motion M-Series accessories.

Priced from $2,099, the M1300 Tablet PC is available now at or from more than 70 value-added resellers (VARs) in North America and the UK. Motion VARs serve a wide range of vertical markets, including healthcare, education, financial services, government, legal, and field sales and service. 7:05 a.m.

Motion Computing Says UK Expansion First Step Toward Worldwide Network Of Tablet PC Resellers

Motion Computing today announced it is expanding to the UK as part of a strategy to build a worldwide network of leading Tablet PC resellers.

“The UK is the first of several large international markets targeted for our Tablet PC products, and we’ve built a dedicated Web site ( to support UK customers,” said Motion CEO Scott Eckert. “We’re very pleased with the speed and the superior manner in which Ergo has integrated our product line. It’s an early validation of our strategy to establish a global network based on resellers that are market leaders in their respective countries.” 7:05 a.m

St. Vincent's Hospital Selects Adobe Enterprise Solutions to Streamline Document Processes

Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE), the leader in network publishing, today announced that St. Vincent's Hospital in Birmingham, Ala., has selected the full suite of Adobe's document integration solutions to further improve patient care and streamline operations by automating the delivery of up to 27 document processes over the course of the next two years.

The first two solutions will focus on facilitating improved patient interactions. With Adobe-powered electronic consent forms, St. Vincent's Hospital will enable patients to electronically sign for procedures such as surgery or blood transfusions using a tablet PC from their hospital beds. 7:03 a.m

Etch a Site as Easy as Pie

Even in the age of computers, prying pencil and paper out of the hands of designers is harder than charming the tar out of a cat.

That's why a team at the University of California at Berkeley has developed a software sketching tool that helps designers create fully interactive websites using just a graphics tablet or mouse.

Denim is a website prototyping tool that magically brings alive sketches of sites without its users having to do any programming.

Landay said Denim is the first of its kind, and is perfectly suited to the new Tablet PCs that have just come to market. "The Tablet PC is the ideal platform for this kind of app," he said. "It's possible to use a graphics tablet or mouse, but the tablet screen is much more paper-like." 6:59 a.m

CP Technology rolls out motherboard and Tablet PC lines

CP Technology recently extended its business scope beyond the graphics card industry, introducing a “Fever” brand motherboard line and an “Nvision” brand Tablet PC line. The company sells graphics card products under its “PowerColor” brand.Its Tablet PCs, however, the company will aim at the US$999-level segment of the clone sector. Produced by a contract manufacturer in China, CP Technology’s “Nvision” Tablet PCs recently entered small-scale shipments. 6:56 a.m

May 9, 2003

Price & Purchase The Acer C110 Centrino Tablet PC Today!

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Valid from May 8, 2003 - June 30, 2003

Acer Ships Centrino Tablet PC

The TravelMate C110, like its predecessor, the C100, is a convertible-style tablet, meaning that its display swivels around to fold over the keyboard, so that it can function either as a conventional laptop or a tablet. The device includes Intel's ultra-low-voltage 900MHz Pentium M processor, along with its 855 chipset and 802.11b chip. The TravelMate also features built-in Bluetooth support.

The 3.2-pound tablet features a 10.4-inch XGA display and two USB 2.0 ports. The C110 starts at $1899 for 512MB of memory and a 30GB hard drive, and will ship with the Zinio Reader, software that displays digital versions of magazines on a PC. 2:03 p.m

NEC to release mega-handheld

Several companies, including NEC, have sold "tweener" products like this before, with only modest success. But interest in experimenting with mobile designs is growing again among hardware makers. The tablet PC, a slatelike computer with handwriting recognition, came out last year and so far is exceeding modest sales goals.

Unlike tablets or the coming mini-PCs, NEC's MobilePro does not contain a built-in hard drive and runs Windows CE, as well as the pocket version of Microsoft applications. On the other hand, NEC's device has a longer battery life and costs $899. 1:56 p.m

Dose of good medicine

A tablet PC is the new must-have device for the mobile professional. After testing one of the first units from Toshiba, I can say the convenience factor makes it a pill that's easy to swallow.

Pen-based computing has come a long way since I first scrawled my name on an Apple Newton in 1993. One decade later, the pocket-sized Palm Pilot and the full-function notebook computer have converged in the form of the Tablet PC.

The Tablet PC genre, such as the Portege 3500, is distinguished first by its physical appearance. It is smaller and lighter than standard notebook computers, which generally attempt to outdo each other on screen size and clarity.

The 3500 has a 12.1-inch display - not huge, but very clear even in strong light. Also, its screen is mounted on a single central hinge, which makes it very versatile. This lets you reverse the direction of the screen, so you can show it to someone sitting opposite you at a table.9:46 a.m

Gates justifies stronger chains for hardware makers

The Register first noted Microsoft's plans to seize control of the PC standards-setting process over two years ago, and we're therefore pleased to see the final confirmation that this process is now in place -

The Athens communications PC, which Gates had unveiled just before the AP interview, is exhibit A here. Athens is the result of close co-operation between Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard, and in that sense follows up on the Media Center PCs, which again started out as a buddies deal with HP, and on Tablet, where a couple more special friends were involved in the initial design process. 9:38 a.m

Microsoft Looks to Future at WinHEC

Microsoft's 12th annual Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC) this week brought long-sought revelations concerning its forthcoming version of the Windows operating system code-named "Longhorn," the next iteration of its Windows Server operating system code-named "Blackcomb," and a new strategy for deep integration of hardware and software exemplified by the "Athens" prototype PC co-developed with Hewlett-Packard.

The show provided Microsoft watchers with one of their first glimpses into Longhorn -- including its user interface, drivers, security infrastructure and file system.

Will Poole, senior vice president of the Windows Client Division at Microsoft, used his talk during the show to confirm that Longhorn will hit shelves in 2005. Until now, it was widely agreed that the operating system -- code-named for a saloon at the base of Whistler, a ski resort in British Columbia which lent its moniker as the codename for Windows XP -- would debut in late 2004 or early 2005.

There will be a huge wave of excitement for the industry when Longhorn ships in 2005," he said. "There's been a lot of speculation about whether we'd do an interim release before then. I don't think so. Instead, we will have additional releases, follow-ons, for Windows XP Media Center Edition and Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, that focus on fit-and-finish and support for the international markets." 9:38 a.m

Gateway to go on a building spree

Also among the future business products demonstrated by the company were a PDA model that will most likely be based on Microsoft's Pocket PC software, a "convertible" tablet PC and a notebook with a 17-inch display and integrated numeric keyboard. A convertible notebook has a screen that opens, then rotates 180 degrees and folds back down to create a slatelike writing surface.

Because the company is trying to curb financial losses, it will bring the new products to market quickly, Waitt said. 9:36 a.m

Computer Faire's Notebook Village presents biggest, smallest, fastest, most connected
[Johannesburg, 9 May 2003] - For a feast of all the latest notebook technology available in SA, visitors to Computer Faire 2003 should make their way to the Notebook Village where the fastest, biggest, most connected and smallest will be on display.

African Gateway Connection, the official African distributor for Eurocom and Motion Computing Tablet PC products, will exhibit the latest ranges from these vendors at the faire. 9:30 a.m

Windows Client Roadmap

Also on the list in the screenshot is Windows XP Tablet PC Edition version 2, Windows XP Tablet PC Version 2 due 2003 9:25 a.m

May 8, 2003

Business Technology Trends

Part 1 of a Series: Tablet PCs offer notebook-like qualities, make storing notes as searchable text or in graphical format a breeze

In the May issue of BLACK ENTERPRISE, the “B.E. Guide to Business Technology” highlighted some of the latest technology gadgets for business owners and their employees. While these tools won't make or break your business, they can help your enterprise run more efficiently. Find out which items ones are right for your business, in the first part of a series on business technology. We'll start with the Tablet PC.

"In some corporate climates, it isn't politically correct to break out a notebook and start banging away," says David Albritton, director of public relations for the Personal Systems Group-Americas, Hewlett-Packard Co., which now owns Compaq. "With a [digital] pen, it doesn't look like you're computing when you actually are,” 9:53 a.m

Acer America Launches Convertible Tablet PC Featuring Intel(R) Centrino(TM) Mobile Technology

Acer's Second Generation TravelMate C110 Combines Breakthrough Performance And Connectivity With Convertible Design.

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Acer America Corporation, the leading worldwide supplier of Tablet PCs, today announced the first
commercially available convertible Tablet PC featuring wireless Intel(R)
Centrino(TM) mobile technology, the TravelMate C110. The second-generation TravelMate C110 continues Acer's legacy of providing leading-edge solutions to end-users who demand the freedom to work anytime and anywhere. The TravelMate C110 delivers breakthrough performance and best-in-class connectivity options while being the smallest and lightest convertible Tablet PC available.

The TravelMate C110 provides mobile users with a near perfect combination of beauty and brains. 9:50 a.m

Acer America and Zinio Systems Partner to Deliver Digital Magazines on Tablet PCs

Digital Versions of Popular Publications to Ship on Acer TravelMate C110 Convertible Tablet PC

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Acer America Corporation, the leading worldwide supplier of Tablet PCs, and Zinio Systems, Inc., the market leader at delivering magazines in digital form for major publishing partners, today announced that the Acer TravelMate C110 convertible Tablet PC would now ship with the Zinio Reader(TM). The Zinio Reader, enhanced for Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, is a free software program that automatically delivers digital magazine content to the users PC. Zinio versions of Business Week, Harvard Business Review, Technology Review and PC Magazine will ship on the TravelMate C110. 9:48 a.m

May 7, 2003

Acer Preps Centrino Tablet PC
TravelMate C110 is the latest to feature Intel's wireless technology.

Acer America will launch a Tablet PC based on Intel's Centrino technology this week.

The TravelMate C110 is a convertible device that resembles the San Jose, California, company's first Tablet PC product, the C100. It can function as a notebook, or the user can switch to Tablet PC mode by rotating the screen to cover the keyboard. The device uses an ultra-low-voltage 900-MHz Pentium M processor along with Intel's 855 chip set and Intel's Pro Wireless 802.11b chip.

The C110 comes with a 10.4-inch display and two USB 2.0 ports, and it weighs 3.2 pounds. Prices for the device will start at $1899, with availability through resellers in North America starting Thursday. Acer America is a subsidiary of Acer, based in Taipei, Taiwan.

Motion Computing plans to launch a slate Tablet PC next week that features the new Intel technology. Slate Tablet PCs do not come with a built-in keyboard, but they can be docked if the user wants to set up a workstation with a keyboard.

Motion sells its Tablet PCs through vendors such as Dell Computer and Gateway, as well as from its own Web site. The new M1300 will use the same 900-MHz Pentium M processor as Acer's C110, but Motion has not released pricing information for its device. 2:19 p.m

Microsoft: Longhorn to arrive in 2005

NEW ORLEANS--Longhorn, the next major version of Windows for desktop PCs, will debut in 2005 and will usher in a new level of graphics for PCs, Microsoft executives said Wednesday.

Between now and the release of Longhorn, Microsoft will continue to tweak its existing operating systems, Poole said. In addition, a new version of its handwriting recognition engine will come out for Tablet PC, he added. And a European version of Windows XP Media Center with better TV programming data will also emerge. 10:15 a.m

NEW ORLEANS--It's Longhorn or bust.

Microsoft disclosed that there will be two interim releases for the Media PC and Tablet PC before the company's next-generation Longhorn OS ships in 2005. 10:15 a.m

Gates Details Technologies That Could Rekindle IT Spending

Gates also unveiled a usability tool called XEEL that's intended to make it easier for people to intuitively use devices ranging from Tablet PCs to PDAs and phones 8:28 a.m

Acer upgrades TravelMate tablet PC

Acer plans to hit the road with a new TravelMate this week.

The PC manufacturer on Thursday is expected to begin shipping the TravelMate C110--an updated version of its tablet PC, based on Microsoft's Windows XP Tablet PC Edition software.

The TravelMate C110 tablet's most noticeable change will be a new processor. Acer incorporated Intel's Pentium M chip in the new model.

Acer is the first among the many tablet manufacturers to make the expected switch to the new Intel Pentium M chip. The Pentium M is the processor behind company's Centrino bundle of chips for wireless notebooks. The Pentium M chip promises more performance and also an improvement in battery life, Intel has said.

Another tablet maker, Motion Computing, plans to launch a Pentium M version of its tablet PC, the M1300, next week.

Acer's new TravelMate C110 will pair a 900MHz ultra-low voltage version of the Pentium M chip with a 10.4-inch display, the same size as in earlier TravelMate tablet models. Like its predecessors, the 3.2 pound C110 is also a convertible. That means it opens and closes like a typical notebook PC. However, its screen can rotate 180 degrees and fold back down, covering the keyboard, to create a slate-style writing surface. The C110 is expected to start at $1,899. 8:23 a.m

First Tests: Intel's Centrino
Notebooks gain speed, battery life with new mobile technology.

How does Centrino help battery life? For starters, the 1.3-GHz, 1.4GHz, 1.5-GHz, and 1.6-GHz Pentium M chips draw an average of less than 1 watt of power. (Intel also offers 1.1-GHz and 900-MHz versions, which average one-half watt, for subnotebooks and tablet PCs.) The older Pentium 4-M processors gobble an average of 2 watts.8:20 a.m

Centrino Coming to Tablet PCs
Devices will feature enhanced wireless features, higher price tags.

There is good news for users who are looking for a Tablet PC that includes Centrino with the Pentium M, which Intel says offers longer battery life and higher performance, albeit at lower clock speeds, than the company's other mobile processors. Centrino-based Tablet PCs are making their way onto the market, with the first devices to be based on the 900-MHz ultra-low-voltage model of the Pentium M, according to vendors.

One of the first PC vendors to put out a Centrino-based Tablet PC is Matsushita Electric Industrial, in Osaka, Japan, better known as Panasonic. The company has added a Centrino-based Tablet PC, the Toughbook CF-18, to its Toughbook line of rugged computers.

Priced starting from $3,200, the CF18 is available with a 900-MHz Pentium M processor, 256MB of double data rate synchronous dynamic RAM, a 40GB hard drive, and a 10.4-inch TFT LCD with 1,024 pixel by 768 pixel (XGA) resolution. The CF-18's screen can swivel 180 degrees, allowing the Tablet PC to be converted from a notebook into a tablet.

Acer, in Taipei, plans to introduce its TravelMate C110 Tablet PC in April. Similar in appearance to the company's C100, the first Tablet PC to be unveiled with a screen that could swivel 180 degrees to change from a notebook into a tablet, the C110 is based on the Centrino platform and includes a 900-MHz Pentium M processor.

Weighing in at 3.1 pounds without its DVD/CD-RW combo drive, the C110 includes a 10.4-inch TFT LCD screen, 256MB of DDR memory, and a 40GB hard drive. The C110 will be priced at around $2,700, significantly higher than the roughly $2,200 price tag of the C100.

Motion Computing, in Austin, Texas, has also announced plans to offer a Tablet PC based on the Centrino package with a 900-MHz Pentium M processor by the middle of this year.

The 900-MHz Pentium M, which is found in all three of these Tablet PCs, is the slowest of Intel's Pentium M line-up, which includes six processor models running at clock speeds up to 1.6 GHz. But many Tablet PC users may be less concerned with processing power than they are with extended battery life and wireless LAN access, O'Brien said.

"The main point is that you're not looking at power users for Tablet PCs at this point," he said. "Connectivity is more what people are looking for." 8:17 a.m

Pen&Internet announces commercial release of ritePen advanced handwriting recognition utility for Tablet PC

Improved handwriting recognition and pen functionality provides users with new level of productivity

Graphics available at:

Sunnyvale, Calif. - May 6, 2003 - Pen&Internet™, LLC, today announced the immediate commercial availability of ritePen™ advanced handwriting recognition utility that improves the core UI functionality and handwriting recognition for the Tablet PC and other Windows-based pen computers.

Key product features:

* Transparent text input: Instantly converts English language handwriting into text for input into any Windows application.
* High-quality electronic ink: Write with smooth ink.
* Seamless stylus navigation and manipulation: Allows seamless pen navigation and manipulation of application windows and their on-screen tools, including pull-down menus and scroll bars.
* Intelligent identification of protected input areas: Automatic identification of toolbars, navigation bars, control elements and input areas.
* Full screen writing: Writing can be done anywhere on the screen.
* Natural editing gestures: ritePen comes with intuitive, easy-to-learn and reliably recognized gestures for basic editing operations.
* Alternative answers listed: Pop-up lists of handwriting recognition alternatives are instantly available for every word in a phrase, further improving handwriting recognition accuracy. 8:10 a.m

HP Adds Versatility to Tablet PC
What sets the TC1000 apart from the competition is its detachable keyboard, innovative docking station and price -- it sells for US$1,699 through HP (NYSE: HPQ) Latest News about Hewlett-Packard and resellers -- according to Mark Baerenstecher, HP's tablet PC product marketing manager.

"For mobile workers, we are offering a full Windows XP Latest News about Windows XP operating system with 256 MB to 768 MB of memory, large hard drives and fast processors that allow the use of applications they are familiar with," he told NewsFactor. With this tablet PC, users can smoothly and seamlessly move from office to hallway to meeting to airport, he added. 8:04 a.m

May 6, 2003

Xplore Announces Commercial Release of New iX104(TM), Rugged Tablet PC

AUSTIN, TX and TORONTO, May 6 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - Xplore Technologies(R) Corp. (TSX: XPL) a leading international developer, producer and distributor of rugged wireless tablet computer systems, today announced commercial release of its newest rugged PC, the Xplore iX104-TPC. The highly durable iX104-TPC combines Microsoft's advanced Windows XP Tablet PC Edition operating system, leading performance-based hardware technologies, integrated
wireless LAN and WAN capabilities and Xplore's proven patented ruggedization techniques.

"Xplore's iX104 Tablet PC is a great fit for customers who need a full
computing experience when in a more unique operating environment," says Bill Mitchell vice president of the Tablet PC division at Microsoft Corp. "The powerful features offered in Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, combined with Xplore's rugged hardware design, deliver customers a powerful PC enhanced with pen-based input for a more versatile computing experience -- wherever the job 10:47 a.m

A Light, Potent Tablet PC
Pleasing features distinguish NEC's Versa LitePad.

NEC's $2399 Versa LitePad has a slim design and extremely low weight, but what gives this Tablet PC real punch is its pleasing package of features.

Barely more than 0.5 inches thick, the slate-style LitePad tips the scales at a feathery 2.2 pounds, making it by far the lightest device to date running Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. The LitePad's 933-MHz Pentium III CPU is adequate for the business applications most people will use it for. However, the Tablet PC does run a bit warm to the touch.

In my view, the most critical test of a Tablet PC is how well it lets you take notes by hand during meetings, and on this count, the Versa LitePad was terrific. Writing with a stylus on its 10.4-inch TFT screen was smooth and easy. 4:12 a.m

WinHEC: Microsoft to Showcase New 'Athens' PC Prototype

Athens is a continuation of a strategy Microsoft has embarked on in recent months with the development of versions of the Windows XP operating system built specifically to take advantage of hardware in tablet PCs or entertainment center computers.

But Athens, executives say, goes even further, adding seemingly common sense features that have escaped computer manufacturers.

To log onto the machine, the user simply inserts a special plug into the side of the screen and touches a fingerprint reader. The keyboard and mouse are not only wireless but also charge their batteries when docked to the monitor.

In the frame around the display, lights indicate whether messages await the user. Those are lit even when the monitor is in screen-saver mode. It would alert users when they first enter their cubicles, Kaneko said.4:03 a.m

Microsoft 'Athens' built on strategy for new PC golden age

To demonstrate the potential of this approach, Gates plans to demonstrate an advanced prototype office computer, dubbed "Athens," that Microsoft developed with Hewlett-Packard.

The Athens PC has a built-in telephone linked to Microsoft's productivity applications. When the hardware receives an incoming call, the software automatically pulls up the caller's contact information and photo if the data are stored on the system.

Gates also plans to demonstrate a new scroll wheel and set of buttons for navigating Windows-powered devices with one hand. Microsoft designed the controls for hardware makers to add to phones and computers, such as a new version of the laptoplike Tablet PC unveiled at the show by Viewsonic. 3:59 a.m

Gates To Unify Windows Around Mouse Wheel

Microsoft chairman and chief software architect Bill Gates is expected to show off on Tuesday a method to unify the Windows "look and feel" on several platforms, based upon the humble mouse wheel.

Microsoft's new navigation scheme, called "XEEL," will be based upon the "mouse wheel" interface designed into the latest generation of computer mice. The XEEL interface will simplify and provide consistency to Tablet PCs, Pocket PCs, Windows Powered Smart Phones, Windows Powered Smart Displays and everyday objects based on Microsoft's Smart Personal Objects Technology, according to Microsoft. Hardware designers will also be encouraged to adopt XEEL, simplifying the design but giving them one less means to differentiate them. 3:48 a.m

What PC Buyers Want

"In the past, you moved en masse to your next standard. Now, I think you'll need a mobile/light standard, a tablet standard and a power-user standard," said Fran Rabuck, president of Rabuck Associates, in Philadelphia.

And joining a complaint I've long had ... "I don't see why laptop vendors don't implement what Targus is going to release soon," said Carl Ashkin, CEO of the Darby Group Companies, in Westbury, N.Y. "They are about to release a 'Universal' power supply that will take input power of AC 120-240 volt, 50/60 cycles, as well as DC 12-15 volt. This would allow for me to use one single power adapter in hotels, cars, planes, etc." 3:46 a.m

Electrovaya Announces 54% Revenue Growth In Q2 Over Q1 Fiscal 2003 And 104% Revenue Growth Over Q4 Fiscal 2002

Gross profit consists of revenue less the material, labor and manufacturing overhead costs related to the production of SuperPolymer(R) batteries, expenses related to research and development service revenue and machinery for resale and the Scribbler Tablet PC. For the first time in the history of the Company, gross profit was positive at $7,000 for the three months ending March 31, 2003, compared to negative gross profits of $0.2 million and $38,000 for the periods ending March 31, 2002 and December 31, 2002 respectively. Gross profit improved due to the higher profit margins on the Scribbler product and service revenues. The Company is also restructuring and lowering its expenses. 3:44 a.m

Microsoft Opens Hardware, Software Portal
New site offers easier access to the company's online resources.

The new portal can also help with new control devices, Carpenter said. Microsoft is working on a technology, code-named Xeel, for mobile devices such as Tablet PCs and PDAs that would allow you to use only a thumb to do everything a mouse does on desktop PCs, he said. 3:40 a.m

May 5, 2003

The Mighty Pen
Tablet PCs are giving rise to promising new technologies -- including some that help you think.

Windows XP-based "tablets" represents an important new business opportunity where previous tablet PCs (like the Momenta, may it rest in peace) flopped

On the software side, a pen-based interface lets you do more than just scribble with a pen into Microsoft Word. In fact, Microsoft (MSFT) is preparing an application called OneNote, which duplicates many of the functions of a pen and paper. It certainly does things you can't do with ink and a pad, like automatically converting handwriting to text

The small but growing tablet-computer market is also incubating some interesting hardware companies. Motion Computing, started by a group of former Dell (DELL) execs, makes tablet computers. One would think that starting a mainstream computer company today is a fool's errand. Businesses are reluctant to dish out much in capital spending, especially from a startup. But Motion has almost out-Delled Dell: The company has no manufacturing facility, no shipping center, and no inventory. Everything expensive -- and I mean everything -- is handled by contractors. Taiwan-based Compal manufactures all the products, and FedEx (FDX) ships them direct. 9:55 a.m

Wireless e-mail likely to get boost from Dell

Dell Computer said last week that it is diving into wireless e-mail for businesses. When Dell enters a market, it typically makes a major impact. In the first quarter after beginning to sell handheld computers, for instance, it grabbed 19% of the market and boosted overall handheld sales.

Companies are working on miniaturized tablet PCs, which would have the full e-mail capabilities of a laptop. The e-mail software on today's pocket PCs limits what users can do, but a minitablet would be able to run Microsoft Outlook just like a laptop or desktop. Outfitted with wireless capabilities, these tablets would make wireless handheld e-mail more appealing to heavy business users. Toshiba is developing a tablet PC the size of a postcard. Intel is working on a prototype the size of two credit cards. 9:41 a.m

Dakota State to add Tablet PCs for students, faculty

The university plans to buy about 120 Tablet PCs late this summer for use by faculty and students.

"In a university setting like this where we are immersed in technology ... we need to bring these in and see if they are functional for all of education," said Wayne Pauli, director of DSU's Center for Excellence.

The Tablet PC is about the size of a traditional spiral notebook and holds all the programs of a traditional computer. A user can write handwritten notes on the screen or it can be programmed to run voice recognition software.

Uses of the Tablet PC in a classroom are endless, the panel said. Students can take notes on it, use it for e-mail, and bring it with them wherever they are doing their homework. 9:36 a.m

May 4, 2003

E-SHOPPING: Not a bitter pill to swallow

The Tablet PC: the further evolution of the portable computer

Tablet PCs are looking more and more sexy as their prices drop, but they are still pretty expensive when it comes to most users’ pockets. But those prices have gone down significantly, especially for Acer brands when compared to the days when this new generation of portable computers was first introduced.

The three most interesting models I found were Acer’s TravelMate C104T, Compaq’s TC1000 and Toshiba’s Portege 3500CT. Toshiba is the most expensive, retailing at Bt125,000, but it is the most powerful, while the TravelMate C104T is the most affordable.

When it comes to making a choice, it’s really down to what you want to use the tablet for, and – once the decision is made – then it’s time to ask for a raise in your expense account. 1:31 p.m

Biometrics gains favor in security circles

Concerns about security these days go beyond terrorist alerts, in their many colors. With computer larceny, system break-ins and identity theft growing every year, long-practiced security measures are not necessarily enough. Passwords can be stolen. Locks can be picked. Systems can be infiltrated.

That's why consumer electronics makers large and small are turning their attention to biometric security: identifying people by their physical and behavioral markers. Consumer devices that provide fingerprint scanning and handwriting recognition, the least expensive biometric measures, are multiplying.

SIGNATURES: An alternative to using fingerprints is handwriting-recognition software, which examines not only signatures but also the way they are made. Pen pressures, velocities and other factors are taken into account to help detect forgery. "It's the only biometric that can't be copied, because it measures the speed and style of your handwriting," said Jim Hope of Softpro, which makes handwriting software.

Handwriting authentication has gained popularity among large businesses for transaction signatures and log-on security but has not caught on as quickly with individual users. "It's a convenience issue," said John Siedlarz, president of the International Biometrics Industry Association. "It takes just a few seconds longer to pull up the template for a signature than it does to scan your finger, but it makes a difference." Still, Siedlarz adds, for people who already use signature hardware to sign documents or who use tablet PCs, palmtops or PCs with touch-screen monitors, adding security seems easy and worthwhile, since handwriting is already built in. 1:23 p.m

May 3, 2003

Air-Grid service brings high tech to fans' seats

At live events, the time it takes for the data to move from camera to server and through the data conversion system means that Air-Grid's live game feed hit participants' 10.4-inch tablet PC screens about 10 seconds after the action on the field took place.

Until late 2002, tablet-PC battery life was a major stumbling block, as well. Video playback is processor-intensive, and early tests had tablet PCs conking out within a couple of hours — or about the third quarter of a basketball game. Canadian battery company Electrovaya solved this problem with its Scribbler tablet PC, which uses patented lithium-ion superpolymer battery technology to keep video streaming for up to 10 hours. 6:59 a.m

Mindjet Launches Note-Taking App for Tablet PC

Mindjet, a small Larkspur, Calif., company, this week released a note-taking application for the Tablet PC that aims to aid workers in organizing meeting notes into "visual maps." MindManager 2002 for Tablet PC

One of the advantages of using a Tablet PC with the software is that items can be easily reorganized after a meeting, said Chris Holmes, Mindjet's vice president of strategic partnerships. "When you write on a pad of paper, you write in a linear fashion. It's limited. With our product, you can group items together and move them around after you've written them down. You can link to a Web site or another document." 6:57 a.m

May 2, 2003

Acer’s new TravelMate C110 Tablet PC Centrino Update

Are Tablet PCs All That?

Tablet PCs promise to bridge the gap between PDAs Latest News about PDAs and PCs with a lightweight, portable form factor and handwriting and speech-recognition functionality. These features free the user from a cumbersome mouse and keyboard while allowing a full range of normal applications. On the other hand, speech- and handwriting-recognition technologies have been major stumbling blocks for computer makers.

The Written Word

Let's face it, tablet PCs face a major challenge. After years of keyboard use, most people's handwriting skills have seriously atrophied -- or, in the case of those who grew up online, they never developed much in the first place.

When processing the average user's chicken scratch, how do tablet PCs fare? Okay, says IDC analyst Allen Promisel -- but he told NewsFactor there is room for improvement. "I suspect the handwriting recognition is somewhere between 75 and 80 percent accurate."

Handwriting recognition is "pretty impressive," according to HP's (NYSE: HPQ) Latest News about Hewlett-Packard Naila Seif, director of tablet PC solutions, who told NewsFactor that customers "are usually pretty impressed by the quality." 10:16 a.m

May 1, 2003

Time to challenge airline paranoia on wireless

Laptop, Tablet PC, Smart Phone, Cell Phone, this effects us all....


Revolution Home Theatre Web Site Launched

While it may not be Tablet Pc related, this is the The Digital decade at it best.

Finding a way to combine the technology of the Tablet Tablet PC with an endless fascination of high end audio and home theatre systems is a challenge. The possibility of using Tablet PC for drawing out the concept and designing a Home Theatre on a Tablet is more than a little intriguing.

That said, I will see if we can convince Jerry Del Colliano the publisher of both and to give up his legal pad and try out a Tablet Pc.

Who knows, a few years down the road we may be using Tablet PC's to control our Home Theaters.

Take A Tablet And Call Me In The Morning

You better hope that your tablet PC does not have a fit while you are on a business trip because unlike a laptop, it does not have a built-in DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive to back up files or reinstall applications. 10:44 a.m

Offers Comfort to Publishers, Products to Their Staffers

In discussing tablet PC's readability, Mr. Gates said on-screen resolution would continue to improve over the next three to five years through the application something called ClearType. Moments later, a senior product manager at Microsoft demonstrated the Tablet PC's onscreen version of The New Yorker. Among the capabilities he showed of were one that embedded an Audi TV commercial in the Tablet PC version of the print ad. 10:44 a.m

Security at your fingertips

CIC's Sign-On for Windows ($39.99) can lock individual files on PCs, though not the whole computer; it also can lock tablet PCs and is built directly into Motion Computing's models ($1,899 to $2,499, 9:16 a.m

Autodesk Customers Use New Releases of Mapping Software to Create, Integrate, Maintain, Analyze, and Present Information Faster, Easier, and More Accurately

New features include the ability to take applications and data into the field with special tools and interface options to support Microsoft Tablet PC applications. 9:15 a.m

Off the hype meter

Anyone remember Go Computing, GRiD, Dauphin or the Apple Newton? If not, you're in trouble, because history is repeating itself--only this time, hype master extraordinaire Microsoft is leading the parade. When he unveiled the Tablet PC, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates said the launch marked an "exciting new era of mobile computing that is limited only by the imagination of its users." Maybe. 1:01 a.m


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