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August 2003


August 1, 2003

Technology scores at Safeco Field
Seattle Times, WA

As if suites at Safeco Field needed more luxury, the Mariners are installing portable computers so people can order food, watch instant replays and buy merchandise without leaving their upholstered seats.

The specially equipped Tablet PC computers were developed by Cursivecode, a Seattle company that hopes to install them at stadiums across the country in the next two years.

Cursivecode is pitching its Vella technology as a way for stadiums to sell and deliver more food and merchandise, entertain visitors and enable companies to discreetly do business with clients in their suites.

The laptoplike Tablet PCs can be loaded before each game with special messages for clients, PowerPoint slide presentations and contracts that are ready to sign with a stylus.  10:13 a.m.

UK company bucks Tablet trend
PC Pro, UK

A leading supplier of ICT equipment to UK schools has succeeded where most of the big-name tablet vendors have failed, shipping more than double the industry average of Tablet PCs.

RM says that tablets account for over 15 per cent of its notebook sales, compared to an industry average of between five and 10 per cent. The company anticipates that while its notebook sales will grow as they are increasingly preferred to desktop machines by schools, the tablet share of this will increase, because they are ideally suited to the education environment.

'The growth of Tablet PC sales to education doesn't surprise us,' said RM spokesman David Hunt. 'Very early on we saw the great potential for this technology in education and worked with Microsoft to bring an appropriate solution to the market. We also worked with our hardware partners to ensure we provided the product at a price point that was attractive to education and this in fact resulted in what we believe is the cheapest Tablet PC pricing in Europe if not the world.'

RM supplies two tablet models - a £799 student version and a £999 teacher version - both equipped with wireless networking. 10:10 a.m.


August 4, 2003

Microsoft's focus on research closely watched, MA

Microsoft's focus on research closely watched
Local entrepreneurs gauge firm's success in different markets

When Boston-area venture capitalists and entrepreneurs chatted with Microsoft Corp.'s New England ambassador last week, most mentioned one number -- 6.8 billion.

That's how many dollars Microsoft plans to spend on research and development this fiscal year, which began July 1. At the company's recent meeting for financial analysts, chairman Bill Gates said Microsoft would increase R&D spending by 8 percent this year, to $6.8 billion, and add about 5,000 more employees.

The hefty budget increase, roughly in line with Microsoft's expected revenue growth this year, is a rare sign of strength in today's moribund high-tech ecosystem.

"You've got people looking for the next big thing," said Mike Werner, director of the emerging business team in Microsoft's Waltham office. "So when they see companies making investments in the $6.8 billion range, they think, `The next big thing could be coming out of there. How do I align with that?' "

So where is Microsoft placing its R&D bets? It has intensified its efforts in developing software for game consoles, television sets, mobile phones, music players, and hand-held computers. The company is also focusing on new PC shapes like the Media Center and the Tablet PC. A wristwatch project, called SPOT, is also in the works. 3:51

No longer the nightmare it once was - a glimpse at upcoming TechEd in Malaysia
Wireless Software info.

Smart clients are powerful client applications that are easy to deploy and administer for platforms ranging from PocketPC, Smartphone, Tablet PC, Microsoft Office 2003, and Windows XP .NET is about to revolutionize the cell phone industry: developers get to their hands a set of tools that is technologically superior to all Java platforms, and contrary to wireless Java it offers the same APIs (Forms) through all platform beginning from servers/web applications, through desktop PC till smart devices like Pocket PC phones and Smartphone cell phones. While in wireless, the Java APIs for various platforms are totally different, in .NET however developers for server or desktop applications can write .NET software for smart devices right away!  10:12 a.m.

Microsoft's focus on research closely watched
Boston Globe, MA

So where is Microsoft placing its R&D bets? It has intensified its efforts in developing software for game consoles, television sets, mobile phones, music players, and hand-held computers. The company is also focusing on new PC shapes like the Media Center and the Tablet PC. A wristwatch project, called SPOT, is also in the works.

For corporations, Microsoft is trying to improve its positions in databases and servers. It would also like to crack new markets like business intelligence, customer relationship management software, and digital rights management for protecting movies and songs. And Microsoft researchers are working on these projects even as they develop the next version of Windows, known as Longhorn, which is expected in two or three years. 10:09 a.m.

Testing the Tablet
Boston Globe, MA

A marketing research lab at Bentley College investigates possible niches for the new PC and other products.

''Microsoft for the first time is letting consumers decide how to use this product,'' Lowe said approvingly. ''They can use whatever form factor they want -- slate or convertible. If they want to input with a keyboard, they can do it. If they want to input with a stylus, or if they want voice input, they can do that. Microsoft hasn't told them, `This is the way to do it.' '

Because it is ideally situated to gauge the attitudes of college students, a key market niche, the Bentley College Tablet PC Research Project has been able to quickly provide some feedback to Microsoft and its partners. For example, students commented that while they can take class notes on a Tablet, they use computers primarily for entertainment during off-hours. Because it lacks the capability to show DVDs, the introductory version of the Tablet failed to ''match student lifestyles outside the classroom,'' in the words of the Bentley project's first research report. Subsequent versions of the Tablet are being designed to accommodate DVDs.

Some early findings: Young people will gravitate to the Tablet as early adopters, with high school students even more interested than college students. About half of students are willing to pay over $2,000 for a unit. (The current average retail price is $1,970.) Men are more likely to be early adopters. And Tablets present a viable alternative to laptops and desktops in higher education, a market ripe for a replacement cycle in fall 2004.

Forty-four percent of students surveyed by Bentley said they were open to purchasing Tablets, and faculty and administrators were similarly interested. But to tap the corporate market will require a hard return-on-investment analysis, with 60- to 90-day field tests, the research team concluded. In the broader mass market, there is large potential but low product awareness, with 56 percent never having heard of the Tablet.

Overall, Lowe sees the Tablet's market evolving in three stages: from the education market, to the corporate market, to the mass market. Microsoft views the market differently. ''Anyone who's an information worker or who owns a laptop today could migrate to a Tablet,'' said Julius Sinkevicius, product manager for the Tablet PC group at Microsoft. But the Microsoft team is clearly interested in what the Bentley data shows.  10:06 am

Building smart clients with .NET
TechCentral, Malaysia

DEVELOPING applications for Microsoft Windows is no longer the nightmare it once was. On the contrary, it’s now the easiest platform to work with.

Examples of smart clients in the Microsoft world are: Windows forms applications, compact framework apps, Infopath apps, and .NET apps that manifest themselves in the forms of Word and Excel using Visual Studio .NET tools for Office. Smart clients are powerful client applications that are easy to deploy and administer for platforms ranging from PocketPC, Smartphone, Tablet PC, Microsoft Office 2003, and Windows XP.”  10:01 a.m.

Acer Launches TravelMate C110 in Middle East to meet the needs of mobile business people
AME Info, United Arab Emirates

The TravelMate C110 is the second Tablet PC Acer has released in the Middle East. Last year, Acer was the first to launch a Tablet PC in the region with the introduction of the TravelMate C100.

"Our first Tablet PC took the lead in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) during Q4 last year and we expect the new TravelMate C110 to further boost our success in the Tablet PC sector," said Krishna Murthy, General Manager, Acer Computer (M.E.) Ltd.

"Acer has already topped the Tablet PC market in EMEA by occupying 39 per cent market share. With the launch of the TravelMate C110 we expect this figure to grow even further."

The TravelMate C110, which includes Intel Mobile Centrino technology that enables users to have wireless network connection, is created for people on-the-move. Weighing less than 1.5kg, the Tablet PC was designed to guarantee the maximum connection capability. It includes an integrated V.92 56Kbps modem/fax, a wired LAN interface and integrated Bluetooth technology.  9:57 a.m.

August 5, 2003

Microsoft's Next Big Move: Longhorn Exposed

"Longhorn is not just a release of a Windows client," Microsoft founder Bill Gates said in a meeting with financial analysts last month. Instead, it is a "big bet" that will be accompanied by "advances in office and server" products.

During the recent Windows Hardware Engineering conference, Will Poole, senior vice president of Microsoft's Windows client division, said the company will release a "couple of beta versions" of the software later this year. But he noted that the software will not be commercially available for two more years.

"The road between now and Longhorn is not super short," said Poole. "We've got some work to do. It's going to take us a while to get there. And what you'll see is there are a couple of major milestones, a couple big road signs there."

In the meantime, the industry expects interim releases from Microsoft.

"Currently, we have some additional releases that are coming out as follow-ons to the XP Media Center Edition and the Tablet PC Edition ... new handwriting recognition, new guide data for Europe for the Media Center, and so on," 10:14 a.m.

Toshiba Expands Tecra and Portege Notebook Options to Help Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Work Smarter, Not Harder
Business Wire (press release)

Providing small and medium-sized businesses with technology tools designed for productivity and mobility, Toshiba's Computer Systems Group (CSG), today announced new configuration options for its Tecra and Portege notebook products. Designed to increase office efficiency, the Tecra(R) A1, Tecra M1 and Tecra S1 as well as the Portege(R) R100, Portege M100 and Portege 3500 Tablet PC now come preinstalled with Microsoft(R) Office XP Small Business and Microsoft Office XP Professional. 10:08 a.m.


August 6, 2003

Universities awarded HP mobility grants
PC World Magazine, Australia

Two Australian universities have been awarded grants of $420,000 from HP to explore and develop the use of mobile technology in education.

The University of Melbourne will use its $220,000 award to investigate the interactive learning and research habits of law, medicine and science students both on and off campus. It will receive 57 iPAQs and 26 Tablet PCs.

Northern Territory University will use its $200,000 grant to trial different learning scenarios – the on campus teaching of IT subjects; a mobile education unit that takes training out to remote and primarily indigenous communities; and university programs to support remote high schools. It has chosen to take 45 Tablet PCs and 7 iPAQs to conduct its studies.  9:44 a.m.

Germany's ACG to roll out RFID reader
Electronic Buyers News

Independent distributor ACG A.G., Weisbaden, Germany, has developed a Compact Flash card using radio frequency identification technology.

ACG will introduce the RF PC Handheld Reader in September. The unit can be connected to most handheld devices and PCs via a standard CF or PCMCIA slot and will allow users to upgrade PDAs, MDAs, tablet PCs, laptops and desktop PCs to become RFID compatible without the need to integrate additional hardware.  9:39 a.m.


August 7, 2003

Business this week
Taipei Journal, Taiwan

The 2003 Taipei Computer Applications Show opened July 30 for a five-day run at the Taipei World Trade Center. Both local and international PC makers displayed their latest models. Acer Inc. debuted its Aspire T100 desktop PC, produced by Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., for the DIY market. Acer also introduced its TravelMate 102Ti--a tablet PC the company claims is the latest of its kind on the market. It sells for US$1,276. 9:43 a.m.

August 8, 2003

8 reasons to check out a Tablet PC
Microsoft Bcentral

So you've decided to buy a new laptop PC. It's a logical thought. After all, prices are down, features are up, and now you can get an affordable model that offers power, mobility, and a long-life battery in a package that weighs only a few pounds.

There is an alternative. The Tablet PC is coming out soon, and this is an option worth considering. For those of you who didn't follow the TechXNY/PC Expo in New York in late June — where it got plenty of attention — the Tablet PC is a fully equipped PC the size of a letter-sized notepad. It weighs less than four pounds. (For all you cynics: Yes, I work for Microsoft. But Microsoft will be just as content if you buy that laptop running Windows XP. I'm just suggesting you've got choices.)

1. It will run Microsoft's most advanced operating system to date.
Windows XP Tablet PC is actually a superset of Windows XP Professional, with the power and capabilities of XP, plus additional features to allow "pen-based computing." More on that in No. 2.

2. It will extend the way you use a PC.
You can still type your notes and text, and use the Internet the way you would a notebook or desktop PC. But with "pen-based computing," you can incorporate digitized pen-and-paper into the PC experience. Using a special "digital pen" that comes with it, and the Tablet PC's "input panel" utility (which is like a keyboard on the screen), you can write directly on the screen and save notes in your handwriting or convert them to typed text. Your digital pen can take the place of a mouse and keyboard, or you can use a regular mouse and keyboard, if you wish.

3. You can take all your notes electronically.
The Windows XP Tablet PC Edition comes with a note-taking utility called the Microsoft Windows Journal, which lets you create and organize your handwritten notes. Notes, diagrams and drawings — all that you would normally create with pen and paper — are captured and stored in the Windows Journal. The Tablet PC's advanced handwriting recognition technology allows you to search your handwritten notes quickly to find what you need. (In a demo, Payne did a search and found all the notes he'd written that included the word "budget.")

4. You can work from anywhere, and you won't disrupt meetings.
Some companies prohibit or discourage people from using notebook PCs in meetings. Why? Because the laptop screen creates a barrier of sorts between the user and the speaker. You lose eye contact while you're plunking away on keys. By using a pen and a letter-size screen (with the keyboard folding over), a meeting participant can maintain normal eye contact and still take notes at a meeting — he can even sneak peeks at his e-mail or the Internet. Meanwhile, the same mobility and wireless capability that a laptop provides enables Tablet PC users to likewise work in coffee shops, in class, on planes and in hotel rooms.

5. The Tablet PC can be your primary PC.
Remember, it's a fully equipped PC, not a PDA, so you don't have to "synch" it up with your desktop PC. The "convertible" model, as I said, comes with an integrated keyboard that folds into a tablet. The "slate" model comes with a docking station for easy access to a keyboard while at your desk. Removal is easy, and the Tablet PC also has a speedy "resume-from-standby" time. Over time, more and more users will regard their Tablet PC as their primary PC, predicts IDC's Promisel.

6. You can collaborate with co-workers effectively.
By downloading the Office XP Pack for Tablet PC, you can apply your digital penmanship to core Office XP applications (not any pen will work). For example, you can add handwritten comments or draw pictures in Microsoft Word 2002 documents, emphasize key points in PowerPoint 2002 presentations, write and send handwritten e-mails through Outlook 2002 — and share handwritten documents with other PC users, regardless of whether they have a Tablet PC. You can highlight items, cut and paste handwritten items as you would text, and convert as much handwriting as you want into typed text.

7. You can personalize and international-ize.
Tablet and pen settings allow you to customize your Tablet PC for left- or right-handed operation, and to program buttons to complete a variety of tasks. Also, Windows XP Tablet PC Edition is offered with English, German, French, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), and Korean. And it supports the Windows XP Multilingual User Interface, which lets you change dialog boxes, menus, help files, dictionaries and proofing tools for each user's language.

8. Your data is encrypted and protected.
Windows XP Tablet PC Edition offers all of the protection features of Windows XP Professional, including the Encrypting File System security feature and the "access control" feature, and it supports the secure logon using a single CTRL+ALT+DEL button. 10:42 a.m.

Best Buy Deal on Toshiba Portege Tablet PC!
Thanks to Chris at Tablet PC Talk For this tip

Better go to Best Buy quick! You can get a Toshiba Portege 3500 Tablet PC for $2,199 minus $250 in rebates! So your net price is $1949.

One user reported getting the a $200 instant gift card plus buy the Reward Zone card for $10 and get points good for $85 in gift card dollars in addition to the rebates!  10:33 A.M.

New Power Toys For the Tablet PC

Dictionary Tool for Tablet PC

To improve your handwriting recognition results, you can customize the dictionary your Tablet PC uses to interpret your handwriting. You can add your own words or import them from a text file or the Microsoft Office dictionary. You can also use the Dictionary Tool to remove words from the dictionary.

Art Tool for Tablet PC

Use this coloring book and your imagination to create awesome pictures. A variety of templates are included, and you can also load your own pictures to color. 10:00 a.m.


August 11, 2003

Tablet Vendors to Square Off
Health Data Management

hardware manufacturers will have 10 minutes to exhibit the major functions of their Tablet PCs. They then will discuss health care applications for their tablets

"It will be interesting to have each Tablet PC side by side, enabling attendees to compare them," says Waegemann, who will moderate the session. 2:16 p.m.

Lycoris Tablet OS Shipping on New Toshiba Tablet PCs for $1899


*Redmond, WA - August 11, 2003 - *Lycoris Affiliate Desktop Evolution Launches De-Tablet: an integrated Toshiba Portege Tablet Platform running Lycoris Desktop L/X Tablet Edition.

"The response to Desktop/LX Tablet Edition has been tremendous and we are delighted to be working hand in hand with Desktop Evolution to bring together cutting-edge Toshiba technology and Lycoris software into a Desktop/LX Certified product ," explains Jason Spisak, Vice President of Market Development for Lycoris. "For the first time, consumers, governments, and schools can take advantage of mainstream technology and the power of Desktop/LX in a ready to go package that yields a tangible cost savings." 2:14 P.m.

Northeastern University and Toshiba Alliance Offers Students Latest in Mobile Computing; Access to Tablet PC Technology to Be Made Available to Business Students This Fall

Business students at Northeastern University's College of Business Administration (CBA) will not need to buy -- or carry -- a spiral bound notebook again.

Through one of the first educational relationships of its kind, Northeastern University and Toshiba's Computer Systems Group (CSG) will make available to students the Toshiba's Portege(R) 3500 convertible Tablet PC operated by Microsoft's Windows XP Tablet PC Edition.

"Combining the power of a notebook computer with the simplicity and convenience of pen and paper, the Portege(R) 3500 allows Northeastern students to complete assignments faster, be more efficient in the classroom while also providing new ways to creatively present projects to professors and students alike," said Dan Rosensteel, vice president of public sector for Toshiba CSG. "In addition, the Portege 3500 also offers the portability and wireless capabilities to accommodate the needs of today's students who are constantly on the go." 10:27 a.m.

Motion Computing Targets Tablet PC Sales to Government; Forges Distribution Agreements With Dell, GovConnection, MicroWarehouse

Tablet PC maker Motion Computing today announced three distribution agreements that position the company to sell its full line of award-winning tablet PCs and peripherals to federal government users via the GSA contract schedule and the NIH ECS III contract.
The non-exclusive agreements are with two established government resellers, GovConnection Inc. and MicroWarehouse, and with Dell Inc., which is the largest provider of PCs under the GSA schedule.

Motion has won acclaim for its innovative 12.1-inch display and three-pound product design, and is at the forefront of second-generation tablet PC development. The company delivered the first slate models based on Intel Centrino mobile technology and has developed patent-pending accessories such as its space-saving hardtop keyboard.  10:22 a.m.

Phoenix Technologies Delivers Pen-Based Signature Recognition for Tablet PC's

Leading PC manufacturer, The Wistron Group, is the first to implement this product into their new line of Tablet PCs, allowing users more secure access and use of their devices.
Phoenix SecureMark brings an additional level of security to these Tablet PCs by prompting the user to enter their signature, or other handwritten password, during the start up process of the machine. Until the signature or password has been verified, it is impossible to gain access to the operating system, network information, applications and user data. 10:18 am

Good choices, tough decisions on laptops
Holland Sentinel, MI

In May, for the first time, the dollar value of laptop sales nudged past that of desktop computer sales -- and it doesn't look to stop growing anytime soon.

These signs of life in an otherwise sluggish market have manufacturers excited enough to show some signs of life of their own. While desktops haven't changed much over the past year, except for sporting lower price tags, this year's laptops look and work a lot differently than last year's.

the experimentation continues, and consumers will soon be presented with more radical options for interacting with their laptops. HP is about to unveil a Tablet PC for consumers; these lightweight, slate-shaped portable computers, which use a special version of the Microsoft operating system that lets users control the computer by writing on its screen, have primarily been marketed to business users so far. 9:57 a.m.


August 12, 2003

Chat: Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, 3 P.M. Pacific Time, Tuesday August 12, 2003

Tablet PC Developer Dan Polivy and others from the Tablet PC team will chat about using Windows Journal. Tablet PC chats are held on the second Tuesday of every month, 3 p.m. Pacific Time.

Motion pushes tablet PCs to feds

Motion expects the new reseller agreements to expand its reach rapidly. It already has 23 government clients, including the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Navy, the Office of the Secretary of Defense, NASA and three of the Energy Department's national laboratories. Austin, Texas-based Motion, founded by former Dell employees, has also opened a Washington, D.C., sales office, staffed by one person whose role is to give agencies and resellers personal attention and education about the computers, said Scott Eckert, Motion's chief executive officer. 2:35 pm


Motion Hardtop Keyboard

Purchase the M-Series Hardtop Keyboard--US   $129.99

The Hardtop Keyboard combines the functionality of a keyboard, desktop stand and hardtop display cover into a single product. Snap it on the front of the Tablet for travel, or to the back of the Tablet when in slate mode. To use the keyboard, connect the USB cable and place the Tablet in the flip-up Tablet brackets. Lightweight and easy to use, it works equally well on a conference table or an airplane tray. It features an integrated pointing-stick and mouse buttons making it an ideal travel companion!  10:58 am

Motion Computing Rolls Out Innovative `Hardtop Keyboard'; Snap-on Accessory Underscores Company's Tablet PC Design Expertise
Business Wire

Aug. 12, 2003--Motion Computing today advanced the state of the art in slate tablet PCs by announcing a full-featured mobile keyboard that fits inside a slim snap-on cover protecting the large, bright displays of its award-winning product line.
The Motion Hardtop Keyboard, a patent-pending accessory unique to Motion's rapidly expanding ultra-mobile PC product line, gives slate tablet PC users the choice of an elegant, thin and light snap-on keyboard for desktop-like data entry, or leaving it off altogether for pen-computing tasks on the go.
The hardtop keyboard snaps onto the front of any Motion M1200 or M1300 Tablet PC, protecting its industry-leading 12.1-inch display. When a keyboard is desired, users simply unsnap the new product from the tablet, connect a USB cable and insert the tablet for either portrait or landscape viewing.
Alternately, the hardtop keyboard can be snapped onto the back of a Motion M-Series tablet PC or left off altogether when the system is being used as a "pure" slate. 10:51 am

Transmeta unveils Efficeon brand for TM8000
InfoWorld, CA

Transmeta will name its next-generation mobile processor Efficeon, hoping that name draws more customers than its current Crusoe processor has mustered so far, the company announced Tuesday.

Hewlett-Packard used Crusoe in its Tablet PC, and Microsoft certified Crusoe for use with Smart Displays, but that recognition has not translated into much revenue for the Santa Clara, Calif., company, which continues to lose money.

The company will continue to sell the Crusoe chip when Efficeon is released, but will target Crusoe for embedded applications and industrial equipment 10:48 am

An online exchange for used hardware
TechCentral, Malaysia

PETALING JAYA: e-Basis Bay Sdn Bhd, the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) status subsidiary of the Basis Bay Group, has launched its portal ( to facilitate trading in used, refurbished and pre-owned midrange computers, storage systems, servers and PCs.

While "used" equipment is pretty much self-explanatory, "refurbished" equipment is used equipment that has been reconditioned, and "pre-owned" equipment is possibly older equipment that has not been used at all.

Access to details of enterprise-class products from vendors like IBM, Hewlett-Packard or Sun Microsystems requires a corporate login; listings and details of desktop, laptop, notebook and Tablet PCs, printers, web and digital cameras are open to anyone and deals are between buyers and sellers.  10:46 am

Corporate HQ coming to Austin
Austin Business Journal, TX

Canada's publicly traded Xplore Technologies Corp. is moving its corporate headquarters to Austin by next summer.

The maker of sturdy tablet PCs -- designed for outdoor and other "rugged" uses -- has had operations in Austin since 1997 and gradually has been moving more of its staff here from Toronto, says Brian Groh, president and CEO of Xplore.  10:42 am

New Wireless Technology Takes Center Stage at Neoforma Tradeshow, Germany

Neoforma now offers the Tablet PC as part of the Neoforma Materials Management Solution(TM) (MMS), its comprehensive materials solution that covers all areas from requisitioning to purchasing, inventory management and receiving, and automated three-way invoice matching. Recent industry surveys show that the use of wireless and mobile devices to reduce medical errors and costs is on the rise in healthcare, both in the clinical and operational settings. Hospitals using the Tablet PC with Neoforma MMS will be able to perform wireless data entry and materials management anywhere in the hospital, for the most accurate, up-to-the-minute wireless physical counts entry, requisitioning and receiving. Neoforma also offers handheld devices that allow materials managers to remotely enter supply chain information that can by synched with Neoforma MMS. 10:32 am


August 13, 2003

New Tablet PC Game: inKrabble

Looking for a new word game for your Tablet PC? Tang Yu Feng and Hai bring us inKrabble, a Scrabble-like word game.

Write freely on the board to input words formed by the available letters, and you can tap or scratch to erase a current play or swap out some letters. The current dictionary has a word of 80,000 but can be replaced with any dictionary of suitable size. It can be downloaded from  4:47 pm

New Tatung Tangy 12.1" Display

Intel Pentium M ULV 1GHz Centrino
Intel GMCH-M 855 GM
LAN on board
IEEE 1394
12.1" XGA LCD Panel
12.1" Electromagnetic Digitizer
2.5" 40GB HDD up to 60GB
Modem card v. 90 + Intel Calexico 802.11b
With Fingerprint
6-cell Li-Ion battery support up to 4hrs
Windows XP tablet PC edition
USB 2.0 *2
Docking Station Interface
Keyboard Stand Interface
Standard 15 Pin VGA out
Headphones out, Microphone In
RJ11 Modem Port, 10/100 Ethernet Port 8:55 am

Office 2003 prices appear online, UK

Pricing for Microsoft Office 2003 has appeared online together with a heavy hint at its release date, in what appears to be the latest e-commerce blunder

Prices for Microsoft Office 2003, together with a range of other upcoming products from the company, have been released on online retailer's UK site.

Microsoft had been keeping a tight lid on pricing information for the new products, as well as a launch date. The listings on indicate that the products will be available on 24 October. An Amazon spokeswoman said the prices appeared to be authorised. "We generally put pricing up as soon as we get it," she said.

OneNote, priced at £169.99, is like Word but lets users write notes anywhere on the screen. It is designed for use with tablet PC hardware. 8:46 a.m

Acer TravelMate C110TCi Review
PC Magazine

Acer may not have changed much in the outward design of its Tablet PC offering, but the new TravelMate C110TCi ($2,199 direct) does bring the Centrino combination of Pentium M power and Intel 802.11b wireless to the convertible. At 1.0 by 10.1 by 8.5 inches (HWD), it's still a tiny device. It has a 10.4-inch XGA screen, weighs just 3.2 pounds, and is just a lot peppier than the original PIII-M powered version.

The C110TCi achieved a Business Winstone 2002 score of 21.3 and a Multimedia Content Creation Winstone 2003 score of 26.6, making it the fastest Tablet PC we've seen so far. By way of comparison, the Motion Computing M1300—our previous performance leader—scored 19.0 on Business Winstone and 22.5 on Content Creation. The larger slate M1300 did deliver about an hour more of battery life than the C110TCi, which gave us only 2 hours 22 minutes on our Business Winstone 2002 BatteryMark test. At least the battery's rapid-charge technology worked, enabling us to revive the unit in about 90 minutes. 8:41 am

mTuitive Develops Unprecedented Compliance System For Newly Required Cancer Protocol Checklists

mTuitive, Inc. has developed the first complete solution to automate compliance with new pathology reporting procedures, as outlined by the ACS this April. The new regulations, which take effect January 1, 2004, dictate that pathologists report all scientifically validated data elements listed by the College of American Pathologists in 64 cancer protocol checklists. mTuitive’s Pathology ABC™ product captures these newly required elements and integrates them into one structured, intuitive, and easy-to-use system optimized for Microsoft’s Tablet PC.

Pathology ABC™ is custom designed using mTuitive’s Tablet ABC™ technology, which enables the rapid creation of unique, easy-to-use forms for each CAP protocol. Each checklist is imported into a user-friendly “decision tree” application, complete with data validation and error checking tools, and accompanied by the guidance of context-sensitive reference materials. This solution integrates with existing medical information systems, improving data storage and reporting with higher quality, real-time input.  8:38 am


August 14, 2003

Help for Handhelds
Wireless NewsFactor

The common desktop interface of personal computing -- clicking links, file names, and tabs to navigate everything from the Web to Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) Word -- works fine on your PC, but not on the tiny screens of handheld devices, which rely on cumbersome adaptations like drop-down menus and scrolling.

Now, the first interface that completely replaces these methods with the simpler method of zooming -- alternating levels of magnification -- is headed to the handheld market.

As more people use handhelds or tablet PCs instead of laptops -- and styluses instead of keyboards -- zooming will speed into the marketplace 2:08 pm

Tablet not tonic

“The cutthroat pricing tactics rampant in the consumer and commercial notebook market for mainstream models have effectively sidelined the novelty of the Tablet PC. Unless vendors are willing to inject aggressive pricing and step up collateral promotional activities in the short-term future, growth prospects for this form factor will remain bleak in the second half of 2003,” said Massimo Melis, research analyst for IDC’s European hardware pricing service.

However, it is not all bad news for the Tablet with IDC pointing out that a number of new vendors are looking to enter the market, including Panasonic. Pricing should also fall as vendors drop prices to clear stock for forthcoming Centrino-based models. 1:13pm

Writing On Your... Microsoft Smartphone
Wireless Software info

On the other hand, I´m starting to see what Microsoft sees in the Smartphone/Tablet PC combination. For a lot of people, a Smartphone is really the only mobile device they need to carry around in a pocket. For times when writing serious word count seems likely, a light convertible tablet like the Acer or Compaq units might just trump PDAs. 10:10 am

Tablet sales dive as laptops go crazy

"Fierce competition in the notebook sector is holding back the take-up of tablet PCs, and now is a good time to buy a notebook because prices have fallen dramatically," said Brown.

"People are sticking to a technology they understand, and if tablets are to take off the industry needs to explain the usefulness of handwriting recognition."

He said price reductions have begun in the tablet market as vendors prepare for the next wave of Tablet PCs based on Intel's Centrino processor. 10:07 am


August 15, 2003

Technology prescription for a small biz fit
InfoWorld, CA

With Express pricing, Vonu says he paid just $12,000 for the total package. IBM provided WebSphere Application Server Express, WebSphere Portal Express, and Lotus Sametime for automatic sign-in, workflow, and collaboration functionality, using Microsoft Windows XP on a Compaq Tablet PC so that doctors, nurses, and administrative staff at the clinic could communicate and process patient data in real time.

The new system can flash alerts when patients wait more than 15 minutes at any point in the visit. Vonu also says the system allows doctors to see 15 more patients per week, bringing in an additional $250,000 in revenue annually.  3:42 pm

Better read
The Age, Australia

Somewhere in the near future, you will read a book that hasn't been produced in the way books are normally produced - i.e. printed on paper and bound. Digital books or ebooks exist in cyberspace as bits and bytes, but they're no less "books" for being represented by small electric currents. Many literary masterpieces can be read online and are accessible from myriad sources, some free and some for a fee

There are different versions of Reader for PCs and laptops, Tablet PC and Pocket PC and they even include a text-to-speech tool that will attempt to read the books to you. You can annotate and highlight text in your book using a simple menu option. For additional links to free ebooks, look no further than the excellent Free eBooks site. 3:39 pm

Motion Computing slate gets keyboard

Slate-style Tablet PCs use a stylus instead of a keyboard, but Motion Computing Inc. has built a snap-on keyboard for its M1300 tablet, not only to help new users get used to the format but also to ease some applications.

“Pen computing on a slate PC is the most intuitive form of computing, although there are occasions when a keyboard is desirable 9:43 am

Review : Tablet PCs
Information Week

As Microsoft's Tablet PC operating system hits the nine-month-old mark, with new applications and second-generation devices coming to market, it's a question a growing number of people are asking. I decided to see how a Tablet PC meets the needs of a heavy-duty note taker who uses both a laptop and spiral notebook to do my job. My assessment: The sooner I get a Tablet PC, the better. 9:40 am

Technology 101: Windows XP Expands Students' Potential

The newest variety of portable PCs, the Tablet PC offers additional conveniences; students can take handwritten class notes on the device's screen -- a quieter alternative to typing -- and find what they need quickly after class by searching their handwritten notes just as they could with text documents.

The options for laptops and Tablet PCs are even greater for students onthe 80 percent of colleges and universities that, according to a Campus Computing Project survey,** now offer wireless local area networks (LANs).Moreover, many retail stores frequented by college students - includingStarbucks coffee shops and McDonald's restaurants - offer wireless access to the Internet or "Wi-Fi."  6:18 am


August 18, 2003

Microsoft: Windows XP SP2 Will Ship Before Q3 2004

Jim Allchin noted that SP2 would ship by mid-2004 at the meeting. "We have Service Pack 2 for Windows XP coming out this fiscal year," he said. "[It will] not [include new] features, but there will be a few things that we're adding to that." Because Microsoft's fiscal year runs from July 1, 2003 to June 30, 2003, "fiscal 2004" refers to that time frame and not calendar year 2004. That schedule, I was told, is still correct.

Products such as Windows XP Media Center Edition "V2," Windows XP Tablet PC Edition "V2," and Windows Powered Smart Displays "V2," all due by the end of calendar year 2003, are not reliant on XP SP2 3:15 pm

HealthCo moves offices, anticipates 30 percent growth
Portland Business Journal, OR

HealthCo plans to introduce this fall a wireless version of its software solution running on a Tablet PC that physicians will be able to carry with them and use in the exam rooms. This system will focus first on office charge entries to reduce paper output. It will ultimately tie to other systems, such as the electronic medical records, so physicians have all the information they need to care for a patient at the touch of a button. 3:10 pm

Take One Tablet . . .

Give it a good look, and call us in the morning if it’s right for your business.

Mobile computing has gotten flatter—and more flexible—since the tablet PC came onto the scene earlier this year. We took a look at a host of first-generation machines to see if their capabilities live up to their promises.

Tablets are more than glorified laptops or PDAs. They all come with the Microsoft XP Tablet PC Edition operating system and lots of special software. The highlight application is Journal, a program that mimics a writing pad, allowing you to scribble over the screen 11:21 am

Itronix and WAV(R) Inc. Partner to Deliver Itronix Wireless, Rugged Computing Systems
Yahoo News

POKANE, Wash., and WEST CHICAGO, Ill., Aug. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Itronix Corp., the world's leader for implementing wireless, rugged mobile computing solutions and WAV Inc., a full-service distributor of wireless LAN and data capturing hardware, today announced a formal partnership that enables WAV to distribute and implement Itronix wireless, rugged mobile computing solutions to enterprise mobile workforces throughout the nation.

Beginning immediately, WAV will distribute the entire suite of the Itronix GoBook product line, which includes the following world-class wireless, rugged products:

* GoBook Tablet PC -- a uniquely designed, truly portable, wireless, rugged slate Tablet PC. Designed to support mobile professionals in industries such as telecommunications, utilities, government, and insurance, the mid-sized GoBook Tablet PC weighs only 3.7 pounds, making it the most compact and lightest Tablet PC in the rugged
category. 9:56 am

Electrovaya Reports 31% Revenue Growth in 9 Months Ended June 30 2003 Compared to Same Period in 2002

TORONTO, Aug. 18 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Electrovaya Inc. (TSX: EFL) today announced financial results for the third quarter ended June 30, 2003. All figures are in thousands of US dollars.

Electrovaya's goal is to become the leading provider of tablet PC's, portable power for the notebook computer and wireless sectors, and to apply its technology to a broad spectrum of alternative energy applications over the long term.  9:51 am

Ingram signs Fujitsu
iT News, Australia

Ingram Micro Australia has signed a national distribution agreement with Fujitsu PC to handle its LifeBook notebook and Stylistic pen tablet brands.

The deal makes Ingram Fujitsu’s third official distributor in this country. The other two are Digiland and Westan. 9:48 am.

August 19, 2003

Microsoft sets pricing, launch for Office software

Microsoft Corp. Tuesday said the latest version of its Office family of programs will be widely available on Oct. 21, marking a delayed launch for one of its top money-making products.

New products in the Office family are InfoPath and OneNote. InfoPath allows users to create XML-based forms that make it easier to exchange and share data over the Web. OneNote allows Tablet PC users to write notes in digital ink and use handwriting recognition.

Office Standard Edition for $399, Office Professional Edition for $499, Office Small Business Edition for $449, Microsoft Office Student and Teacher Edition for $149 12:34pm


Core Microsoft Office System Products Are Complete, Released to Manufacturers

REDMOND, Wash. — Aug. 19, 2003 — Microsoft Corp. today announced the completion of the core products in the new Microsoft® Office System and has released all products to manufacturing, marking a critical step in the delivery of the company's most powerful and valuable release of Office.

A full price list for the products and servers in the Microsoft Office System is now available on the Web at

The products in the Microsoft Office System will be on the volume licensing price list Sept. 1, 2003; some original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are expected to begin shipping machines with Office 2003 editions preinstalled by the end of September; and the products will be broadly available to retail customers in the United States and Canada on Oct. 21. Microsoft will formally introduce the new Microsoft Office System in a worldwide launch event on that date in New York. 12:05 pm

Motion teams with Case Western
Austin Business Journal, TX

Austin-based Motion Computing Inc. will collaborate with Cleveland-based Case Western Reserve University and its affiliates on technology initiatives, the company announced Tuesday.

Motion Computing designs mobile computing and wireless communications equipment. As part of a four-year partnership, Motion will work with the university and its Strategic Technology Alliance affiliates.

The agreement also allows Motion Computing to sell its M1300 Tablet PC and accessories to the university's students, faculty and staff, as well as STA affiliates.

"Being a leading innovator in mobile and wireless computing, Motion Computing is an ideal partner for the university's technology initiatives," says Lev Gonick, vice president of information technology services and chief information officer at Case Western Reserve University.  11:35 am

MS Backtracks on Demise of Outlook Express

"Recent comments indicating that no new work is being done for Outlook Express are inaccurate. Development for Outlook Express is ongoing," a Microsoft spokesperson told BetaNews. "Improvements and updates will be made available and delivered to customers."

"Microsoft will continue its innovation around the e-mail experience in Windows," the spokesperson said. "Outlook Express customers should feel confident that the e-mail capabilities in Windows will continue to improve." 11:30 am

Laptop chronicles
White Plains Journal News, NY

experimentation continues, and consumers will soon be presented with more radical options for interacting with their laptops. HP is about to unveil a Tablet PC for consumers; these lightweight, slate-shaped portable computers, which use a special version of the Microsoft operating system that lets users control the computer by writing on its screen, have primarily been marketed to business users so far. 10:38 am

Windows XP Makes PC an Indispensable College Tool

Driving this growth is the increasing popularity of laptop computer including the new Tablet PC -- as well as the increased availability of wireless networks, and the near ubiquity of PC-based entertainment and social activities on college campuses. PCs running on Microsoft Windows XP Professional enable a wide range of capabilities that students need, including completing assignments and wireless online research, helping make the PC an indispensable college tool.

Some professors now let students type lecture notes during class; doing so is particularly easy with the Tablet PC, which enables students to put handwritten text directly on the computer's screen as a quieter and more natural alternative to typing. When the academic day is done, many student PCs become entertainment centers for watching DVDs, listening to music and creating CDs in cramped dorm rooms. 10:37 am

Keyboard lid makes tablet big winner
Washington Times

the new device, which sells for $129 or as a $99 upgrade when purchasing a Motion tablet. It replaces the standard lid with one that holds a full-travel keyboard, two mouse-click buttons and a little "pencil eraser" joystick for moving the cursor around. The new lid also protects the tablet screen when the computer is not in use and clips on to the rear of the computer for use.  10:34 am


August 20, 2003

Bentley Announces Release of Bentley PowerSurvey; Offers Built-in Drafting and Native Support of DGN and DWG
Business Wire

PowerSurvey offers surveying consultancies and engineering firms a full set of tools for the capture, transfer, and analysis of survey data. As it is CAD-based, it provides immediate visualization throughout the survey workflow. PowerSurvey communicates with all industry-leading survey data collectors and supports the DGN and DWG file formats - a first in CAD-based surveying.

PowerSurvey integrates existing survey and civil engineering systems and promotes reuse of data. By connecting field-surveying devices to a personal computer, laptop, or tablet PC, users can easily share survey data with other systems without translation 9:40 am

NewsStand Saves One Millionth Tree Through Digital Delivery of Newspapers and Magazines
Business Wire

NewsStand Inc., the leading international digital distributor for newspapers, magazines and other print media, estimates that it has now saved one million trees(a) by delivering exact digital copies of print publications to readers all over the world.

"With the proliferation of the Internet, people can now receive information digitally, putting less of a burden on our forests," commented Kit Webster, president and chief executive officer of NewsStand. "We are pleased that our digital editions have prevented one million trees from being used as a paper source."

With NewsStand, subscribers and single copy buyers of publications can enjoy exact digital copies of the printed editions of their favorite print media on a desktop, laptop or Tablet PC without being connected to the Internet, and without the worry of consuming paper or recycling. 9:36 am


August 21. 2003

Infopath and OneNote Headline Microsoft Office 2003

In addition to Infopath, Microsoft also will be adding OneNote, a free-form database and note-taking program. While these kinds of programs have been a rich vein mined by independent software makers for years, Microsoft has enhanced the genre by using OneNote as a bridge to its Tablet PC version of the Windows operating system, which lets users take handwritten notes directly on their tablet PCs . 3:24 pm

Healthcare Industry Starts Building and Deploying Solutions Based on New Microsoft Office System Platform
Yahoo News

Motion Computing Inc., a Tablet PC market leader, combines world-class innovation with industry experience, enabling people to use computers in new ways and places. Marketed directly through its Web site and an experienced international reseller network, each Motion product is built to customer specifications. The company's M1200 and M1300 Tablet PCs and accessories are designed for users who need a combination of true mobility, power and versatility. Motion is planning to offer Microsoft Office Small Business Edition 2003 as a factory-installed option and will release a healthcare offering in conjunction with the new software.  9:03 am

It's time for a computer

The new hand writing Tablet PCs introduced last fall have come down in price, making room for newer faster models and are a good deal for those who like pens and pencils. First generation HP and Acer Tablets now run between $2,000 and $2,500. 9:00 am

Achieve the Illusion of Handwriting on Paper When Using the Managed INK API
Microsoft Systems Journal

The Tablet PC is proving to be a fun, exciting platform to write applications for. And creating Tablet-enabled apps is easy thanks to the introduction of a managed SDK that integrates with the Microsoft® .NET Framework. When installed, the SDK provides a number of APIs that encapsulate a lot of the functionality you'll need in a Tablet PC app.

In this article you'll have an opportunity to see how these APIs, specifically the INK API and its managed Ink object, the InkCollector, enhance Tablet PC development. You'll get a chance to use this object in a sample application—namely, the Ink Clipboard program in the Microsoft Tablet PC Platform SDK version 1.1—for a real hands-on experience. You'll also learn to avoid potential pitfalls so that ink flows smoothly and your users experience the simulation of ink on paper. 8:57 am

August 22, 2003

Microsoft; Holt, Rinehart Winston; HP; and Orange County Public Schools Collaborate on Tablet PC-Based Education Project
Stock World, Germany

Starting in fall 2003, seventh-grade Ocoee Middle School students will be equipped with Compaq TC1000 Tablet PCs running Microsoft(R) Windows(R) XP Tablet PC Edition software, plus additional learning software to engage students with an entire suite of Holt Online Learning programs and instructional materials covering science, social studies and language arts.

Using the wireless Tablet PCs, students will have practically-anywhere access to their Holt Online Learning curriculum and a host of Microsoft tools, including Producer for PowerPoint(R), Movie Maker 2, Windows Media(R) Series 9 and Encarta(R) Reference Library 2004. Students will be able to take handwritten notes, make and share journal entries, and electronically complete exercises, homework assignments and tests on a single device.

"The Tablet PC is a compelling new platform for education," said Judy Fowler, president of Holt. "It widens the possibilities for technology-based interactive learning, enabling student access to an entire curriculum from a single, light, portable device. Holt Online Learning products delivered through the Tablet PC and Microsoft's Class Server 3.0 learning management platform, provide students with enhanced learning opportunities and the ability to interact with instructional materials in ways that previous platforms have not allowed." 7:29 am

August 25, 2003

Microsoft goes to college with OneNote

The product was initially seen mainly as a tool to be used with the fledgling Tablet PC format Microsoft introduced last year, but the software giant has since positioned it as a general application for anyone who needs to collect and organize notes from a variety of sources. 10:16 am

Special Pricing, Incentives Make Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 'Must Have' For Students in Upcoming School Year
Yahoo News

Microsoft Extends Commitment to Education Community by Providing Students With a Firsthand Look at New Technologies at More Than 1,600 Schools Nationwide

Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT - News) today is announcing special academic pricing for Microsoft® Office OneNote(TM) 2003, which will allow students and educators to obtain the Academic Edition Full-Packaged Product (FPP) at campus bookstores for $49 (U.S.) when it is released this October. Microsoft also announced it is making the software widely available to teachers, schools and students worldwide through volume licensing incentives at the campus and school level. Educational institutions that have active Campus and School Agreements with Microsoft between Sept. 1 and Dec. 31, 2003, will have the opportunity to try out the new OneNote software at no charge until their contracts expire.

A half-million OneNote beta trial CDs will be distributed to students and educators interested in starting the school year with a digital solution for note-taking. In addition, Microsoft also is conducting a Microsoft Office OneNote "Take Note & Win" sweepstakes, giving college students and teachers an opportunity to win a Tablet PC, and installing Tablet PC kiosks running Microsoft Office System applications including OneNote at approximately 300 campus bookstores. 10:13 am

Developers get first taste of Longhorn

After months of speculation, Microsoft plans to give developers their first hard look at the next version of Windows in October.

The Redmond, Wash., company expects to release a "developers preview" of the new operating system, code-named Longhorn, at its professional developers conference in Los Angeles. Although it won't be a full beta, or test, version, Microsoft executives have promised it will be more than just "slideware," software that companies haven't been using and don't know when it will be coming

The company is expected to hand out a development kit that will give developers their first look at the inner workings of the much-heralded new operating system. Longhorn will usher in a raft of changes from previous versions of Windows.

Broader improvements are planned for the two specialized versions of XP--the Tablet PC and Media Center editions. Microsoft hopes to continue to expand the reach of those two products, both of which are in their first iteration, before the debut of Longhorn.  10:08 am

The goods on the gadgets
Toronto Star, Canada

Paul Ruppert, a director of instructional technology at the University of Toronto, says students — particular those getting into the sciences — should check out tablet PCs, pen-based computer that lets students type and take hand-written notes.

"If you're a science student you can't use a laptop — you can't take down formulas and diagrams," says Ruppert. "Those issues go away with a tablet PC."

Toshiba sells a tablet PC through stores such as Future Shop for about $3,400, but HP has a model that it sells direct for $2,500.

"If I were a parent, I would really want to get more information about tablet PCs," says Ruppert, adding that prices will begin to fall. "That's one area where I think we're going to see a big change." 10:03 am

Microsoft hails Kiwi painting software, New Zealand

Microsoft is hailing digital painting software created by Waitakere software firm Ambient Design as perhaps the most realistic of any on the market.

The software giant is so impressed it plans to help computer owners access the application for free online.

the software has been designed to make brush strokes and the behaviour of virtual paint more realistic.

A three-dimensional lighting model gives paint the appearance of having a thickness on the screen and as a brush stroke is completed, paint runs out and the indentations on the "virtual canvas" of the computer screen show through. Mixing and reusing brushes "dirties" each virtual brush.

"All of this stuff ArtRage does so realistically that it looks like you have captured a photo of an oil painting, as you are painting", says Mr Bearsley. The best way to use the software is with a stylus "painting" directly on to the display of a Tablet PC. 9:58 pm

Rugged Computing: The Consumer Trajectory

Meanwhile, Xplore Technologies last month announced a partnership deal with Dell to distribute ruggedized Tablet PCs to the U.S. federal government. Xplore's iX104G Tablet PCs have been designed for environments that include temperature variations, drops, vibration, moisture, dust, solar radiation, salt, fog and altitude.

"I think it's going to take a major PC manufacturer [releasing ruggedized computers] before you start seeing them in places like CompUSA," said Carleton. "There aren't any major plans right now for manufacturers to start coming out with them."
However, Carleton pointed out that consumers who want ruggedized PCs right now can buy hardened laptops from several companies, including Panasonic. "I think we'll need to see the price point drop first, but a lot of corporate users are going to realize that it's cheaper to buy a ruggedized PC than to have to replace one that's been damaged," 9:54 am


August 26, 2003

Wilson County Home Health Agency Pilots Mi-Co’s Software

“We have three goals in mind for this project,” stated Debra Harris, “First, we expect an overall decrease in cost related to printing forms, copying forms and the storage of forms. Second, we feel we will see an increased acceptance in complying with HIPPA regulations by securing patient data in computer files rather than paper that is less secure. Finally, we feel that we will be giving the nursing staff better access to patient information with regard to previous notes and visit records. This will empower the nurses to spend less time with paperwork and more time with the patients”

Mi-Forms supports data capture using the Tablet PC, the Logitech io Digital Pen, Pocket PCs and signature capture devices 10:27am

BenQ Unveils 8X DVD Burner

BenQ America Monday introduced an 8X-speed DVD recorder, which the vendor said represents the fastest DVD writer now on the market.

The new line is dubbed the Profile Series. Plans call for two wired models, the A122 and the A502; two wireless keyboard/mouse combos, the A800 and A900; and a Tablet PC mini-keyboard, the 52ME, to become available by the end of the year. 10:22 am

New Fujitsu LifeBook T3010 (Convertible Tablet Notebook)
Global Campus Interactive

[T3010] Mobile Intel PentiumM 1.4GHz, 256MB RAM (max. 2GB), 40GB Hard disk, (external) CD-RW Drive, 32MB USB Memory Drive, 12.1" XGA TFT Active Display Matrix, Integrated VGA (Max. 64MB with IDMS) with 3D Graphics Accelerator, Built-in V.92 modem and 10/100 Mbps LAN, Intel Pro Wireless 2100, Sound Blaster Compatible Audio, Microsoft Windows XP Tablet Edition, Microsoft Office XP Standard, Notebook Carrying Case, 1.75kg Approx. 3.5 hours (actual battery life may vary depending on use, configuration and system load). [1-year International, 3-years on campus warranty]

Promotional offer: Buy a port replicator at S$69 and upgrade to Lapmate Combo drive (DVD + CDRW) at $39. Offer ends on 31aug03. 9:47am

August 27, 2003

Xplore Technologies Corp. reports first quarter results

During the quarter ended June 30, 2003 and the period to August 26, 2003 the company:

- Received orders totaling $4.75 million, as previously announced, for its ix104 product from one of its OEM distributors.

- Received an order for 400 rugged pen tablet computers for the City of Detroit Police Department.

- Concluded a distribution agreement which provides for Dell to market Xplore's rugged ix104G Tablet PC product through a GSA schedule contract to the U.S. federal government. This agreement provides a strong partner for Xplore for the U.S. federal government's needsincluding homeland security and military markets.

- Concluded a distribution and private label agreement, under which Wistron Corporation will market and distribute Xplore's rugged Tablet PC product, under license, to military and other approved customers in Asian countries, including China. 10:24 am

SCM Microsystems Introduces World's First Mobile Terrestrial Broadcast Digital TV Receiver for Laptop PCs
Yahoo News

SCM Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq: SCMM; Prime Standard: SMY) today introduced the world's first receiver for mobile terrestrial Digital TV in the PC-Card form factor (PCMCIA). Presented publicly for the first time at the international broadcasting show IFA in Berlin, the Mobile Terrestrial Receiver enables consumers to receive digital terrestrial broadcast TV (DVB-T) programs and use wireless data services including Internet access on their Laptop PCs, tablet PCs or PDAs with a PCMCIA interface. The receiver is very small, lightweight and needs no power supply. Volume deliveries of the receiver will start in the first quarter of 2004. 10:21 am

MediaQ's MQ2100 Controller Sets Higher Standard for Mobile Handset Video and Graphics Applications

MediaQ has announced the MQ2100 Multimedia Platform Controller, which lets mobile handset manufacturers rapidly integrate embedded cameras and color graphics into existing and new product designs. The MQ2100 Controller enables OEMs to easily incorporate high-end multimedia capabilities into products without having to redesign and re-qualify the entire handset. The resulting savings in production and development costs enable OEMs to deliver high-resolution color graphics and camera handsets at a price point that is appealing to consumers.

"Handheld multimedia capabilities, such as embedded cameras and JPEG encoding, are the key to convergence of PDA, mobile phone, digital camera, and even tablet PC capabilities," Singh said. "Mobile handsets incorporating the MQ2100 can be the single access point for all of the applications users currently run on multiple devices."  10:15 am

August 28, 2003

Comfort computing doesn't hit the spot yet
New Zealand Herald

Tunheim gives final speech to DSU faculty and staff
Aberdeen American News

A few years back, before the advent of the tablet PC, software maker Microsoft dreamed up plans for a device dubbed Mira, a stripped-down PC built within a lightweight LCD screen panel that would give you all the functionality of your PC away from the PC.

It's a useful tool for those into comfort computing, but you get the feeling that DesXcape isn't quite there yet. With the falling price of laptops and tablet PCs, many of which are lightweight and have built-in wi-fi and DVD drives, the DesXcape looks like a seriously under-powered offering. 3:10 pm

Among the changes taking place this fall are the addition of two Tablet PC labs and the use of WebCT for online courses.

Tablet PCs feature a touch screen that lets the user write notes on documents. WebCT will be used as the message board program for all online course support. 10:29 am

YupiMSN Launches MSN Messenger 6.0 en Español
Hispanic PR Wire

YupiMSN, part of the MSN® global network of Internet sites that delivers Spanish-language content and services to the United States and Latin America, announces today the broad distribution of the final version of Messenger 6.0 at Consumers now have access to the new and improved features of MSN® Messenger 6.0 everything from live video pictures and online games to customized backgrounds and oodles of new and animated emoticons.

Integration with more devices, allowing users to send and receive text messages over a cell phone or personal digital assistant (PDA), receive messages on an MSN Direct watch, or send handwritten “inked” messages from Tablet PCs

“With Messenger 6.0, IM in Spanish has changed forever,” Jimenez said. “Consumers can truly make their IM experience their own and extend that experience in so many new and different ways. MSN Messenger 6 lets everyone create their own digital personality and play in a virtual playground with friends from around the block or around the world 10:25 am

OneNote for everyone

More than half of information workers Microsoft surveyed last year used computers to take notes.  The Microsoft study also showed that 23% of the workers who took handwritten notes could not find the information when they needed it later. The same study also points out that 77% of the workers retype their handwritten notes into a PC later.

If a Tablet PC is used, notes can be directly written on the screen, and OneNote will capture the handwriting.

A single note can typically contain typed characters, handwriting, diagrams, spreadsheets and pictures. Users can divide the notes into coloured sections, flag important details for preview later, and do a full-text search that searches even handwritings, he said.

OneNote is for anyone who takes notes using a laptop, desktop, Tablet PC, or pen and paper. It will be handy for today’s information workers who face more challenges as the complexity of their tasks continues to increase. 10:20 am

Izaxon NextPhase 1.3 for the Tablet PC

Izaxon NextPhase is a software application which acts as a personal information assistant. It works 24 hours a day, retrieving news information from the internet delivering it to you, filtered according to your sources and interests. Izaxon NextPhase lets you focus on the information itself instead of manual and time-consuming information retrieval.

A Tablet PC version of Izaxon NextPhase is available. It enables users to enter information with the stylus, e.g. when entering text to search within retrieved news items. 9:45 am

Relizon Helps Palace Entertainment Boost Safety and Legal Compliance at Amusement Parks
Business Wire

Relizon analyzed the customer's business and recognized that Palace Entertainment needed a mobile way to fill out forms in parks across the country so the home office could keep up with safety issues on a daily basis. For efficient and effective mobile data capture, they implemented the Mi-Forms Software System from Mi-Co. The Mi-Forms System allows for the capture of data in a mobile environment by providing data capture software on a number of devices including PDAs and Tablet PCs, converting handwritten data into digital form, verifying that data to ensure accuracy, and then sending that data to back end systems for analysis. 9:43 am

HP re-ignites WiFi spark

while HP already had WiFi offerings—the N610 and N620 with multi-port options, Centrino-based NX700 and the Tablet PC TC100—most of these were premium products and had a price tag of a lakh plus. "With the price tag of Rs 96,000, nx9000 has been optimized both for mobility and value 9:40 am


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