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April 2003

April 30, 2003

New & Noteworthy

Mobile CRM Synergistix Data Solutions introduced a Tablet PC version of its Call Activity Tracking System, designed to help pharmaceutical companies plan and track activities with physicians, pharmacies, and hospitals. The new version of the software lets pharma representatives automatically capture information at the point of contact, eliminating paperwork. It also offers instant access to up-to-date records on every physician and records the physician's signature on the spot, storing the information electronically, thus reducing record-keeping errors and lost documents. 10:31p.m.

Autodesk Customers Use New Releases of Mapping Software to Create, Integrate, Maintain, Analyze, and Present Information Faster, Easier, and More Accurately

Access every tool needed for every stage in a mapping project.
Create and edit map data; import and export other map files; perform analysis of spatial data; integrate raster information such as satellite imagery; author interactive maps for distribution using Autodesk's companion web and mobile technologies; take data into the field on Tablet PC devices.1:02 p.m

Network Blog

72,000 The number of Tablet PC shipped globally since it’s launch in Q4 ’02, according to IDC. 10:18 a.m


In discussing tablet PC's readability, Mr. Gates said on-screen resolution would continue to improve over the next three to five years through the application something called ClearType. Moments later, a senior product manager at Microsoft demonstrated the Tablet PC's onscreen version of The New Yorker. Among the capabilities he showed of were one that embedded an Audi TV commercial in the Tablet PC version of the print ad. 9:19 a.m

New Mindjet Software Delivers on Tablet PC Note-Taking Promise:

Visual structure speeds handwriting capture, puts notes into context,
enhances collaboration via MS Office integration

Mindjet, the leading vendor of productivity-boosting visual tools for brainstorming and planning, today announced availability of MindManager 2002 for Tablet PC. A fully pen-enabled note-taking application, Mindjet’s new Tablet PC version has gained the support of Microsoft and major Tablet PC makers for its ability to connect personal notes to the world of team collaboration and decision making.

Featuring 18 pen gestures and tight integration with Microsoft Office, MindManager 2002 for Tablet PC lets users build concise visual documents called maps....6:40 a.m

Download the MindManager For Tablet PC Trial

*MindManager 2002 for the Tablet PC, Review Coming Soon*

Fujitsu Signs Multimillion-Dollar Tablet PC Deal With Visiting Nurse Service of New York

Fujitsu PC Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fujitsu Limited (TSE:6702), today announced it has signed its largest Tablet PC deal to date with Visiting Nurse Service of New York (VNSNY). The home health care organization will equip 2,400 of its mobile caregivers with Fujitsu Stylistic(R) ST4000 Tablet PCs, allowing them to accurately and efficiently take clinical notes and improve patient care.

"We selected Fujitsu because it offered the industry's most sophisticated and reliable pen-based computing solutions," said Rick Stazesky, director of information services at VNSNY. "We've stayed with Fujitsu because of its proven commitment to the market and technology."

"Performance is a key requirement because of the demanding applications we run on the system to enable the effective electronic delivery of critical patient-related data," said Stazesky. "The Fujitsu Stylistic ST4000 Tablet PC provides full-featured desktop PC functionality in a flexible and mobile solution." 6:09 a.m

April 29, 2003

Motion Readies Centrino Tablet PC
Dell, Gateway, others will resell Motion's M1300 in May.

The M1300 will come with a 20GB hard drive, 256MB of memory, three USB 2.0 ports, and Intel's Pro Wireless 802.11b wireless networking chip.

Motion is not releasing pricing or battery life information prior to the launch. The Centrino package is more expensive than the previous Pentium III-M chip used in its M1200 Tablet PC, so the newer Tablet PC will likely cost more. 5:37 p.m

Motion to ship Centrino Tablet PC in May

Motion Computing will unveil the new M1300 Tablet PC on May 12 with Intel's Centrino package of chips, the company said Tuesday.

The new Tablet PC will feature the ultra-low voltage version of the Pentium M processor running at 900MHz, said Scott Eckert, president and chief executive officer of Motion Computing. It will ship a week to ten days after May 12 through Motion's network of resellers, and will also be available through Gateway and Dell Compute

The M1300 will come with a 20G-byte hard drive, 256M bytes of memory, three USB (universal serial bus) 2.0 ports, and Intel's Pro Wireless 802.11b wireless networking chip.

Motion will make a version of the M1300 available with 802.11a or 802.11g wireless capability later this year. 4:04 p.m

Microsoft's Gates outlines digital decade for news

OneNote, now in beta testing, allows people to hand write or type notes anywhere onto a computer screen, organize them and easily e-mail to others. OneNote is part of Microsoft's new Office System 2003 family of business software products, scheduled for final release this summer.

Gates also displayed the Tablet PC, a pet project of Gates' for years, which finally hit store shelves last year. The notebook-like computer, built by several hardware manufacturers, runs on Microsoft's Windows XP software, includes handwriting recognition, and is designed for those who want a less cumbersome computer for note-taking at meetings, for example. 3:06 p.m

Tablet PC receives Pentium M boost

Motion Computing plans to put a little more swing into its tablet PC next month with a model featuring Intel's new 900MHz ultra-low-voltage version of the Pentium M.

The M1300, set for release on May 12, will offer a performance boost of up to 33 percent over the company's current tablet model, the M1200, 10:13 a.m

Intermec Introduces Rugged Tablet PC

Intermec Technologies Corp. today introduced the CT60, a new rugged tablet personal computer designed to bring the ease of a tablet PC to mobile workers no matter what their work environment. The Intermec CT60 performs flawlessly in freezing temperatures, pouring rain and other demanding situations

The CT60 is available with 256 or 512 MB RAM, 20 or 40 GB hard drive, dual hot-swappable batteries and built-in wireless connectivity, all critical features for seamless operations, real-time information exchange and improved productivity. 10:10 a.m

The unit is protected by a fully sealed, vacuum-tested, milled aluminum housing. "Ours is the only rugged tablet PC with a milled-aluminum housing," said Dave Grainger, chief executive of Walkabout Computers, which manufactures the CT60. "It won't bend or flex and is so rugged you could drive a truck over it."

PhatWare Debuts 130,000-Word Medical Dictionary For CalliGrapher And PenOffice

Professional-Quality Dictionary Provides Handwriting Recognition,
Spell Checking For Microsoft Windows Powered Pocket PC, Tablet PC Products; Prescription Drugs, Abbreviations Included 10:10 a.m

April 28, 2003

Microsoft makes strides on new Windows

A more advanced test version of Windows XP's successor has leaked onto the Web, and it indicates that Microsoft has stepped up work to deliver the new operating system, said analysts.

The operating system, code-named Longhorn, is expected to debut late next year or early in 2005. But analysts who examined the latest test release, dubbed "Milestone 5," which leaked onto the Web last week, said Microsoft appears to be slightly ahead of schedule.

The Windows Component Wizard, which is used for adding or removing OS features, allows further customization based on "platform." The component installer would allow the user to add features supporting Tablet PC, which is based on Windows XP Professional. 1:16 p.m.

Mi-Co Announces Mi-Forms Version 3

Extending User Flexibility for Mobile Data Capture with Support for Tablet PCs and New Features for Handwriting Recognition and Data Work Flow

Mi-Co, the mobile data capture company, announced at its annual user day, the availability of the third generation of the Mi-Forms Software System with the shipment of Release 3.2. Mi-Forms, which originally came to market in 2001, enables organizations to efficiently collect data in a mobile environment, increase the quality of the collected data, and quickly use the information gathered by direct distribution to back end systems for analysis and monitoring functions.

In addition, support of the new Tablet PCs running Windows XP Tablet PC Edition is now available for general release 12:01 p.m.

Your body is your password

Concerns about security these days go beyond terrorist alerts, in their many colors. With computer larceny, system break-ins and identity theft growing every year, long-practiced security measures are not necessarily enough. Passwords can be stolen. Locks can be picked. Systems can be infiltrated.

That's why consumer electronics makers large and small are turning their attention to biometric security: identifying people by their physical and behavioral markers. Consumer devices that provide fingerprint scanning and handwriting recognition, the least expensive biometric measures, are multiplying.

Several companies make software in which a signature-ready sign-on screen pops up to lock the computer or important files. CIC's Sign-On for Windows ($39.99) can lock individual files on PCs, though not the whole computer; it also can lock tablet PCs and is built directly into Motion Computing's models ($1,899 to $2,499, 10:13 a.m

Microsoft eyes open source view

MICROSOFT is considering an open source approach to one of its software libraries, following heavy pressure from developers and sharp competition in the growing mobile device development arena.

There are reasons why you'd move forward from the C++ environment into the managed world," he said. The faster throughput and smaller footprint possible with unmanaged C++ makes it suitable for mobile devices, such as PDAs, mobile phones and Microsoft's own progeny, the Tablet PC. 10:10 a.m

April 26, 2003

Palm Tungsten C rivals Pocket PC
Handhelds offer WiFi, more memory, longer battery life

Microsoft is concerned that a handheld with too much power could cannibalize sales of laptops or Tablet PCs.

April 24, 2003

GiveMePower Introduces Real-Time On-Site CAD

GiveMePower Corporation (OTCBB:GMPW), a leading provider of desktop, mobile and wireless software solutions for the design/build industry, today announced it has added laser measurement support to its PowerCAD CE Pro(TM) mobile CAD system, allowing architecture, construction and design professionals to create real-time, as-built floor plans directly in the field using a Leica Geosystems AG DISTO(TM) Pro or Hilti AG PD 25 portable laser measurement device and a Microsoft Windows CE(R) based Pocket PC, Tablet PC, Handheld PC or Pocket PC cell phone. 9:39 a.m

April 23, 2003

The Tablet PC Bug List

With their Tablet PC "Bug List" that explains common Tablet PC problems by manufacture and provides the solutions, Tablet PC Talk once again shows why they are consistently the number one Tablet PC site on the internet. 2:56 p.m.

Mission Pharmacal Deploys Target SFA Pharma Sales Suite

"There are significant productivity benefits to businesses from lightweight portable bar code scanning with a Pocket or Tablet PC in combination with our family of bar code scanning plug-in cards, and our corporate sales pipeline is growing. 2:10 p.m

Mission Pharmacal Deploys Target SFA Pharma Sales Suite

Target SFA suite features Target Mobile, a family of state-of-the-art mobile sales solutions for the Pocket PC, Windows, Web and Tablet PC platforms. 2:06 p.m

Microsoft releases 'OneNote' software

Those using Tablet PCs could enhance their devices' capabilities since OneNote allows them to draw diagrams easily, Huang explained.

"They can both handwrite and type notes on the same page. Those without pen-input devices can use their mouse to draw and sketch diagrams in OneNote. With a Tablet PC, you can write and draw with digital ink," said the official. 10:37 a.m

April 22, 2003

Sheryl Crow Shares Personal Favorites on Latest Hear Music Artist's Choice CD

Starbucks, HP and T-Mobile Commemorate CD Launch by Providing Exclusive Interview and Digital Music Experience through T-Mobile HotSpot(sm) at Starbucks

To experience the first major application of Wi-Fi specific content, Starbucks customers with a wireless ready laptop or tablet PC can preview Sheryl Crow Artist's Choice(TM), hear clips from the exclusive interview, and download free music by connecting to the T-Mobile HotSpot(sm) service while in select Starbucks locations 2:57 p.m

DeLorme Unveils New Earthmate* USB GPS Receiver With Bluetooth* Wireless

This June, DeLorme will offer a rechargeable Bluetooth wireless docking station that attaches to the Earthmate GPS receiver allowing customers to use Bluetooth-enabled PDAs, laptops, and Tablet PCs to wirelessly receive GPS signals in-vehicle 2:57 p.m

Spring Windows XP 'Fun Packs' Released Today

Download screen savers, PowerToys, and other tools that help you have more fun and create amazing things with Windows XP this spring. 11:01 a.m

New: Digital Photography and Browsing Fun Pack
New: Windows Movie Maker 2 Fun Pack
New: Windows Media Player 9 Series Fun Pack
New: Windows XP PowerToys

PC sales climb, Centrino builds slowly

The analysts said that interest is growing in mobile PCs, where sales are increasing faster than in the standard desktop PC segment. Gartner believes that tablet PCs and especially the launch of the Centrino mobile platform from Intel are drawing much more attention to mobile PCs, although Centrino is not yet a major factor in driving shipments. 10:37 a.m

Gateway Tablet PC* is versatile performer

Of all the units I've seen and tested, it's the best, even with a nearly $2,800 price tag, and is equipped with a CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive and a docking station. The former is a more necessary option than the latter, but both, I think, are critical posted 10:35 a.m..*The Gateway Tablet PC is the Motion M1200, from Motion Computing

April 21, 2003

Get RFID Readers in a Flash (Card)

Syscan's compact flash reader, which plugs into almost any handheld computer, will cost $150 and read 13.56 MHz ISO-compliant tags.

The reader plugs into any standard CF slot or PCMCIA slot with an adapter. That means it can be used with almost any handheld computer, organizer, tablet PC, laptop or desktop PC without the need for additional hardware. posted 6:31 pm

DSU symposium focuses on technology's future

Attendees at the sixth annual symposium will have the opportunity to see students showcase their senior projects, hear discussions on the now-completed wireless network and the Tablet PC; and hear speakers from Gateway and Schwans talk about technology.

Among the items being discussed is the integration of the Tablet PC into computer labs and introducing the technology to some faculty and Center of Excellence students. posted 2:58 pm

Pop Science' Tempts Men's Other Desire

"Do men have trouble expressing their emotions? Not when it comes to a tablet PC with digital ink and a multi-positional screen." posted 2:53 pm

Sun fills competitive officer post

On Hewlett-Packard's Web site, Singer said the Compaq Tablet PC is good for state employees who work in the field and estimated that the Tablet PC would help increase PC use in the state from about 50 percent to 70 percent of employees. posted 2:52 pm

Windows faces new competition: Itself

Media Center and Tablet PC are different," he said. "These are a superset of Windows--that is, they have more components than the other versions, or they have components that the other versions do not seem to have."posted 12:30 pm

Autodesk Envision 8 Software Delivers a Seamless Exchange of Mapping and Design Data

Autodesk Envision 8 is a powerful application that leverages the unique capabilities of the .NET platform and pen and ink support for the Tablet PC. It provides information workers a powerful, more flexible, mobile, and accurate way to work with dynamic data ” said Bill Mitchell, vice president of the Tablet PC division at Microsoft. posted 11:19 am

Visual Studio Magazine - Editor's Note - Win a Tablet PC

I've been loaned a Toshiba Protégé 3500 Convertible Tablet PC, and I can't stand the thought of returning this device. Neither can my wife, who was underwhelmed by the first one. She now spends between two and four hours per day surfing the Web in tablet mode. Her favorite activity: reading the paper in bed. posted 6:50 am

Best-Selling Christian Artist Al Denson Endorses Xtreme Notebooks

The company's products include notebook computers, projection equipment as well as one of the hottest new products on the market -- Tablet PC's.

Xtreme has quickly become one of the biggest resellers of Motion Computing, Inc. -- one of the most successful Tablet PC brands in the world. Motion was formed in 2001 by industry veterans with experience at companies like Dell, Compaq (NYSE:HPQ) Apple (Nasdaq:AAPL) and Fujitsu.posted 6:50 am

SGI Delivers the Lowest-Priced Advanced Visualization Solution

OpenGL Vizserver 3.1 enhancements also include support for remote and collaborative sessions across firewalls and support for the Microsoft(R) Windows(R) XP Tablet PC operating system to enable a common environment for mobile computing users.posted 6:40 am

An extended warranty usually isn't warranted

For instance, an extended warranty might add coverage to replace a PDA's or tablet PC's screen, a potentially expensive part usually not covered under manufacturer warrantyposted 6:40 am

April 20, 2003

Dell, Palm offer strong choices for handhelds
Converging tech means harder decisions

Pocket PC 2002 Premium includes handwriting and inking capabilities like the ones in the new Microsoft Journal application used with tablet PCs.

Capitalist rocker is taking it public

Other Brothers guitarist Bert Keely sits in the dressing room tinkering with the new Microsoft portable computer, the Tablet PC........

April 17, 2003

Transmeta's 'Astro' to Ship This Summer

"Our TM8000 processor will increase computing efficiency through its advanced versions of our Code Morphing Software and LongRun power and thermal management technologies and by executing up to eight instructions per clock," he said.

"In addition to supplying our processors to the ultra-light notebook and Tablet PC markets, we also expect to be a leading supplier to Ultra-Personal Computer (UPC) manufacturers where energy efficiency is key

Customers are currently designing the TM8000 into fall 2003 models of Tablet PCs and small-screen notebooks

NEC Versa T400

NEC Computers has introduced the NEC Versa T400, which blends pen-based computing with the MS-Windows XP Tablet PC edition. The NEC Versa T400 will be available in May through the NEC's network of selected value added resellers.

Motion M1200 Driver Updates

Motion Computing has posted new Bios, Audio Drivers and Dashboarddriver updates for the M1200 Tablet PC's

A Mobile Broadband Networking Option For Paired-Spectrum Apps

The paired-spectrum networking option supports the same commercially available devices as the current IPWireless network, while delivering low latency access to subscribers equipped with SIM-enabled PCMCIA cards on their laptops, PDAs, and tablet PCs.

Phones Are Getting Smarter

data between a Tablet PC and SmartPhone can be transferred by “beaming”.

Market forecast for Tablet PCs, Smart Displays

Market analyst firm In-Stat/MDR recently completed a research study on the worldwide market for Tablet PCs and Smart Displays. Despite the current gloomy economy and cautious IT budgets, Instat/MDR predicts that these new devices may be able to kickstart the PC market

Mappers take their Tablets

Tablet PCs are in demand at the UK Government's main mapping agency

Surveyors have been using laptop or hand held computers for some time, but the upgraded Tablet PCs will allow surveyors to link up with global positioning networks, which are increasingly being used to pinpoint objects on the earth’s surface, such as the buildings, streets or supply lines.

April 16, 2003

Microsoft Research Offers Peek at Future

Spam busters, terabyte databases, and cleaner code are top projects.

Tablet PC technology, including the original hardware reference point and handwriting recognition software, sprang from the research group. Microsoft supplies Windows XP for Tablet PCs in the first commercial tablets, which shipped last fall.

First Tests: Intel's Centrino

Notebooks gain speed, battery life with new mobile technology.

How does Centrino help battery life? For starters, the 1.3-GHz, 1.4GHz, 1.5-GHz, and 1.6-GHz Pentium M chips draw an average of less than 1 watt of power. (Intel also offers 1.1-GHz and 900-MHz versions, which average one-half watt, for subnotebooks and tablet PCs.) The older Pentium 4-M processors gobble an average of 2 watts.

Third Annual Tablet PC Summit & Tablet PC Learning Center

Sheraton Ferncroft Resort, Danvers, MA -- May 19-21, 2003

Acer to release Centrino-based Tablet PC

A REPORT CLAIMED Acer is set to release a Centrino-based Tablet PC, the Travelmate C110, but the same report makes wildly optimistic claims for sales of the expensive devices.

Centrino Coming to Tablet PCs

Devices will feature enhanced wireless features, higher price tags.

New Technologies Spur PC Design

A quickly growing segment of the PC market, spurred largely by WiFi and broadband, is the "tablet PC," which typically comes in two forms - the convertible, which has a folding keyboard, or the slate, which uses a stylus, Kay said.

"Tablets are gaining in popularity," Kay said, noting that his firm believes the convertible form of a tablet PC will be more popular, because the general feeling is that users aren't ready to give up things like keyboards."

April 15, 2003

Manufacturers Try Out Tiny Tablets

Manufacturers are experimenting with the form and size of tablet PCs, portable computers that let users write on the screen and draw pictures.

Toshiba, for instance, is working on a slate-style tablet design that's about the size of a large postcard, while Intel researchers have put together what they call the "micro tablet," a full-fledged PC that is about the size of two credit cards.

Meanwhile, other companies such as Motion Computing are looking in the other direction and aim to bring out tablets with 14-inch screens

Tablet PCs and Smart Displays to the Rescue

With the PC industry continuing to face the prospect of slow growth over the next few years, new types of products such as Tablet PCs and Smart Displays may be just the ticket to bring the PC market out of its doldrums...

Tablets Push the PC Envelope

Tablet PCs and smart displays may be the ticket to bring the PC market out of its doldrums, providing new hope for manufacturers and software developers alike, In-Stat/MDR says.

Tablet PCs, which accept input via an active pen onto a digitising screen that allows the user to write and store handwritten notes, are, according to Brian O'Rourke, a Senior Analyst with the high-tech market research firm, "A solid technology that is showing some early promise."

April 14, 2003

PCs Pick Up Despite War

many desktop upgrades would become portables due to factors such as the Tablet PC, Centrino and the growth in wireless networks.

Kontron Mobile Computing's ReVolution Wins Readers' Choice Award From Leading Design Engineering Magazine

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn., April 14 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- The ReVolution --the first rugged, mobile convertible notebook/tablet PC -- has received the
Silver Award at the recent NASA Tech Briefs Readers' Choice Product of the
Year Awards

Forays by Dell Pit It Against Silicon Valley's Giants

Dell typically goes after existing markets and does not try to blaze a trail into new ones. "I don't think Dell wants to be the tip of the arrow," Del Prete said.

Dell's Marengi echoed this point, citing the tablet PC market, which shows great potential, as an area Dell is not yet prepared to enter.

"The tablet PC may become a great product," he said. "We've never said we won't support tablets.... We don't want to be in the business of having a solution for a market [that is not fully developed]. We'd rather have the market there and have the solution.

Technology: Power in Your Lap

Tablet PCs are new portable mutations that let you write on the screen. The best I've tried is Toshiba's Portege 3500...

April 13, 2003

Confessions of a Tablet PC Note Taker: Part I

April 11, 2003

There's no Power like Low Power

Intel's Centrino mobile solution shows exceptional market adaptability for a company its size. This is a solution that can get smarter over time as operating systems, drivers, and OEM firmware learn to ply Centrino's power-saving features. Testers are finding a wide variation in battery life from vendor to vendor, model to model as manufacturers adapt the platform.

Centrino, or the pieces of it that OEMs choose to implement without taking the logo, marks the end of a long dry spell in Intel mobile innovation. Finally there's a mobile technology from Intel that makes it worth shopping for a new notebook.

Live with the Lab: FOSE Review

The 27th FOSE show wrapped up yesterday at the new Washington Convention Center. The show is produced by Post Newsweek Tech Media, the parent of Government Computer News and Washington Technology.

John, there were more than 100 products entered in the GCN Best New Technology products awards this year. What was the best of show, and why?

John Breeden: There were so many good products at the Technology Awards this time. As mentioned, the Best in Show went to a rugged tablet from Panasonic. It won because it took advantage of the tablet form factor, but did not have the same vulnerability problems as all other tablets. That is the one thing the feds who were at my tablet forum wanted to see, a rugged unit. Panasonic came through for them.

Top New Products Get Awards at FOSE

The best-in-show award went to the Panasonic Toughbook 18 Convertible notebook PC from Panasonic Computer Solutions Co. of Secaucus, N.J. The Toughbook 18 also won in its category—portable computers.

“The Toughbook 18 is a great device for the federal government because it combines the advantages of the Tablet PC form factor with the reliable ruggedness of the Toughbook line,” Breeden said. “Feds could feel comfortable taking this tablet into hazardous situations, such as on the flight line of an aircraft carrier, inside a building’s heat plant or outside in a national forest.”

Coming Soon.....MindManager For the Tablet PC!

The Visual Tool for Brainstorming & Planning

MindManager allows business professionals to efficiently capture and organize information generated during meetings, brainstorming sessions, and project and business planning.

Tablet PC Roundup

Paul Thurrott from SuperSite for Windows details his experience with 5 tablet PCs: TheToshiba Portegé 3500, a Compaq TC1000, an Electrovaya Scribbler, an Acer TravelMate C100, and a Fujitsu Stylistic ST4000.

April 10, 2003

Another Rugged Tablet PC

NEW YORK - If you've played around with a few tablet PCs, it's not hard to come to the conclusion that they're on the delicate side. They don't respond well to being dropped or spilled on.

Now Intermec, an Everett, Wash.-based unit of Unova (nyse: UNA - news - people ), this week announced the CT60, another ruggedized Tablet PC. The company says the unit stands up to use in freezing temperatures and pouring rain. It's available with either 256 megabytes or 512 megabytes of memory and with a 20-gigabyte or 40-gigabyte

Tablet PCs Doing Well in Healthcare Vertical Market

With Tablet PCs, the healthcare providers have full PC functionality yet can move seamlessly from office to exam room.

April 9, 2003

How does OneNote work with The Tablet PC?

April 8, 2003

Acer unveils world’s first Centrino-based Tablet PC

Acer’s second Tablet PC – the TravelMate C110 – became the world’s first Centrino-based Tablet PC at its announcement yesterday.

The TravelMate C110 closely conforms to the Centrino standard with a Pentium M processor, 855GM chipset and 802.11b wireless connectivity. Acer said that the TravelMate C110 will adopt 802.11a/b as soon as Intel announces its availability for the Centrino platform. The Tablet PC also offers space for up to 2GB of DDR memory and a 60GB hard drive.

More Than 600 Motion Computing Tablet PCs Being Deployed in 20 Healthcare Clinics Across U.S

OS and ATS Choose Motion’s M1200 to Improve Cancer Patient Care. Motion Computing today announced that Supportive Oncology Services Inc. (SOS), and its technology partner, Advanced Technical Support (ATS), a provider of product development and custom software for mobile devices, are rolling out more than 600 Motion Tablet PCs in 20 oncology clinics across the country as part of a unique cancer research study.

April 7, 2003

nVision Breaks $1,000 Price Barrier on Full-Featured, 12-Inch Tablet PCs That Can Be Used in Landscape or Portrait Modes

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA -- (INTERNET WIRE) -- 04/07/2003 -- TDV Vison, a new global power in LCD monitors, today announces the nVision 1000 and nVision 1500, full-featured tabletPCs that will both

April 4, 2003

2003 Best of RetailVision Awards Nominates ZIP-LINQ Brand Retractable Cables as Best Product Accessory.

April 2, 2003

Microsoft Office System 2003 Bundles Anounced

Microsoft will not include InfoPath or OneNote as part of the Office System suites sold at retail or installed on new computers, the company will disclose Wednesday.

Motion Computing Enhances M1200 Tablet PC Family

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 2, 2003--Motion Computing today announced the most powerful model of its award-winning Motion M1200 Tablet PC line, as well as battery-charging and protective accessories that increase the utility of the M1200 series.

Notebook and Tablet PC Group Test

Irrespective of how you look at it, things are definitely on the up and up, and if you're in the market for a desktop replacement notebook or a portable Tablet PC, you're bound to find something that appeals to you in our group test."

Reason to buy a Tablet?

Microsoft's soon-to-be-released OneNote bears watching. It fuses digital audio with handwritten notes or keyboard-entered text, and it seems made to order for a Tablet.

April 1, 2003


A RUGGED CONVERTIBLE notebook and touch-screen tablet PC in one package