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December 15, 2017

This might be Microsoft's secret Surface notepad
The Verge

Microsoft has been rumored to be working on a foldable notepad-like device, much like the company’s Courier concept. A patent from earlier this year provided an outline for such a device, but a new Microsoft's secret Surface notepadpatent has emerged this week with a lot more detail. The patent, first spotted by MSPU, references a “hinged device,” and has been filed by Microsoft Surface engineers that are responsible for creating various Surface hinges and devices.

The device appears to have two separate screens and sections that fold together or flat, much like Lenovo’s Yoga Book. The images also show how the mysterious device could flip over and be used as a nightstand. While there’s not much detail about software for such a device, Microsoft’s patent filing includes a lot of intricate details around how the hinge works. Microsoft appears to be using gear-like cogs to create this adjustable hinge, allowing the device to hold in different positions.




December 14, 2017

A thousand strangers teamed up to make this amazing $1500 alternative to the Microsoft Surface Pro
Business Insider

Meet the Eve V (pronounced "Eve Vee") — a combination laptop/tablet hybrid, powered by Windows 10. It looks very much like Microsoft's excellent Surface Pro

But there's something a little different about the Eve V, which comes out of an Intel-backed Finnish startup.

Every aspect of the Eve V, from the design to the processor to the keyboard cover material, was decided with full and complete input from Eve's community of fans. Over a thousand people contributed their feedback to how the Eve V should be built, resulting in a device that — theoretically — meets the exacting needs of the most demanding users.

Even Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella asked for an Eve V to play around with, after the Eve crowdfunding campaign caught his eye.

I've been using the Eve V for a week, and I can say this: The Eve community should be proud. While there are a few spots where the wisdom of the crowd didn't quite come through, the Eve V is an outstanding first effort, with lots to recommend it, even when compared against Microsoft's own Surface Pro

Here's the skinny on Eve V's crowdsourced computer:

The Eve V is a tablet/laptop two-in-one, running Windows 10. In principle, it's a lot like the Microsoft Surface Pro.

The Eve V is being sold in batches to superfans. Eve says that by making small batches sold directly to customers they don't have to keep inventory on hand, which means savings they can pass on to customers.

The Eve V is offered in various configurations, from $799 all the way up to a tip-top of the line $1999 model. And it comes with a stylus and the keyboard — accessories that will cost you an additional $99 and $159, respectively, with the Surface Pro.




December 13, 2017

Updates for Surface Pro 4 and Surface Studio
TechNet Blogs - Microsoft

We've released new driver and firmware updates for Surface Pro 4 and Surface Studio.

These updates include drivers for Intel(R) Management Engine Interface, Surface dTPM (IFX), Surface Embedded Controller Firmware, Surface Integration, Surface Management Engine, Surface System Aggregator Firmware, and Surface UEFI on Surface Pro 4 devices running Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Version 1607) or above and Intel(R) Precise Touch Device on Surface Pro 4 devices running Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (Version 1709) and above. These updates improve reliability, recovery from Connected Standby, multi-touch and pen connectivity when the device wakes from sleep, and resolve potential security vulnerabilities on Surface Pro 4.

These updates include drivers for Intel(R) Management Engine Interface, Surface dTPM (IFX), Surface Management Engine, and Surface UEFI on Surface Studio. These updates improve recovery from Connected Standby and resolve potential security vulnerabilities on Surface Studio.

For Surface Pro 4, the updates are available in MSI and ZIP formats from the Surface Pro 4 Drivers and Firmware Page in the Microsoft Download Center.




December 12, 2017

Microsoft Surface Book 2 review: a powerful yet pricey laptop-tablet combo
The Guardian

The first generation Surface Book was a feat of engineering that took Microsoft’s Surface tablet PC and turned it on its head, making it a laptop first and a tablet second. The Surface Book 2 refines a few Surface Book 2 with Dialthings, adds much more power and finally adopts USB-C.

If you’re primarily a laptop user, who occasionally wants to take just the screen with you and needs some brawn for your processing duties, the Surface Book 2 is the machine for you. But getting your head around what the machine can do is the first challenge.

One of the important updates for the Surface Book 2 is Microsoft’s eventual acceptance of USB-C, which has increasingly become an important standard, not only for connecting accessories such as displays, but also for charging.

The Surface Book 2 has one USB-C port, which will also charge the machine, alongside the Surface Connector. But unlike most other high-end machines, the USB-C port does not double as a Thunderbolt 3 port, which is a shame for such an expensive and otherwise capable computer.

The Surface Book 2 will quite happily drive a 4K monitor at 60Hz, as you would expect, via the USB-C port, but if you want more than one display you’ll have to switch to the Surface Connector and Microsoft’s optional extra docking solution, which will drive two external displays, provide power and USB connectivity.

The improved £100 Surface Pen is the best stylus in the business – accurate, with low latency, pressure and tilt sensing, it stays firmly attached to the side of the screen with magnets. It’s the first stylus that has not come off in my bag while transporting any machine.




December 11, 2017

Productivity on the Move: The Best Business Tablets of 2017
Sci-Tech Today

Buying the best business tablet for your needs can help revolutionize your productivity, allowing you to remain productive while out and about, without having to worry about lugging heavy gear around.

Many of the best business tablets can also replace your work laptop, as they come with components and processing power that enables them to perform as well as standard notebooks.

Android and Apple tablets have a host of apps that allow you to work on them, and of course, with Windows 10-powered business tablets, you can run any app or program you'd usually run on a traditional laptop or desktop PC.

Add a Bluetooth keyboard, and you'll be able to work comfortably on these best business tablets for hours on end.

No matter if you rely on Windows, Android, or even iOS, there's something worth recommending.

It's only a matter of figuring out what your priorities are and what you need out of a tablet for your business. And to help you choose the best tablet, here's our overview of the market at the moment, and the 10 tablets we'd recommend for the business user.

For the sake of clarity, we will only look at pure tablets, and detachables when it comes to convertibles. 2-in-1 hybrid models are closer to traditional laptops as their keyboard can't be totally detached.

1. Microsoft Surface Pro

While Microsoft didn't call this year's tablet the Surface Pro 5, in many ways it's a sequel to the Surface Pro 4 (which also features on our list of the best business tablets), with a 32% increase in battery life - according to our benchmarks -- as well as a refined design that remains thin and light, while also providing plenty of power. The new and improved Surface Pen and Type Cover makes this a brilliant business tablet that can be used as a laptop replacement, and it comes in a range of specifications, which makes choosing the right model for your business (and personal) needs easy.




December 8, 2017

Microsoft rolls out new firmware updates for Surface Book, Pro 4, and Studio
Windows Central

After recently shipping the first batch of firmware updates to its new Surface Pro with LTE, Microsoft is rolling out another set of updates for more Surface devices. Next on deck are updates for the Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, and Surface Studio. Here's a look at all of what's new for each device (via Neowin).



December 7, 2017

Which Microsoft Surface device is best for you? Surface Pro, Surface Laptop, Surface Book, or Surface Studio

Quick summary

The Surface Pro is the cheapest Surface device overall. It's a Windows 10 Pro PC that also offers a Microsoft Surface Devices tablet experience, but it's definitely not for people who need a workhorse PC or desire a conventional laptop.

The Surface Laptop is more expensive than the Surface Pro and Microsoft's first Surface device that doesn't fold into a tablet. It has an excellent touchscreen display though and while it's not a great business PC, as it runs sandboxed Windows 10 S meaning you can only run apps in the Windows Store, it offers a decent battery life and a solid build quality.

The Surface Book 2 is a professional laptop, and like all other Surface devices, it has a touchscreen. What makes it standout, however, is its solid base and a discrete GPU option. It's bigger and more expensive than the Surface Laptop, but it offers more in terms of performance.

The Surface Studio is the most expensive Surface device, and it's primarily for creatives. It's a gorgeous all-in-one Windows 10 PC with a Zero Gravity Hinge. With a light push, it can be pushed down to a tablet-like position and then used with the included Surface Pen or even the optional Surface Dial to sketch. This device is the first of its kind. But it's super pricey, and it's not at all mobile, obviously.




Hands-on: HP's Envy x2 is a Surface clone boasting 20 hours of battery life

What we know: the HP Envy looks great. What we don't: what will performance and battery life look like, long term?

The HP Envy x2 joins a growing cohort of Surface Pro clones, but with one big difference: Inside it is aHP Envy x2 Snapdragon 835, offering battery life of up to 20 hours. We spent a little time with it at the Qualcomm Technology Forum to see what a new chip would do in an established category.

Externally, HP’s Envy x2 changes another key thing about HP’s line of Windows tablets: it removes the kickstand from the tablet itself and puts it inside the keyboard case. Normally, that’s a risky decision: Samsung’s Galaxy Book is an otherwise excellent Windows tablet, but its keyboard case doesn’t allow the flexibility of a true kickstand.

Between the Asus NovaGo ultrabook (also introduced Tuesday with a Snapdragon 835 and the Envy x2, the Envy x2 is clearly the more eye-catching design. We know a bit about it: Kevin Frost, HP’s vice president and general manager of Consumer Personal Systems, said it would include 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage , as well as the 2.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon inside of it. It will ship in the first quarter of 2018 for an undisclosed price.


Apple Announces Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV in over 100 Countries Starting Today
Patently Apple

Starting today, customers around the world can access the Amazon Prime Video app on Apple TV to stream award-winning and critically acclaimed titles including Prime Original Series and Movies. Just download it from the App Store and add it to your home page. Apple Announces Amazon Prime Video

Also starting this week, the Apple TV app — a unified place for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV users to discover and start watching the best shows and movies — supports live sports, giving fans in the US a simple and seamless way to keep track of their favorite teams and games in real time. Participating sports apps in the Apple TV app include ESPN and the NBA, developed in partnership between the NBA and Turner Sports, with more to be added soon. Starting tomorrow, Prime members in the US can enjoy Thursday Night Football on the Apple TV app for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

"Amazon Prime Video is one of the most eagerly anticipated apps to come to Apple TV, so we're excited to bring all of that great content to customers," said Eddy Cue, Apple's senior vice president of Internet Software and Services. "The Sports tab in the Apple TV app makes it even easier for fans in the US to track the teams, games and moments that are important to them. With these exciting updates, plus our growing collection of 4K HDR movies on iTunes, we continue to deliver an unparalleled entertainment experience to Apple customers."




December 6, 2017

Microsoft 12 Days of Deals - Microsoft Holiday Sales, Deals and Savings

Day 1 | December 6

Microsoft 12 Days of Deals

Save $329 on Surface Pro (Intel i5/128GB SSD) and black Type Cover, plus get a free select sleeve of choice (up to $74 value).SHOP TODAY’S DEAL

Whether you prefer to skip the madness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday or just like to take your time buying holiday gifts, our 12 Days of Deals holiday sale has you covered. With great savings on some of the most sought-after gifts of the season, our limited-time offers put everything they want within reach – and within budget. Plus, with free shipping and free returns on every item every day, you can save even more when you shop at the Microsoft Store.

With everything from games and game systems to PCs and tablets, mobile phones to accessories covered, whether you're shopping for a fitness buff, a music lover, multi-tasker, your kids, your partner or a friend, our holiday sales make it easy to get exactly what they want for less.

Of course, the Microsoft Store isn't just great for holiday gifts – it's the perfect place to shop for the technology you want any time of year. Explore the Store by category, or shop our Sale section for great savings all year long.




December 5, 2017

A free $200 value for Surface Pro purchase with Intel Core i5 or i7

You can take $200 off the price of either 2017 model Surface Pro with the Intel Core i5 inside right now. The version with 4GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD is $799 while the one with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage is $1,099.

Or, you could effectively save $199 if you opt for any of the three Surface Pro devices with an Intel Core i7 inside, starting at $1,599. That value comes in the form of a free Cortana-powered smart speaker, the Harman Kardon Invoke. Above and beyond that, customers also get 6 months of unlimited Skype calling from the United States to domestic mobile and land phone lines.

Both of these run through December 24. The discounts do not apply to LTE models.




Microsoft, NFL extend Surface sideline deal to another season

Surface NFL sidelines

The National Football League has renewed its partnership with Microsoft for it to continue to supply Surface tablets to referees for video reviews on the field until the end of the 2018/2019 season.

The Surface tablets are also provided to coaches and players to examine footage of previous play during games.

"We're excited to help the NFL change the game with Surface devices being used by players and coaches on the sidelines to make more informed decisions, referees using Surface for instant replay to enhance the speed of the game, and teams using Microsoft products in their business and football operations," Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft's corporate VP, said in a statement to SportsPro. "We look forward to continuing the partnership next season."




December 4, 2017

Mobility Minute: Solving Business Challenges With Tablets

While Windows 2-in-1 devices have become popular in recent years as notebook PC replacement for knowledge workers, slates tablet, like Samsung's Android-powered Galaxy tab, are becoming the go-to device for task workers in the field. From transportation and retail to healthcare and hospitality, tablets are replacing paper-based workflows and streamlining reporting tasks.

"Every day, we're seeing a new use case, a new idea, a new way of leveraging the tablet to perform a specific business task," said Jennifer Langan, director of mobile computing product marketing at Samsung.

These tablets are primarily used to implement a specific application for a specific task.

"We’ve seen a lot of field service applications, where the people who are out in the field — either visiting other locations, visiting homes, residential, commercial customers — they have a need to stay connected. They have a need to get access to information. Tablets provide a great solution for them," Langan told CRNtv.




Apple Inc. Wins in 2017 But Will Have a Tough Time in 2018

With so much going right for Apple, what could stop AAPL stock?

Failure for Apple to repeat its 2017 success in 2018.

AAPL stock is an iPhone growth story, and right now, the iPhone growth story is all about super-charged demand for the iPhone X. But it actually looks like demand for the iPhone X isn’t as big as everyone thought — lead times are falling much more quickly than expected. Moreover, regardless of how big iPhone X demand is, it’s not repeatable next year.

But AAPL stock is trading on the assumption that not only is iPhone X demand huge, but that huge iPhone demand is something that is going to hang around forever.

It won’t. Smartphone demand cycles. Look at the iPhone 6 launch.

Consequently, AAPL stock looks dangerous in 2018.

The Risks to AAPL Stock in 2018

Firstly, it’s worth noting that regardless of which way you want to spin the AAPL growth narrative, this is an iPhone-first story. iPhone sales accounted for over half of total revenues last quarter.

That means there is a lot of pressure on iPhone sales to meet or exceed expectations.

Secondly, AAPL stock is trading at its richest valuation in five years. The only other time AAPL stock was this richly valued over the past five years was in late 2014/early 2015 when investors were bidding up the stock on huge iPhone 6 expectations.

That means there is a lot of pressure on iPhone X sales to meet or exceed expectations.

Thirdly, even though the iPhone 6 was a huge hit and AAPL stock kept climbing higher in early 2015, AAPL stock started to crumble in mid-2015.  The market realized that huge demand for the iPhone 6 was a one-time thing. The success was not repeatable. Earnings estimates came down. The valuation fell. And AAPL stock tumbled from $130 to $90 in a year.




December 1, 2017

3 iPads

Apple Could Be Prepping Another 9.7-Inch iPad With a Competitive Price Tag for 2018


Just like the model you saw this year, Apple has been rumored to release another 9.7-inch iPad for 2018 and when we say that it is going to be priced competitively, that is definitely an understatement as you will find out.

The 9.7-Inch iPad Model for 2018 Reported to Cost the Buyer $259 for the Base Storage Version

According to DigiTimes, Apple is going to introduce an iPad refresh of the version released this year and featured an A9 SoC. The source claims that the slate is going to cost $259, but that will obviously be for the starting version, which we’re assuming will feature 32GB of onboard storage.

Still, if the rumor turns out to be true and the iPad does feature a $259 staring price, the other competitors should have something to worry about because Apple holds the largest market share in tablets. Though it is incapable of engaging in multitasking the same way Windows 10-based machines and Macs are able to do, it will still able to hold its own when taking on products of its own class.




November 30 , 2017

Battle of the 15-inch 2-in-1s: HP Spectre x360 vs. Microsoft Surface Book 2
Digital Trends

HP Spectre x360 vs. Microsoft Surface Book 2

If you’re looking for a powerful 15-inch laptop that is also ultra-portable, you’ve come to the right place. In this breakdown, we’re pitting the HP Spectre x360 vs. Microsoft Surface Book 2, to see which is best. Both of these versions come with 15-inch displays and strong internal hardware, but there is quite a leap in price between the two. Will that make this a weighted bout, or are there factors at play that will make you choose one over the other?

That’s what this head to head is going to find out, as we compare these two powerhouses in every category to weigh up which offers you the best bang for buck.

If you want a good 2-in-1 with a good display, good performance, and good battery life, then the HP Spectre x360 is a fantastic choice. If you want something uniquely powerful, and you’re willing to pay for it, the Microsoft Surface Book 2 is the clear winner.




HP still dominates as Windows PC OEM, Surface Pro 4 most popular from Microsoft

In the world of personal computers, the tide is turning away from desktops and conventional laptops to convertible tablets and laptops — foldablesSurface Pro 4

For the past several months, the manufacturer picture has been stable: HP leads the way with a quarter of the market share. Dell is at 16 percent, Lenovo comes to third at under 13 percent while ASUS and Acer out of Taiwan round out the top five. In eighth place, Microsoft’s own devices take up 2.7 percent of the market.

In the first-party device category, Surface Pro 4 takes the cake at 39.7 percent while the Surface Pro 3 of 2014 is still holding on at 21.7 percent. The third-place Surface 3, at 10.4 percent, is not too far ahead of the Surface Pro (2017) at 9.2 percent — not too bad for replacement grades at the six-month mark. All we have to do is wait for LTE-equipped Surface Pro devices to show up on the list.




November 24 , 2017

Black Friday Surface Deals

Microsoft Black Friday 2017 sale goes live early - score deals on Surface, Xbox, & Windows 10 Devices

If there is someone in your life that loves technology, and you want to get them a really great Christmas gift, look no further than the Microsoft Store. Seriously folks, if you want to delight someone special, just get them an Xbox One or Surface. If Microsoft's Surface-branded computers are too expensive, there are plenty of other Windows 10 devices from which to choose too.

Understandably, buying such extravagant gifts might be a hardship financially, so if you have been waiting for the best time to make that purchase, please know that now is when you should finally pull the trigger. You see, Microsoft's Black Friday 2017 has gone live a day early! Yes, you can score a great deal on Surface, Xbox, and Windows 10 devices right now.


Save $329 on Surface Pro bundle

Get instant savings on Surface Pro (Intel Core i5/256GB SSD) and black Type Cover.

Save $229 on Surface Pro bundle

Bundle and save on Surface Pro (Intel Core i5/128GB SSD) and black Type Cover.

Free Harman Kardon Invoke

Buy a select Surface Laptop and get the new Harman Kardon Invoke speaker for free ($199 value) – Available through Monday, Nov. 27.

I am rather impressed by the free Harman Kardon Invoke with Surface Laptop deal. I have been testing the Invoke and find the sound quality to be exceptional. The Surface Laptop on its own is a very nice computer -- scoring a nice Cortana-powered speaker for free is just icing on the cake.




Surface Book 2 vs. MacBook Pro: Which is the Better 15-Inch Portable Device?
Christian Post

Both laptops are about 13 and a half inch at their longest, and both weigh about four pounds, as Surface Book 2Digital Trends compared them side by side. The design of the Surface Book 2 that lets the display detach from the base to work as a tablet is miles ahead of Apple's traditional laptop design, though.

This gives the Surface Book 2 unparalleled flexibility, giving owners four modes to work with it. For its part, Apple has added the Touch Bar, which might come in handy for adding a few emojis, as PetaPixel points out.

The price of the highest-end Surface Book 2 variant still puts it $900 cheaper than a similar MacBook Pro 15. At $4,200 at the top-end, it's getting hard to justify going with Apple, when the excellent hybrid from Microsoft is right there.




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