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October 8, 2015

Ralf Groene and his design team at Microsoft first conceived of the recently revealed Surface Book while working on the Surface Pro. Like the Pro, the Surface Book would function as either a laptop or a Surface Hingetablet. But, significantly, the new Book would be a laptop first—not a tablet with a kickstand. “We had the idea of people starting out with that laptop architecture, going about their business, and then transforming it into something more personal,” Groene says.

That insight won Microsoft a lot of love yesterday, but Groene, who serves as creative director on the Surface, wanted what he calls “clipboard mode”—i.e. the use case in which the screen is plugged into the keyboard base—to be great. And great, in this context, has a lot to do with screen size, processor size, and battery life. Groene didn’t want to compromise on any of those, which led to a structural engineering dilemma: To convert into clipboard mode, the display would need to balance at the edge of the keyboard base. But to do that, and do it sturdily, the base would need to be bigger than the display, which would add considerably to the device’s weight.

Enter the hinge. Or, as Microsoft dubbed it, the dynamic fulcrum hinge. The connective tissue between the Surface Book’s base and display is an isopod-like piece of aluminum that flexes back and forth thanks to four rotational points. It’s “almost like a carpet that rolls out,” Groene says


Disney Artists Try Out The iPad Pro And Apple Pencil: What Do They Have To Say?
tech times

When Apple introduced its new iPad Pro tablet along with the Apple Pencil, the company waxed eloquent on how the device and the stylus would make life easier for designers.Disney on iPad Pro

Now the company has let artists in Walt Disney's Feature Animation studio test out the designing capabilities of the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.

The designers at Disney spent a day trying out the 12.9-inch tablet, using it to sketch several popular characters such as Mickey Mouse and Frozen's lovable snowman Olaf. The Apple Pencil with its position and pressure sensing abilities was also used to recreate the classic characters, which are synonymous with Disney.

The team used apps such as Paper and Pro Create which are optimized for both the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro.

So what did the Disney artists think of the iPad Pro? Animator Jeff Ranjo revealed in a Periscope stream that the iPad Pro's screen had a slight "tooth" i.e., textured roughness which made tactile feedback possible when using the Pencil. At the launch, Apple had lauded the fact that it was offering the closest thing to the feeling of drawing on paper with its iPad Pro and Pencil.



Microsofts New fingerprin reader Keyboard also works with the service Pro 3Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Type Cover (Black) with Fingerprint ID

Leave passwords in the past

You can pre-order the fingerprint reader keyboard for $159.99


Log into your Surface Pro 4 with one simple tap using the Surface Pro 4 Type Cover with Fingerprint ID. No more wasted time. Store all of your passwords in one place with Microsoft Passport and use your fingertip to perform actions like purchasing an app from the Windows Store, all thanks to the convenience and security of Windows Hello.

Sadly the new keyboard is only available in black




October 7, 2015













October 6, 2015


Introducing the new Surface Book & Surface Pro 4

Learn More



Microsoft Surface Book

Meticulously crafted and ultra-thin, Surface Book is the ultimate device for powering your ideas. It's13.5-inch PixelSense™ rivals the printed page with a resolution of 3000 x 2000, and features an integrated backlit keyboard, optional graphics, and responsive glass trackpad. Go beyond the laptop and detach the screen to use like a clipboard, or rotate and reattach to use like a canvas. It weighs just 3.48 pounds (1576 grams) and has a battery life of 12 hours5 for all day use.

The new 13.5-inch Surface Book is the ultimate laptop. The full punch of a high performance laptop with unprecedented versatility of a tablet. This is the future of laptop computing.

  • 13.5-inch PixelSense™ touchscreen display (3000 x 2000) resolution
  • Windows 10 Pro operating system
  • Incredibly mobile at 3.48 pounds (1576 grams)
  • Surface Pen included
    Starting at $1499.00 


Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Incredibly powerful and light, Surface Pro 4 handles the toughest tasks with ease. It weighs a mere 1.73 pounds (786g) and has a stunning 12.3-inch PixelSense™ with extremely high contrast and low glare to reduce eye strain. Its battery lasts 9 hours4 for all-day use , and it delivers the ultimate in laptop comfort and productivity with its multi-position Kickstand, improved Keyboard2, and included Surface Pen.

  • The tablet that can replace your laptop
  • 12.3-inch PixelSense™ touchscreen display
  • Windows 10 Pro operating system
  • Weighs only 1.73lbs (786g)
  • Surface Pen included
 Starting at $899.00



October 5, 2015

Watch Live

Tuesday October 6th to see the New Windows 10 Devices

Windows 10 New Devices Launch
The Rumors we hope to see confirmed at the event

New Surface Pro 4 - Wndows 10 Phones - The Band - Xbox


Surface Pro 4 vs iPad Pro: Microsoft's Tablet Could be Here a Month After iPad

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is allegedly coming this October which basically means that the device is Microsoft Surface Pro 4getting released one month after the iPad Pro. This is interesting because it deepens the competitive stage on the tablet market between the two devices, and it will be interesting to see which one will win the hearts of the consumers.

October the 6th is the purported announcement date for the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 although we don’t know when the device will become available. The tech company still refuses to discuss this device which is interesting because it’s coated in a shroud of mystery even though the press has been throwing speculations around for quite a




October 2, 2015

More details emerge on Dell's 4K Windows tablet

Dell's stab at dethroning the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is picking up pace after yet more details emerged about its upcoming XPS 12 4K slate.Dell 4K Tablet

First reported by WinFuture.de, the latest details on Dell's 12.5-inch 2-in-1 tablet-PC hybrid point to two different keyboard options for buyers, a more affordable 1080p screen and various details on the memory options being readied.

The 1080p screen option is in addition to the previously rumored 4K display that will benefit from a 3,840 x 2,160 pixel resolution, thus giving it a significant leg-up in the display department compared to Apple's iPad Pro and the Surface Pro 3. That's unless Microsoft decides to pull a 4K rabbit out of the hat for its heavily rumored Surface Pro 4.



Here's What To Expect From Microsoft's Windows 10 Event: Surface Pro 4, Lumia 950, Surface Phone, Band 2, Slimmer Xbox And More
International Business Times

Windows 10 is still in its very early days, but with adoption of the new operating system crushing that of Windows 8, Microsoft is now ready to show off some of its hardware built to take full advantage of the new operating system.

Microsoft will unveil its new range of hardware at an event in New York City on Tuesday, Oct. 6, at 10 a.m. ET that will be attended by the company’s top executives, including CEO Satya Nadella. The Redmond, Washington-based company is giving little away about what's in store, simply saying: “We have some exciting news to share about Windows 10 devices.” But we have a pretty good idea what to expect, from reliable rumors and things Microsoft itself has said in the past.

Microsoft is widely expected to unveil the latest version of its Surface Pro range, with the Surface Pro 4 replacing the Surface Pro 3 which was launched in May last year.

Microsoft is unlikely to significantly change the external appearance of the Surface Pro 4, with the company last year committing to keeping the same charging ports in future devices in order to support businesses which have invested in the Surface platform and accompanying accessories.

There are a lot of rumor floating about that Microsoft will release a larger version of the Surface Pro, with a 14-inch screen with a higher 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution and potentially up to 1TB of storage alongside up to 16GB of RAM.

This sounds like a pretty powerful machine and would suit a lot of Windows 10 features like Snap which allows for more powerful multi-tasking.




October 1, 2015

Google's Android Event: Pixel Tablet, Served With Marshmallow
InformationWeekGoogle Android tablet called the Pixel C

Android 6.0 Marshmallow arrives next week, bringing Nexus phones, Chromecast devices, and hints of a Pixel tablet. Here's a peek at what was revealed during the company's preview event in San Francisco.

Google on Tuesday previewed an Android tablet called the Pixel C that embodies the identity crisis confronting the computer industry. The "C" stands for "convertible," meaning the device can be separated from its keyboard, so it can operate either as a tablet or notebook. It promises the best of both worlds -- the productivity of keyboard-driven interaction and the simple immediacy of touch-based engagement.

Tablets and smartphones offer a great entertainment experience and work well for a variety of different apps. But they haven't won people over as devices for lengthy writing, programming, or applications that benefit from the precise interaction enabled by a mouse. Touchscreen typing is fine for light email and text messaging, but it can't compete with a keyboard for extended text input or detailed data entry. The ergonomics are wrong. A notebook with a physical keyboard, at a properly configured desk and chair, tends to help us be more productive and more comfortable.




Early Benchmark Tests Show iPhone 6s Is More Powerful Than Every Device Out There Except For the Surface Pro 3
Tech Times

Apple has just unveiled its most sophisticated and most powerful flagship devices, the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus, and early benchmark tests back the company's claims. Preliminary results show the iPhone 6s is nearly two times faster than the rest of the devices in the industry.

The iPhone 6s, according to the results, is so blazingly fast that it tops the iPhone 6 in speed tests and surpasses the iPad Air 2 along with other Android devices currently offered in the market.

Tech gurus at AnandTech pointed out that GPU improvements made by Apple's engineers would probably be the reason why the iPhone 6s performed almost twice as fast as the rest of the industry, thanks to the A9 chip which is responsible in delivering a more impressive performance.




September 30, 2015

Win A Surface Pro 3 Courtesy Of Opera And FileHippo.com
FileHippo News

Opera and FileHippo.com have teamed up together to give you an exclusive chance to
win 1 of 3 Microsoft Surface Pro 3’s.

No gimmicks, no catches, just Opera, and Surface Pro.

This is the best prize we’ve ever given away! I mean, who wouldn’t want a chance to use the leading Opera web browser on Microsoft’s powerful and portable Surface Pro 3?

Opera & File Hippo

#OperaFTW and FileHippo Giveaway!



Surface Pro 4 Release Date Approaching

Microsoft’s 6 October event is fast approaching and tech enthusiasts get a little more excited every Surface Pro 4day about the devices that are said to be launched.  Microsoft is expected to launch several Windows 10 devices at their New York event at the beginning of next month. One of these devices is thought to be the new Surface Pro 4 tablet. Since we are accustomed to receive better and greater devices from Microsoft with every upgrade the new Surface Pro 4 should be a unique tablet in its category.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 might come in two versions: a 14- inch giant and a smaller, 12- inch laplet. As far as the design of the new device goes, it is rumored that the new Surface Pro 4 will also be made of magnesium- alloy, just as its predecessor, but it is projected to be a little thinner and lighter than the Surface 3, making it easier to carry around. Design- wise this seems to be the only change that the Surface Pro 4 comes with in comparison with the older model. The 14- inch version will probably be powered by the new Intel Core M and the smaller version will feature a Core i5 or Core i7. Both versions of the Surface Pro 4 are likely to feature the latest Intel Skylake chip due to which users will be able to have a great 3D gaming and video experience.



September 29, 2015

Google to unveil new Nexus handsets, Chromecast TV dongle and Pixel tablet
Daily Mail

Google Pixel C Android Tablet

Google has unveiled two new Nexus handsets designed to take on Apple's iPhone.

Called the 5x and 6p, they will go on sale later this month and run a new version of Android called Marshmallow.

It also showed off a new version of its Chromecast TV dongle, hitting out at Apple's recent TV plans by claiming 'your phone is the ultimate TV remote', and revealed a high end tablet called the Pixel C.

'We asked ourselves what would the ideal tablet and a keyboard - and that's the Pixel C'

With a 10.2inch screen, Google says it is designed to be easier to work on that existing tablets.

Google promises it will update the device's software every six weeks, it will cost $499 for the tablet and $149 for the keyboard. 

Google  Pixel Tablet,  Nexus handsets and  Chromecast TV dongle




Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Debuts on October 6; Pitted Against the iPad Pro
Venture Capital Post

On October 6, Microsoft will be launching some of its latest products, including the Surface Pro 4, alongside the new Windows 10 smartphone flagships and the Microsoft Band 2. This tablet/laptop Surface Pro Purplehybrid could come in two screens and double the GPU power of its predecessor. However, the software giant is still keeping silent about the full details of the device.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is the newest offering of the company's successful 2-in-1 device. It is expected to be the most nice-looking and powerful one yet. As previously reported by VCPost, the Surface Pro 4 is alleged to run the Windows 10 operating system interspersed with Intel's Skylake chips. This hardware from Intel will consume less power, therefore removing the need for a fan inside the device while keeping it from overheating.

Moreover, Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is rumored to handle 4K UHD video output at 60 frames per second, have a 3D facial recognition camera, as well as 8GB and 16GB variants. It can do up to three 4K displays, which allows the device to provide users with some unique features, such as added functionality when it comes to utilizing Cortana and longer battery life.



September 28, 2015


Is Tim Cook predicting tablet takeover in homes?

If Apple CEO Tim Cook's predictions are correct, some consumers will never buy a desktop computer. Tablets and smartphones could take over as the primary way some of them access the Internet, according a recent BuzzFeed interview with the chief executive.

"Because I think now we're at the point where the iPad does what some people want to do with their PCs," Cook told the news site.

The average consumer who only needs to check Facebook, send emails and watch streaming movies, for instance, only needs the computing power and the memory that a tablet can provide.

"Even today there are some people who only use their iPads as their main computer and it meets their needs just fine," said Tim Bajarin, president of tech research firm Creative Strategies, in an email echoing Cook's sentiment.




September 25, 2015


PSA: You can save almost $400 on Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 by buying refurbished

On October 6, Microsoft will host a press event in New York City, at which it will unveil a new Surface Pro 3generation of devices, including two new Lumia flagship phones, the second version of its Band wearable, and the Surface Pro 4.

With new hardware on the way, the company has been increasing the size and frequency of its discounts, to help clear stock of the older devices and make way for the new ones - and under its latest promotion, you can currently save up to $150 on a new Surface Pro 3.

But if you're willing to forego a brand new machine, and instead opt for a refurbished one, you could save a good deal more.

The most affordable Surface Pro 3 is the Intel Core i3 model, with 64GB of storage and 4GB of RAM. Usually priced at $799, the i3 model has generally been excluded from Microsoft's discounts in the past - but as it aims to shift older stock, even this variant is now available with $100 off.

But you could save an additional $60 - bringing the total savings to $160, more than enough to also cover the cost of a new Type Cover keyboard - by purchasing a refurbished model instead, paying just $639, instead of $799.

And there are much larger savings available on higher-specced models, the largest of which is the $390 difference between the new and refurbished Core i7/256GB model:




Yes Of Course the Office Mobile Apps Require Office 365 on iPad Pro

It should come as no surprise that iPad Pro owners will need an Office 365 subscription to get the full functionality of Microsoft Office Mobile apps. The software giant has long communicated which devices require this and which do not. And the iPad Pro does.Ipad Pro Pay for Microsoft Office

That is, you will need an Office 365 subscription to edit documents with the Office Mobile apps–Word, Excel, PowerPoint–on iPad Pro. This means Microsoft is treating iPad Pro as it does PCs like Surface Pro 3, and not like other iPads and tablets.

This requirement was first reported by Peter Bright at Ars Technica, though to be fair we already knew this. That is, Microsoft previously explained which devices would require an Office 365 subscription to get Office Mobile document editing. And the iPad Pro, with its 12.9-inch display, meets those clearly-stated requirements:

If you have a tablet/PC with a 10.2-inch or bigger screen, you will need an Office 365 subscription to get the full functionality of Office Mobile.




September 24, 2015

surface pro 3 confidential

Surface Pro 4 Spec Rumors Cite Double GPU Power, Two Screen Sizes
Design & Trend

Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 is expected to be revealed next month, so spec rumors are abundant. The most recent discussion focuses on two possible screen sizes and a GPU with as much as two times the performance of the Surface Pro 3.

The details come to Design & Trend via recent reports from Digital Trends and Convertible Tablet Review. While still far in the realm of speculation, they offer a possible sneak peek at what the Surface Pro 4 might offer buyers.

First and foremost, there's been lots of discussion about how the next-gen tablet will perform on the graphics side of things. While heavy gamers may want a dedicated GPU in some form, the most likely candidates for inclusion are integrated chips somewhere close to the new Intel HD 530. The reason for using that as a barometer is mainly because the chip started making its way to manufacturers in August. It remains one of the best non-dedicated Skylake configurations on the market. If the Surface Pro 4 intends to release this year, it seems likely that at least one of its models will have a 530 in tow.

Another interesting tidbit about the Surface Pro 4 that's been gaining traction lately is the thought that Microsoft's next tablet might offer two different screen sizes as well as spec allotments. While earlier reports claim that the new device will be nearly the same form factor as its predecessor, a 14-inch screen option is still viable. One way to accomplish this feat is by decreasing bezel real estate to make room for a larger touch screen. In that way, Microsoft could easily sell 12 and 14-inch versions of the Surface Pro 4 that are the exact same size and support the same Surface Pro 3 accessories.

This idea is buttressed by the fact that sources close to ZDNet claim that the Surface Pro 4 will have a "smaller bezel, making the screen feel larger."

As for when the Surface Pro 4 might be revealed, all signs point to its arrival during a special Windows 10 device event on Oct. 6. Digging deep into Microsoft's promotional page reveals the keyword "Microsoft Surface," which hints that the tablet may be getting an overhaul.




The iPad Pro's Biggest Challenge: Finding Its Place Between Tablet And Laptop
Fast Company

Apple is sharpening its focus with the iPad Pro, which is larger and more powerful than its ipad at beachpredecessors, with an optional keyboard and drawing stylus. The question now is whether this new space—somewhere between smaller media consumption tablets and full-blown laptops—can help revitalize the iPad as a whole.

Put another way, can the iPad become even more like a laptop without losing its sense of purpose?

Making Trade-offs

During Apple's September event, CEO Tim Cook offered a refresher on what the iPad is supposed to accomplish. "iPad is the clearest expression of our vision of the future of personal computing, a simple multi-touch piece of glass that instantly transforms into virtually anything you want it to be," he said.

What Cook didn’t readily acknowledge is that the iPad Pro appears to compromise this vision, with both its hardware and software becoming more laptop-like.

The $169 Smart Keyboard accessory, for instance, could turn out to be essential for anyone doing copious amounts of text entry on the iPad, but it may also feel like a trade-off. As a tablet, the entire device will become heavier and more cumbersome. And as a laptop, there’s no trackpad to give your arms a rest from reaching out to the touch screen. (The iPad’s software keyboard will offer a cursor for selecting text, but there’s no word on how to access this cursor with the physical keyboard attached.)

The iPad Pro with its Smart Keyboard case

Even without the keyboard, the size of the iPad Pro brings trade-offs compared to its smaller predecessors. While the display itself may be more immersive, the larger footprint will inhibit certain actions such as thumb typing or cradling the device in one hand. And while the iPad Pro’s upgraded processor and RAM will allow for more powerful apps, it could also create a class of software that doesn’t work with smaller models




September 23, 2015

Yom Kippur




September 22, 2015

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Being Compared to Apple iPad Pro after Apple's Major Announcement, Which Device Is Better for Media Consumption?
Master Herald

While some have accepted the fact that the iPad Pro is a tablet for watching videos in HD and Samsung Galaxy Tab S2enjoying demanding applications, some have started to compare it to similar devices from other manufacturers, namely Samsung with their Galaxy Tab S2. It’s true that the two devices share a lot in terms of specifications and design, but which one is better for a user who just wants to relax with some films and games?

The Galaxy Tab S2 is specifically designed and advertised as a multimedia device, unlike the iPad Pro which is claimed to be meant for professionals. On the other hand, since it’s an Android device, it should have plenty of support from the community, with people putting out custom ROMs and other types of software that will enhance the experience with the tablet. This is an important distinction with Apple’s devices which are a more closed ecosystem.

both devices are clearly aimed at people who like to consume media. But those who want to get the added freedom of using Android as their primary operating system should definitely opt for the Samsung offer, but on the other hand, iOS has been evolving quite fast lately and the operating system has reached a situation where it’s attracting the attention of people from other ecosystems as well.




Dell updates Venue 8 Pro, Venue 10 Pro tablets, makes enterprise case

Dell's Venue 8 Pro and Venue 10 Pro tablets enter what's becoming a crowded enterprise tablet Dell Venue 10 Pro 5000 with keyboardspace with Microsoft's Surface and Apple's iPad Pro. Dell's plan is to sell the services and management tools around the devices.

Dell on Tuesday rolled out updates to its Venue 8 Pro and Venue 10 Pro tablets, which are designed for corporate use.

The launches are notable given Dell's recent move to resell Microsoft's Surface Pro. In addition, Apple officially made its enterprise tablet case with the iPad Pro, which is designed to replace laptops in many cases.

For business technology decision makers, Dell's Venue 10 Pro Tablet is probably the one worth noting. The Venue 10 Pro is similar to the Surface and has a 2-in-1 keyboard, 10.1 inch touch display and various ports as well as Type C docking.

The Venue 8 Pro tablet is the smaller version. The Venue 8 Pro starts at $299. The Venue 10 Pro starts at $429.

As noted when Dell decided to resell the Surface, the game for the company is really selling services and manageability tools around the device.





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