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September 30, 2014


Surprise! Microsoft jumps to Windows 10

Forget Windows 9. In an unexpected twist, Microsoft will be going straight to double digits

Microsoft just said no to 9. The follow-on to the current Windows 8 operating system will be known as Windows 10 start menu is backWindows 10.

Originally codenamed Windows Threshold, the new operating system essentially does away with the decency on the tiled "Metro" user interface that Microsoft had attempted to implement across its entire device line, from desktop PCs to Surface tablets and Widows Phone devices. In its place is a combination of the so-called live tiles, present in areas like the new Start Menu, and a more classic Windows experience that aims to please both touch and keyboard-and-mouse users.

Windows 10 is such a substantial leap, according to Microsoft's executive VP of operating systems, Terry Myerson, that the company decided it would be best to skip over Windows 9, the widely expected name for the next version.

"Windows 10 will run on the broadest amount of devices. A tailored experience for each device," Myerson said at a press event here Tuesday. "There will be one way to write a universal application, one store, one way for apps to be discovered purchased and updated across all of these devices."

The goal with Windows 10, Belfiore stressed, is to "find UI approaches that use the same mouse and keyboard experience evolving from Windows 7 so the touch users get something natural."

The key, Microsoft says, is the idea that Windows 10 can identity the device and change its interface mode. That means your software will know when you're using the OneDrive cloud service or Microsoft Word on a Surface device or a Lenovo laptop and adjust accordingly in a way that will unlock that productivity that Microsoft feels has been eluding its family of devices with Windows 8.



New Lenovo Yoga tablets, PCs influenced by Ashton Kutcher

Lenovo plans on releasing new Yoga tablets and hybrids in time for the end-of-year holiday season, with actor and venture capitalist Ashton Kutcher having a hand in the design and development of the products.

The “innovative and stylish” Yoga products “will become very popular presents for the holiday season,” said Yang Yuanqing, Lenovo’s CEO, during a call on Monday.

Lenovo is holding an event in London on Oct. 9 to announce the new products, with Kutcher joining the announcement by satellite. Kutcher holds the title of “product engineer” with Lenovo.

Product details weren’t shared, but hints have already started popping up on Lenovo’s website. One product on tap could be the Yoga 3 Pro, with a product page saying “Shhh. Can’t talk now.” The Yoga 3 Pro will succeed the Yoga 2 Pro laptop-tablet hybrid, which has a 13.3-inch screen attached to the base. That’s unlike other hybrid designs in which the screens are detachable.


Nvidia Shield Tablet LTE: Stream Games Anywhere (If You've Got the Cash)

I just stepped into the future of gaming. Well, that's not quite correct. I sampled one possible future: the one where you can take the power of your entire gaming PC absolutely anywhere.Nvidia Shield Tablet LTE

I walked into a Starbucks, grabbed a mocha, and sat down with my brand spanking new Nvidia Shield Tablet with LTE. Then, thanks to the magic of game streaming technology, I played Borderlands 2, Metal Gear Solid Rising: Revengance, and even Ultra Street Fighter IV in a coffee shop, miles and miles away from my home PC.

If you've ever tried to stream, well, just about anything over your local cafe's free Wi-Fi network, you know it's a shitshow of epic proportions. Sure enough, Starbucks was ready to ruin my dreams. When I tried streaming Borderlands, it was like trying to play a game of Who Can Advance The PowerPoint Slidedeck With a Fishing Rod. But since I had the brand-new LTE version of the Shield Tablet, I didn't need to play that laggy, disgusting game. The moment I disconnected from Starbucks Wi-Fi and fired up my AT&T LTE connection, Borderlands was nearly as playable as if I had an Xbox 360 hooked up to a TV.




September 29, 2014

Apple iPad Pro spec rumours surface, will use A8X chip

Things have gone a little quiet on the iPad Pro front of late, but a new rumour has popped up concerning some of the specs of the incoming slate.iPads

The iPad Pro is the 12.9in supersized version of Apple's tablet, and it's expected to have a new A8X chip on board which will up performance considerably, Technews reports (via Pocket Lint). That'll help to shift the extra pixels on the screen, as the resolution will doubtless be fairly chunky too – although it's unlikely to reach 4K resolution as some previous chin-wagging indicated.

The Pro model is also expected to have 2GB of RAM, which the iPad Air 2 will also have on board. The Air 2 won't have the A8X chip, though, and apparently a plain A8 chip will suffice for the engine of the Air successor.

While the iPad Air 2 is expected to be revealed next month (quite possibly 21 October, according to the rumour mill – and there'll be a gold version of this tablet, by all accounts), along with a refreshed iPad mini, the 12.9in iPad won't be seen at that event.



Apple's most common iOS 8 questions answered

    How do I lose these faces?Apple ios 8 faces

    iOS 8 will display your most recently contacted contacts in the multi-tasking screen (accessed with two taps on the Home button). You can switch this off:

    Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars>Show in App Switcher and toggle the switch to Off".


Where are my photos?

The seemingly arbitrary disappearance of Camera Roll caused havoc among some of my friends who needed help understanding where their older pictures had gone.

Here's what you need to do:

  • Open Photos app and tap the Photos tab, not Albums tab.
  • In the upper left corner of the Photos tab screen there is the word "Years".
  • Tap this to see a view of all the photos you've taken that are stored on your device.




September 26, 2014


Surface Pro 3 cleared for takeoff -- FAA and EASA give Microsoft the thumbs-up

"Today, we're announcing that Surface Pro 3 has qualified for authorization for use as an EFB during all Electronic Fligjt Bag on Surface Pro 3phases of flight, as defined by both the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Through this assessment process, Surface Pro 3 completed rigorous environmental and situational tests, satisfying a lengthy and important part of the FAA authorization process. Now, when airlines look to select the feature-rich Surface Pro 3 for their EFB initiatives, deployment timelines will be significantly decreased, and the device itself may be used to its full computing potential, versus serving just as a simple document reader", says Cyril Belikoff, Senior Director, Microsoft Surface.

Belikoff further explains, "we are also announcing today that navAero is now part of the Designed for Surface (DFS) accessory partner program and will build a mount that enables Surface Pro 3 to connect to onboard power and data systems in the cockpit. Not just a paper replacement device, this new solution lets airlines enable a true connected cockpit experience and so much more".

Pilots have people's lives in their hands, and passengers deserve to have a pilot empowered with the best technology. By gaining unceasing access to the Surface Pro 3, they can be more productive. More importantly, the larger screen should allow pilots to consume content in a more enjoyable way, with less eye strain.




September 25, 2014


Shana Tova




September 24, 2014

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 vs MacBook Air Battery Life and Screen Resolution Comparison
Air Herald

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is a laptop and tablet combination that has been turning many heads lately.Microsoft Surface Pro 3 But, many people also want to know how it steps up to the MacBook Air. The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 by default ships without a keyboard, because Microsoft wants to let you know you can use it without one.

It runs both the full version of Windows as well as Windows RT, which is similar to the operating system on the Windows Phone devices. What this means is that you can run mobile apps designed for a tablet and regular Windows applications on the same device. This is a positive, but not as big of an advantage as one might expect, because the Windows app store does not have very many apps. The MacBook Air runs OS X and does not run any iOS apps at all.

Perhaps the biggest difference between the two laptops is that the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 includes a touch screen surface that works with a digitizer. This means that if you’re an artist, you can draw directly on your Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

It depends on whether or not you enjoy using OS X or Windows because both of these laptops are currently the best available for each operating system.




September 23, 2014


Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 review: Thin, light and very impressive

Summary: Samsung's copious software add-ons and UI tweaks mean that the Galaxy Tab S delivers a particular kind of Android experience. We have a few issues with some of these extras, but the slimline Samsung Galaxy Tab SGalaxy Tab S is still a very impressive tablet.

The Galaxy Tab S 10.5 is exceptionally thin and light, measuring 6.6mm thick and weighing 465g, which is thinner and (just) lighter than the wi-fi-only 9.7-inch iPad Air's 7.5mm and 469g. This gives the Samsung Galaxy Tab S immediate appeal, although if you're making comparisons on these grounds do look also at the 10.1-inch Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet, which is even thinner and lighter at 6.4mm and 439g, and has the added plus of IP58 dust and water resistance certification.

The Super AMOLED technology used in the screen delivers very bright, rich colours; as with other Samsung tablets and smartphones, you can chose between three screen modes (basic, photo and cinema) or have the device automatically adapt to what you're doing.

If you want to use the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 for working with text, then its on-screen keyboard design will appeal. A separate number row and well-spaced keys make typing a relatively comfortable, speedy and error free experience.



Dell's PC, tablet innovations draw attention
Australian Techworld

In a copycat PC industry, Dell is trying to attract attention with the innovative features and technology Dell Venue 8 7000 tabletfirsts that it is bringing to PCs and tablets.

Dell is adding new hardware and software features that could make an otherwise mundane PC or tablet more attractive to customers. Buyers may have to pay more for the features, but like Apple, Dell hopes to establish a reputation as an innovator and establish a fan base.

The 8-inch Venue 8 7000 tablet, for example, has drawn attention for its creative design. Unveiled earlier this month at the Intel Developer Forum, it's the world's thinnest tablet at 6 millimeters thick and includes Intel's RealSense 3D depth-sensing camera. The camera can determine size, distance and contours of objects, which could enhance videoconferencing or make it easier to capture a 3D image for 3D printing.

The company can now boast some industry firsts, several of which are tied to the Venue 8. For example, it was also the first to bring wireless charging capabilities to tablets with a dock for Venue 8.

In the external display market, Dell was among the first to introduce a 5K screen with the UltraSharp 27 Ultra HD, which can display images at a 5120 x 2880 pixel resolution and will become available later this year.




September 22, 2014

Toshiba Encore 2 WT8-B-102 review
Expert Reviews

Toshiba's new 8in Encore 2 WT8-B-102, which replaces the Encore we reviewed in January, is the first Toshiba Encore 2 Tablettablet we’ve seen running "Windows 8.1 with Bing". 

Inside is a quad-core "Bay Trail" Intel Atom processor, coupled with 1GB RAM. This is a powerful mobile processor, as shown by its score of 19 in our benchmarks - as much as we see from some laptops. The Encore 2 has no problem running Windows 8.1 smoothly and dealing with complicated web pages, or playing HD video from the BBC iPlayer website (there's no official Windows 8.1 iPlayer tablet app yet).  

As the tablet runs the full version of Windows, you have the luxury of choosing from tablet-specific apps from the Store, or using any traditional Windows application that takes your fancy. This means that, for example, you could forget about Office 365 and use LibreOffice, or use the full version of Windows Media Player instead of the more limited tablet-specific versions.






Why Apple's iOS 8 Is Not The Best Upgrade For Your iPhone, iPad Devices - Is It Really A Major Letdown?
Design & Trend

According to Daily Mail, it appears that iOS 8 isn't really the best update Apple has come up with thus Apple Signfar. The main problem with it is the fact that it requires a lot of storage for it to be installed in the iPhone 4s, iPad 2 and all of their successors.

Another issue that makes the new update a letdown is its tendency to cause the iPhone 4s to significantly slow down most of the time, as per published reports of ArsTechnica.

In some of the tests the site conducted, they found out that running iOS 8 in the iPhone 4s takes almost twice as long to open certain Apple apps like Safari, as opposed to the update's predecessor, the iOS 7.1.2 software.

Despite the aforesaid issues however, it is undeniable that the software update that was released worldwide on Wednesday has substantial changes that are very commendable on their own.






September 18, 2014

Two Weeks With Dell's First Business Class 2-in-1 And The Intel Core M Processor

The Latitude 7000 is a 13” business notebook first, but its display detaches to become a 13”, fanless Dell Latitude 7000tablet. In notebook mode, the 7000 acts like a regular notebook with premium features like backlit keyboard and 4G,LTE options. But why on earth would a businessperson need or want tablet functionality too? It’s simple, and it comes from a few years of research.

You see, we now work in a world where no single compute model fits all, lean back and lean forward, and Dell is flexing to meet this need. There are times when a businessperson wants to just take that tablet to the meeting, lean back in their chair, pay attention and take notes. They’re chilling, not necessarily “on-stage” in presentation mode. Other times they want to deeply engage another person in what they are doing and hand them the tablet. Think designer. Back at the hotel or on the airplane that same employee wants to watch a movie, read the news, or scan social media. The 7000 also offers a docking station which I personally used to configure a tablet-extended desktop setup using an external 25” digital display, 4TB external storage, multi-function printer, large, wireless keyboard and mouse. The 7000 is the corporate Swiss Army client device.

Consumers have been able to have this 2-in-1 capability for a while, but corporate options were limited, based on a few factors. Performance at a specific battery life metric were historically key objections to larger 2-in-1s. The best large, 2-in-1s with enough performance to run an uncompromised MS Office experience or a full PC browser really well lasted maybe four hours on battery. With Intel’s new, 14nm, 4.5 watt TDP Core M, Dell stretched that to 7-8 hours in tablet-mode and 12-13 hours with the tablet+keyboard (notebook) mode. While the Core M idles at a mere 500 Mhz., it “bursts” to 2.0 or 2.6Ghz. with two cores and four PC-grade performance threads, (depending on the model), giving users the needed performance when they need it.



Amazon Unveils 5 New Kindle Fire Tablets, Start at $99
Tom's Guide

Are phablets killing tablets? Amazon is definitely not jumping on that bandwagon. The company has jusNew Amazon Kindlest unveiled five new Kindle Fire HD devices in three sizes that will go on sale in October, aimed at bargain hunters, kids and power users.

Amazon has also announced a new version of its operating system, Fire OS 4.0, which allows families to share content across Amazon accounts (including Instant Video) and a friendly new profiles feature to let Junior sign right into his apps and Yo Gabba Gabba episodes.

Here's a quick breakdown of all the new Kindle Fires, and check out our hands-on impressions to get the full scoop




September 17, 2014


Samsung hires Kristen Bell to help you forget about Apple

Editors Note:  I had the pleasure of being at the Samsung Galaxy S launch and I can tell you first had that the Display is hands down, far and away the best tablet display I have ever seen.

Instead of constantly pummeling Apple, Samsung releases an ad for its Galaxy Tab S that features Kristen Bell, her husband Dax Shepard, and the joys of distraction.





Microsoft's new keyboard and mice embrace iOS, Android and Windows devices alike

Microsoft debuted a tablet keyboard and two mice Tuesday morning that follow their company’s new Microsoft Universal Keyboardcross-platform mantra: They’re compatible with iOS, Android and Windows devices.

At a time when Microsoft is loudly promoting its services on non-Windows hardware, it’s not surprising to see its peripherals business follow suit. The $59.95 Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse, the $29.95 Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 Limited Edition, and the Universal Mobile Keyboard don’t necessarily need Microsoft to run. Only the $59.95 Xbox One controller for Windows specifically pairs Microsoft’s hardware with Windows.

In fact, Microsoft touted the Universal Mobile Keyboard as a, well, universal device—capable of running on iOS and Android, as well as Windows tablets like the Surface. The showcase feature of the new keyboard is what Microsoft calls its “OS Switch,” a button that doubles as the Windows Control key, the iOS Command key and Android’s Home button, all on one keyboard.




September 16, 2014

HP Pavilion X2 (10-Inch): Is It Good for Business?

HP introduced this month a 10-inch version of the HP Pavilion x2, a "detachable PC" that can give HP Pavilion X2 business users a run for their money. The HP Pavilion x2 is a thin, ultraportable two-in-one tablet that turns into a laptop and has enough power to get you through the workday and beyond. With a 10.1-inch HD touch screen, full version of Windows, Intel processor and long battery life, the HP Pavilion x2 is worth considering as your next business tablet.

Doubles as a notebook

Like its 11.6-inch predecessor, which came out last year, this brand-new 10-inch model comes with a detachable keyboard that instantly transforms the tablet into a notebook, so you can be productive even on the go. A built-in cover is also included, which lets you adjust the tablet's viewing angle in notebook form.

The HP Pavilion x2 means business when it comes to battery life. It packs nearly 12 hours of power, so you don't have to worry about whether plugging in will get in the way of your productivity.



September 15, 2014

Surface Pro 3 v. MacBook Air
Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows

When my new Apple MacBook Air arrived earlier this month, I could feel the waves of jealousy coming off the Surface Pro 3. But it shouldn't have worried. While your needs may vary, the Surface Pro 3 instantly catapults Microsoft's hardware into the same league as Apple's well-respected MacBook Air. And that's quite an accomplishment.

When I ordered the MacBook Air, I did so out of an overdue sense of obligation: I've always made a point of understanding what's happening with the platforms that compete with Windows and Microsoft's other products, and at one time I was buying Macs fairly regularly. But as we've moved into the "cloud first, mobile first" era, Macs have become increasingly less interesting, at least to me. And my non-Microsoft focus has shifted to platforms like iOS, and Android, and, most recently, even Chrome OS.






Work Anywhere with the New Windows 8.1 Tablet for Business - Video

Introducing the new xTablet Flex 10 thin and light Windows tablet. Designed for the on-the-go worker who requires access to mission-critical information at any location. The xTablet Flex 10 is basically office that travels with you, running Windows 8.1 (Professional optional), an Intel Bay Trail-T Z3770 quad core processor, 4GB RAM and 64GB of system storage. Starting price is only $695!

Check out the brand new Windows tablet demo video below!






September 11, 2014

September 11 2001 Never Forget



Intel Corporation's Progress in 2-1 Notebook/Tablet Impressive: Stifel

Intel Corporation introduced various development platforms to help clients bring their products to the market faster. Some of the near-term products launched by the company included the 14nm Core M processors (available now), the Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 scheduled to be shipped in high-volume early in 2015.

The company is also expected to ship its 40mn tablets this year. Intel is now selling the Quark based Galileo and Edison, and it started shipping its LTE devices on September 9. Its refreshed Grantley server CPU is in production.

Cassidy and Grumlose said the most interesting upcoming product of Intel Corporation was the 14nm re-architectured Skylake for PC for applications. They also noted that the chip maker is deeply involved in developing wireless charging for PCs, tablets, handsets and headphones.






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