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August 21 , 2017

Grab a Core i5 Surface Pro 4 with 4GB RAM and 128GB SSD for $639 from Newegg today

It’s almost back to school season, which means now is the right time to find the best deals on the Surface Pro 4 signhottest tech gadgets. Well, as noted by Neowin, you can now pick up an Intel Core i5 Surface Pro 4 with 4GB RAM and 128GB SSD for $639 from Newegg until Wednesday, August 23rd.

While it’s not a newer device like the freshly announced Surface Pro, the Surface Pro 4 still brings great value for student and professionals alike. It brings the same portable form factor, and specs which will help you get your job and assignments done with ease.

With the Newegg flash sale, the price on the Surface Pro 4 goes down 36% from $999 to $639. This gives saves you some money, helping you buy the Surface Type Cover, which is not included with the Surface Pro 4.

Again, this is a limited time deal, so if you’re looking to join the Surface family, please check out the Newegg flash sale within the next three days.



August 18 , 2017

Why Consumer Reports is wrong about Microsoft's Surface products

Sorry, Consumer Reports, but you don't know the Surface like I do.